Left side.

Right side.

Original look.

Read on daily mail of artist taking portrait of ppl and flipping their pics for total symmetry. Parents and husband prefers the right side although the article says everyone prefers their left side. I think I like my right side too.

No meaning post but for vain-ness purpose. And because Isaac is sleeping haha

Had dinner at the talk about Japanese yakitori place in subang ss15. Not bad and not very cheap either. 4 of us total bill came up to rm269. I thought it was okay considering had a lot of beef and pork to eat. Quite paleo too except for some coated with miso sauce and ponzu sauce.

Service was quick and efficient. It was smoky but not terribly bad as we sat right next to the entrance which was further away from the grill.

I like the beef ribs with salt the most as it brings out the natural flavor of the beef very well.

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