My first day of paleo today. It's actually the #21daysugardetox meal plan.

Brunch of Buffalo Chicken Egg muffins, avocado, spinach and leftover shredded chicken used to make the muffin.

Meal prep time! Cauliflower rice. Going to make seafood & chorizo paella for dinner tonight.

Dinner for the #sugardetox is ready! Seafood & chorizo paella. Handmade the chorizo sausage and baked it. Tasted like kebab. Abit dry though.

Cauliflower rice stir fried with onion, bell peppers then cooked in saffron steeped chicken broth. Next peas was mixed in together with jumbo prawns. In another pot, mussels and clams were steam cooked. Arrange the mussels and clams when serving.

Would say it was good. Mil thought the cauliflower rice was couscous or real rice. Also the chicken broth made it rich tasting.

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