My sleeping child. In the bus!! Been snoozing for an hour plus already.

Breakfast for #day5 #21DSD was leftovers padthai shrimp. Ate so early this morning at 6.30am. Woke him up early too!

Lunch is all packed up of cilantro cauliflower rice and mustard glazed chicken thighs with spinach and avocado. Can't take pic yet. On the moving bus holding a sleeping toddler attempting to eat May not be a good idea. Haha

I'm home!!! Isaac arrived in the Kemuning house he went "woof woof" cos kongkong house full of dogs!

Busy destroying everything. Drawing on the white board here

Grandparents! What are they for? Spoiling your children of cos. A big ball just for #isaacpuah

Hubby sent me a pic of the shepards pie and his exact words were "wow" very nice. Haha

There there I never bluff. He whatsapp me one!

I'm glad you like it!!! Save me some when I get back on Monday.

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