Breakfast today is leftover tomato-basil quiche with bacon & spinach. A side of half an avocado.

Went to united sq yesterday and there was a ELC toy fair going on. Not much interesting boys stuff but look at the girls stuff. So nice la the toys. I've got baby girl envy!

Lunch today was left over cilantro cauli-rice and ginger-garlic beef & broccoli. Small bowl but surprisingly lasted me quite long. No hunger pang.

Went window shopping in Takashimaya in the afternoon and ended up buying 3 Korean looking cardigan. Good for cold aircond work places!
Then had coffee with mom. Ordered soy latte. I'm paying for it now. Straight away diarrhea when I came back. Fuck la. Really intolerant liow.

Roasted cauliflower soup and white fish with almonds & rosemary.

Tomorrow me, Isaac, my mom and my sis @ashleysmq will be going to Adventure Cove Park Sentosa. So in preparation for breakfast tomorrow, I made this.

Nice ah? Lemon chicken with capers. To be eaten with raw carrot and my home made mayo!! Can't wait to wake up and eat. Lols!!

The temperature for the recipe dam high lo. 210β€’c. My chicken cooked so fast!! Almost burned when I peeped at it 30 mins into roasting. Roasting time should be an hour!! Really should cut down on the temperature and duration of the recipe by 20% and see whether my food get cooked properly instead of almost burnt!

Good morning!!! Breakfast today is Tomato-basil quiche with bacon & spinach. Slice 8 bacon and fry it up. Then beat 8 eggs with salt, pepper and minced garlic. Stir in the spinach. Pour into a baking tray then arrange the cherry tomatoes and the fried bacon on top!

If you are a big eater like me then it's enough for 4 servings. If small eater boleh makan 8 Kali!! Quite value la make di can eat few times one. My breakfast tomorrow settled.

Lunch today is leftover mexi-meatloaf, leftover creamy herb mashed cauliflower and romaine lettuce. Burp!

Tonight made quite a simple stir fry. Ginger-garlic beef & broccoli with basic cilantro cauli-rice. Marinade the beef with minced ginger, garlic, spring onion, pepper and coconut Aminos/soy sauce. Steam the broccoli. Then fry the beef and when it's about done throw in the steamed broccoli to mixed. Done!
Isaac ate 3 spoons of the cauliflower rice and the beef too. He likes it. I think cos it's tastier than his usual food

Breakfast today is leftover buffalo chicken egg muffins and green apple sausage with romaine lettuce. Easy peasy all just reheat.

Went to Giant to do my grocery shopping for week 2!! Ok la bill came up to sgd198. This is for 3 meals/day for 7 days for 2 person. With plenty to spare man!!!! Snacks all included.

Lunch today is leftover shepherds pie with the top taken off, mash herb cauliflower from yesterday's dinner with some romaine lettuce! No cooking needed.

I just realize that my menses this round totally painless and flow not extremely heavy. Is it because of the #21daysugardetox? I totally didn't get any bloat or constipated feeling nor did I get any pimples. In fact I think my skin looks a bit clearer la. Except the eye bags. Eye bags are a prerequisite for nursing mom. Hahha

Couldn't find mince lamb at Giant just now. So bought the cheap lamb cut and grind myself!!! Luckily I bought the meat grinder from Takashimaya that day during member sale! Awesome kitchen equipment la.

Dinner today! Broiled salmon with caper & olive tapenade and lettuce & bacon salad with creamy balsamic vinaigrette. The creamy vinaigrette is made with my own home made mayo!!!

I'm so happy I made my own mayonnaise!!!

Beef jerky I made the other day. Nice ah? I think very savory la. Can't just stop at 1.

Bone broth in the making!! Hopefully it turns out gelatinous with a lot of fat boing boing!! I added extra fat from the mutton I grind just now into the chicken bone.

It's good to be back in own home. Get to eat my own food.

Today's breakfast of green apple sausage and bacon & root veggie hash. Good thing prepared the sausage way in advanced and froze it. Just heat it up this morning!

#paleo #21DSD #21daysugardetox #sugardetox

Things to do today:
1. Make beef jerky
2. Prepare ingredients for dinner of meatloaf, cauliflower herb mash & spinach soup.

Lunch today is leftover shepherds pie I made the other day. No way to take nice picture of it.

Discovered that the cauliflower has a bitter after taste to it. Not sure why.

Beef jerky is marinating in the fridge! Yeay, one task done. Now wait for mum to arrive from KL. Woot!!

Saw an Instagrammer posted on how she sliced the beef to be super thin. Freeze the beef then take it out and cut when it's not that rock hard. Tried it just now whilst slicing the beef chuck. So much easier to work with! Now I have thinner sliced beef jerky.

