Breakfast today is leftover buffalo chicken egg muffins and green apple sausage with romaine lettuce. Easy peasy all just reheat.

Went to Giant to do my grocery shopping for week 2!! Ok la bill came up to sgd198. This is for 3 meals/day for 7 days for 2 person. With plenty to spare man!!!! Snacks all included.

Lunch today is leftover shepherds pie with the top taken off, mash herb cauliflower from yesterday's dinner with some romaine lettuce! No cooking needed.

I just realize that my menses this round totally painless and flow not extremely heavy. Is it because of the #21daysugardetox? I totally didn't get any bloat or constipated feeling nor did I get any pimples. In fact I think my skin looks a bit clearer la. Except the eye bags. Eye bags are a prerequisite for nursing mom. Hahha

Couldn't find mince lamb at Giant just now. So bought the cheap lamb cut and grind myself!!! Luckily I bought the meat grinder from Takashimaya that day during member sale! Awesome kitchen equipment la.

Dinner today! Broiled salmon with caper & olive tapenade and lettuce & bacon salad with creamy balsamic vinaigrette. The creamy vinaigrette is made with my own home made mayo!!!

I'm so happy I made my own mayonnaise!!!

Beef jerky I made the other day. Nice ah? I think very savory la. Can't just stop at 1.

Bone broth in the making!! Hopefully it turns out gelatinous with a lot of fat boing boing!! I added extra fat from the mutton I grind just now into the chicken bone.

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