Breakfast today is leftover tomato-basil quiche with bacon & spinach. A side of half an avocado.

Went to united sq yesterday and there was a ELC toy fair going on. Not much interesting boys stuff but look at the girls stuff. So nice la the toys. I've got baby girl envy!

Lunch today was left over cilantro cauli-rice and ginger-garlic beef & broccoli. Small bowl but surprisingly lasted me quite long. No hunger pang.

Went window shopping in Takashimaya in the afternoon and ended up buying 3 Korean looking cardigan. Good for cold aircond work places!
Then had coffee with mom. Ordered soy latte. I'm paying for it now. Straight away diarrhea when I came back. Fuck la. Really intolerant liow.

Roasted cauliflower soup and white fish with almonds & rosemary.

Tomorrow me, Isaac, my mom and my sis @ashleysmq will be going to Adventure Cove Park Sentosa. So in preparation for breakfast tomorrow, I made this.

Nice ah? Lemon chicken with capers. To be eaten with raw carrot and my home made mayo!! Can't wait to wake up and eat. Lols!!

The temperature for the recipe dam high lo. 210•c. My chicken cooked so fast!! Almost burned when I peeped at it 30 mins into roasting. Roasting time should be an hour!! Really should cut down on the temperature and duration of the recipe by 20% and see whether my food get cooked properly instead of almost burnt!

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