Yeay #isaacpuah is asleep. Yes he still latches to sleep. I don't intend to stop anytime soon, so let it be!

Daddy ajak minum Kopi in the afternoon. Ok, we accept!! Then can jemput grandma from the bus stop later otw home.

This cheeky boy laughing at daddy's joke. I feel sometimes he is mocking us. Yup. Definitely mocking us.

Love the way his eyes goes all sepet and the cheek lines comes out.

Isaac is #19months3weeks #1year7months3weeks today. Hoorah!!

The bodoh look. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

So this how dinner looked tonight. Served myself an inch of the mexi-meatloaf, some herb mash cauliflower and simple spinach & garlic soup.

Super full. But not very nice pic!

Husband says the dinner was a mind fucked dinner. I was like why?
Cos the soup is actually the carbo whilst the mash is actually the vegetable.

Well when you put it that way then yes la I agree with him.

The soup is made with blending an avocado inside, hence the carbo. The mash is just purΓ©ed cauliflower and olive oil.

Good morning. Can guess where am I? Ok la tag this picture so will know. Hehe

Just went to the dentist Ooi & Khor. Decided to get braces again la. My teeth grinding is bad and all my teeth space from previous braces has widen. Now when food gets into the space and touches the gums it gets abit sore.

Dr Khor gave me 3 choices. Invisalign the most expensive choice is rm13k good side I only come for review 2 months once. Conventional braces is rm4.5k but need to come every month. Factor in my bus ride/airplane tickets also would be abit on high side.

I think I've decided on the Invisalign la. Only need to confirm with husband then I'll let the clinic know when I'll start and what treatment. Hehe.

Grandson and grandma having a chat over coffee.

Just did a random google on Invisalign and the one that cheesie goes to is from sgd6500-sgd8500. And that price was 2 years ago la. So I guess what he quoted me was reasonable la. Convert back, it would be around sgd5k.

Help!!!! My boobs are on fire!!! I've no idea why but both are super engorged now. Hand expressed out 2 oz already just now. Isaac happily drank it all in the cup I expressed in. So happy he drinking it all. Asking me for more.

Been kneading and hot/cold compress for the pass 1/2hour. Still feel full. Omg. Not sure why. Is it because ate a lot of meat so tetek engorged last night?? Check nipples no cut no abrasions. And he's actively suckling last night as per usual.

Aiyooo! Will take a hot shower later and try to massage it all out again. Arghhh!!! Even now still macam tu. Isaac is nearly 20months already.

On the bright side at least I'm assured I've still got milk πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈβœŒοΈ

Drink Isaac drink. Trying to nap him and make him drink drink more!!

Well, boobies still hurt. Anyway I'm in the airport, checked in. Thought of hanging out in mcdonalds till 7.20pm boarding time.

#isaacpuah helping himself to some fries.

Whilst getting ready just now he had an allergic reaction again. Suspected the egg from the sayur manis my mom prepared for dinner. Left eye swollen and red with hives and redness all on his torso. Quickly give him 2.5ml of Zyrtec. Luckily resolved under an hour.

Mom just said scary la jaga this boy. So delicate. Little bit here and there eat wrongly get a reaction.
Well thankfully his a cheerful boy!!

Landed at 9.25, boarded taxi 9.40 reached home by 9.55!! My taxi driver mad or what!!! He almost knocked another car la. Seriously macam got anger problem.

Back home and showered going to put Isaac to ZZzzzz and I'm going to pump after this. Still boobies on fire with red patches. Dam you plug duct, out of no where you appear!!

Left side.

Right side.

Original look.

Read on daily mail of artist taking portrait of ppl and flipping their pics for total symmetry. Parents and husband prefers the right side although the article says everyone prefers their left side. I think I like my right side too.

No meaning post but for vain-ness purpose. And because Isaac is sleeping haha

Had dinner at the talk about Japanese yakitori place in subang ss15. Not bad and not very cheap either. 4 of us total bill came up to rm269. I thought it was okay considering had a lot of beef and pork to eat. Quite paleo too except for some coated with miso sauce and ponzu sauce.

Service was quick and efficient. It was smoky but not terribly bad as we sat right next to the entrance which was further away from the grill.

I like the beef ribs with salt the most as it brings out the natural flavor of the beef very well.

Good morning!! This boy woke up today calling for his granny. And the dog πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Since I'm away, had to improvise breakfast. 2 sunny side up with 4 slices bacon and half a carrot stir fry with the bacon fat. Yummmm!

