Morning! Breakfast is of leftover buffalo egg muffin with lettuce and half an avocado. I used the lettuce as a wrap and the muffin mash as the filling. With black coffee of course.

Omg!! The official 21 day sugar detox commented on my Instagram photo!!! I is happy!!! #21daysugardetox #21DSD #sugardetox #paleo

They also reposted my photo!!! I feel validated. Hahah.

Full out tantrum. With crocodile tears.

Followed by despair for not giving in to him.

Denial. Mummy might still give the phone to me.

Absolute disappointment when no means no.

Finally, acceptance when decision is final. Not bad ah the 5 stages of anger/hearing bad news. Later ask my husband to confirm the stages. Freud or something.

Today Isaac Kayson Puah is #19months2weeks #1year7months2weeks.

So going to miss all this when I get back to work. On the other hand, I'm happy that I manage to find a job that pays relative well after nearly 4 month hiatus.

Day 2 lunch. Leftover seafood & chorizo paella. Tried to plate it nice nice. Eaten straight from the fridge. Still as yumz. But takes a lot of effort to make! #Level1 #21DSD #sugardetox #paleo

The sweetness from the cauliflower is refreshing!

Meal prep time! Asian-style meatball, no-miso soup and fresh cabbage & bok choy slaw.

Used salmon head instead of cooked shrimp which the recipe calls for in the No-miso soup.

Love me some julienned red cabbage and bak choy. Ready to toss with sesame paste and sesame oil.

My little rocker going down the slide #rollingstones #tshirt

I guess boys will be boys. Brought him to the park but he decided to run back to the mall and hop into the fake jeep and drive away. Haha

Dinner for #day2 of the #21daysugardetox. Asian-styled (pork) meatballs, fresh (red) cabbage and bok choy slaw & no-miso soup! Husband whacked 5 meatballs cos he's a meatball type of person.

Close up of the no-miso soup. This soup is really simple. Just boil the permade chicken broth with the salmon head and throw in sliced bok choy and spring onion. Tadaa!! Done. Mil loved the soup. She said its very clear tasting and no fishy smell. She said usually she hates fish head soup cos of the smell ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’


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