Smile!! Whilst waiting for drinks. Here to celebrate a surprise luncheon for a dear friend. Hehe

My sleeping child. In the bus!! Been snoozing for an hour plus already.

Breakfast for #day5 #21DSD was leftovers padthai shrimp. Ate so early this morning at 6.30am. Woke him up early too!

Lunch is all packed up of cilantro cauliflower rice and mustard glazed chicken thighs with spinach and avocado. Can't take pic yet. On the moving bus holding a sleeping toddler attempting to eat May not be a good idea. Haha

I'm home!!! Isaac arrived in the Kemuning house he went "woof woof" cos kongkong house full of dogs!

Busy destroying everything. Drawing on the white board here

Grandparents! What are they for? Spoiling your children of cos. A big ball just for #isaacpuah

Hubby sent me a pic of the shepards pie and his exact words were "wow" very nice. Haha

There there I never bluff. He whatsapp me one!

I'm glad you like it!!! Save me some when I get back on Monday.

Good morning. Feeling good for #day4 of #21DSD. Woke up with no hangover feeling. Quite energized. Best part no bloated feeling. I also feel abit…slimmer. Haha. Breakfast of leftover bacon & root hash with 2 fried eggs.

Last week in preparation of the sugar detox, I made beef jerky for snacks. Just incase got hunger pangs. But hardly had any since starting the #21daysugardetox. Good la don't eat extra. I guess protein and good carbs from vege really sustain your hunger levels.

The beef jerky quite easy to make. Just needs to "dehydrate" in the oven for 2-3hrs. Smells heavenly whilst it's drying out.

Don't feel a need for sugar or what other detoxers testimonial of getting edgy from no sugar. I guess I've been used to not having sugar in my coffee or constantly eating processed food. Over the cny of course I had my fair share of cookies. Good thing I don't experience all the energy slums etc mentioned!

Lunch for #day4 #21DSD was leftover mustard glaze chicken with roasted beets on lettuce n spinach. Begining to like these meals a lot cos lunch no need to cook. All leftover from dinner the night before. Taste even better the next day

Since I had time before lunch I made tomorrow's breakfast. Green apple breakfast sausage. Very easy. Mince pork, diced apples and Italian herb spice mix all together. Then make them into patties and pan fry. No need oil!!!

Going to freeze them now cos I won't be around tomorrow till Monday. Won't have any detox food when I'm back in kl 😱😱😱. Nvm la 3 days won't hurt right? Also made them for hubby breakfast on the days I'm not here

Meal prep for shepherds pie. Making the meat base first. This is dinner on Friday for my husband. Just heat it up for 20mins in the oven tomorrow! Topped with cauliflower purΓ©e of cos hehhe

Shepherds pie done! Got a loving wife? Put note on how to bake/heat it later for dinner on Friday night!

I realize that #isaacpuah is always in dark clothes. I mean baby should wear brighter colours right? But nahhh. Not mummy's style. Looks fairer in darker clothes too. Today he is batman!!! Nanananananah batmannn!!

Dinner tonight. #day4 #21dsd pad-Thai shrimp and basic cilantro cauliflower rice. Pretty easy to make.

Close up of the pad thai shrimp. Sauce was yummy la. Made of almond butter, coconut aminos, grated garlic and ginger. Season with salt n pepper. Then steam the prawns for 3-4 mins till turn pink. Toss it with zucchini noodles and the sauce.

Basic cilantro cauliflower rice. Looks like Yong chow fired rice right. Fry bell pepper and onion. Then the rice. Salt pepper kautim

All packed for weekend trip back to KL. Later will have dessert. I made coconut cream icicles with vanilla bean.

So I made some icicles. Vanilla bean coconut freezer pops. Hint of sweetness just about permeates from the coconut cream. Hubby went "yummmm" and ask what's this after taking a bite

Omaigod!! Got mentioned again!!! Must style my photos with more effort now. Super thankful that the meals are recognized! Hehe

Today is #day3 and breakfast is of Bacon & root veggie hash. Ingredients calls for parsnip and it's good. It's a sweeter and milder cousin of the carrot. Would definitely eat more parsnip from now on.

Had the hash with 2 eggs sunny-side up and half an avocado. Because all my avocados are seriously ripening so fast! Must finish before they rot.

Going to hop on over to ikea after nursing Isaac. Today is Ikea Family member sale preview. Gonna get me some spice jars and glass jars to store all my food!!

And loads of storage box to store Isaac toys, winter clothes, Isaac old clothes and baby stuff and 1 more just for my dresses ☺️. Love organizing the house. Right before Chinese New Year I rearranged the dining area, living area and Isaac's play area. Now the place looks much bigger and airy. Just a few days ago I rearrange the guest room. Move the bed and reorganize all the storage!

As the current place has no store or cupboards for storage need to really make everything neat and tidy. Yesterday I rearrange our room furniture cupboards and reorganize the clothes. That's when I discovered all the winter clothes which are so bulky taking up space!! Clear clear clear!! Fold fold fold! Sort sort sort! Ya i know, I can be a little OCD when the mood strikes. Just ask the husband.

Part of my shopping list from the Ikea app. Really useful. Tells me where to find the items and draws up a list from the items I've chosen. Also they've categories the items and can filter by price. I chose the items I want which are in the cheaper price range! Good and easy to use app.

Came back from ikea at 2pm and was too hungry. Whacked the leftover Asian style meatballs and the cabbage slaw. Lupa to take picture!!!

My little dude at the park. Someone just called him "kakak". Does he look like a girl to you?? 😑😑

Ikea Family member sale is awesome! This carpet was only $29.90 la. Including the cushions less than $45 la!! Woot. The 2 rat soft toy is for Isaac for fengshui purposes.

Today's dinner was very easy to make. Mustard glaze chicken and roasted beets. Eaten with lettuce and avocado cos so many ripening at the same time!! Arghh!!

Spread mustard, coconut oil and sage. Salt and pepper to taste and roast in oven for 40mins at 200β€’c

But what stole the dish was the roasted beets! I'm not sure whether it's because it's organic or that I've never had beets cooked this way, but it's super caramelised and soooo sweeeettt!! I'm a beet root convert now.

Love these spice jars from ikea. Now I can store my own made spice blend in style! Hehe

Morning! Breakfast is of leftover buffalo egg muffin with lettuce and half an avocado. I used the lettuce as a wrap and the muffin mash as the filling. With black coffee of course.

Omg!! The official 21 day sugar detox commented on my Instagram photo!!! I is happy!!! #21daysugardetox #21DSD #sugardetox #paleo

They also reposted my photo!!! I feel validated. Hahah.

Full out tantrum. With crocodile tears.

Followed by despair for not giving in to him.

Denial. Mummy might still give the phone to me.

Absolute disappointment when no means no.

Finally, acceptance when decision is final. Not bad ah the 5 stages of anger/hearing bad news. Later ask my husband to confirm the stages. Freud or something.

Today Isaac Kayson Puah is #19months2weeks #1year7months2weeks.

So going to miss all this when I get back to work. On the other hand, I'm happy that I manage to find a job that pays relative well after nearly 4 month hiatus.

Day 2 lunch. Leftover seafood & chorizo paella. Tried to plate it nice nice. Eaten straight from the fridge. Still as yumz. But takes a lot of effort to make! #Level1 #21DSD #sugardetox #paleo

The sweetness from the cauliflower is refreshing!

Meal prep time! Asian-style meatball, no-miso soup and fresh cabbage & bok choy slaw.

Used salmon head instead of cooked shrimp which the recipe calls for in the No-miso soup.

Love me some julienned red cabbage and bak choy. Ready to toss with sesame paste and sesame oil.

My little rocker going down the slide #rollingstones #tshirt

I guess boys will be boys. Brought him to the park but he decided to run back to the mall and hop into the fake jeep and drive away. Haha

Dinner for #day2 of the #21daysugardetox. Asian-styled (pork) meatballs, fresh (red) cabbage and bok choy slaw & no-miso soup! Husband whacked 5 meatballs cos he's a meatball type of person.

Close up of the no-miso soup. This soup is really simple. Just boil the permade chicken broth with the salmon head and throw in sliced bok choy and spring onion. Tadaa!! Done. Mil loved the soup. She said its very clear tasting and no fishy smell. She said usually she hates fish head soup cos of the smell πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


My first day of paleo today. It's actually the #21daysugardetox meal plan.

Brunch of Buffalo Chicken Egg muffins, avocado, spinach and leftover shredded chicken used to make the muffin.

Meal prep time! Cauliflower rice. Going to make seafood & chorizo paella for dinner tonight.

Dinner for the #sugardetox is ready! Seafood & chorizo paella. Handmade the chorizo sausage and baked it. Tasted like kebab. Abit dry though.

Cauliflower rice stir fried with onion, bell peppers then cooked in saffron steeped chicken broth. Next peas was mixed in together with jumbo prawns. In another pot, mussels and clams were steam cooked. Arrange the mussels and clams when serving.

Would say it was good. Mil thought the cauliflower rice was couscous or real rice. Also the chicken broth made it rich tasting.