Morning. Breakfast is savory baked chicken thighs with herb rub and raw sauerkraut. The sauerkraut is to intro go probiotic into my gut to promote healing. So faster do your work. Can't stand not eating Kuih anymore. Or cookies.

The weather these few mornings super hot. I'm drenched in sweet di la. Aiyo. Go office sure smelly. And make up all melted.

Ate half a dark choco bar just now. Break it of pieces by pieces n let my morning hot coffee melt It in my mouth. Dairy, gluten and animal free. Vegan choco apparently.

Creamy mouth feel. Yummm.

Then it ran out. Got to go buy sumore choco. And sanitary pad. Hehe.

My simple packed lunch today of leftover chicken

Dinner is Chinese 5-spice lettuce cups with sweet potato. So full!!!

Hai yah for tomorrow dinner need to buy cilantro and 4 zucchini/yellow squash. Y not in shopping list. Typo!!

Good morning! Breakfast today is savory baked chicken with raw sauerkraut and leftover cilantro cauli-rice.

Rushed to the bus stop n now I'm a major sweat house.

Wow. The bus came at 7.46am. I think it's the latest it's ever been!

Lunch today. Leftover lamb lettuce with avo-ziki sauce. Made it into salad.

Dinner tonight was citrus & herb whole roasted chicken with roasted rosemary parsnip. The parsnip stole the show!

My Instagram feed is full of pictures of the Sakura in japan. From bloggers to socialite all posting on it.

I feel a pang in my heart. Like a real wanting and ache. I really want to see it.

I've told it to serhon since 2006-2007 when we first started dating that I really want to go japan to experience the cherry blossom.

Until now habuk pun tak da. Y did I marry him.

So tidak puas hati. Big sigh! @serhonp

I feel hot, irritated and oily. Ergh. Pimples everywhere. Nauseated. Cos I stole Kuih lapis for tea time. Now paying for it. Moodiness just from gluten. Terrible.

Can't eat outside food already. Ever. Shit

I just want to be healthy , wealthy and wise.

Brb. Mau nganis sekejap.

Oh I also realize I don't have friends here that I can just go out drink Kopi whenever I want.

Good morning! Isaac was the first to wake up. Lucky at 8.15am like that. Sunday is the maids day off.

So I whipped up some sausages which quite easy. Minced beef with Italian spice blend. Shape it into sausage and fry.

Served with leftover butternut squash, avocado and cucumber.

Lunch today is lamb lettuce boats with avo-ziki sauce.

Prepared all my ingredients for dinner tonight. Will be making beef with mix veg stir fry n cauli-rice.

Now waiting for Isaac to get up from his nap then we can go out for coffee!!

3.10pm. Still sleeping so nicely.

When mummy wants to go out, that's when baby decides to take long nap.

Yeay he woke up and we went for coffee!!!

Dinner of beef & mixed vege stir fry and cilantro cauli-rice

Morning!!! Stir fried mince beef with random spice blend that I've laying around. Eaten with leftover roasted butternut squash from last nights dinner

Lunch today is easy. Seaweed sheet wrap with avocado, smoke salmon, cucumber and spring onions. Ate 3 of this n bloody full like wanna vomit. Haha. Didn't expect it to be so feeling

Aiyoo which aunty is this. Actually asked @serhonp to snap a pic. Need reality check when going out grocery shopping don't look too aunty

Dinner today. Made cinnamon grilled pork chops, mix greens with persimmon n asparagus salad and mash fauxtatoes. Dinner was well received by guests.

My dark chocolate brownies paleo style. Ingredients are palm shortening, eggs, chocolate, honey coconut flour n touch of sea salt.

Quite fluffy la. I only had a bite. Got egg inside.

Certainly no where compared to the fudge brownies I used to make.

Caught the 7.26am bus this morning.

I've been saying good morning to all the bus drivers for the past few weeks now. Usually some just stare back in shock. Some just nod their head and very rarely any say good morning back. Maybe once or twice only.

When I board the bus back, I say hello instead and the reaction is also similar.

I used to feel that the bus drivers were more courteous couple of years ago, when they greet all passengers who board the bus.

Or maybe just got lucky the occasional bus I board the driver was nice?

Breakfast is leftover cauli rice, stir fried lamb with smoky spice blend and spinach, beets and artichoke salah. The orange in it makes it refreshing.

Made balsamic vinegarate but forgot to pour this morning. Doh.
Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, anchovy paste, mustard, salt n pepper.

Tasted it n it's not sourish at all. Yums. Gonna have it for lunch the salad!

Today arrived work so early. 7.40am. Boss is already in of course.

#isaacpuah woke up so early n started terrorizing the dad @serhonp waited for him to come out of the bathroom n started laughing at him. Hahha

Aiyo dad y on the light!! So bright!!

Lunch today. Packed leftover lemony lamb dolma stuffings and spinach and artichoke salad.

Dinner I made Asian orange pan-seared scallops with roasted butternut squash.

Sweet and tasty ah!!

Today went to our company's site plant visit. I didn't know 2 major active ingredients were made in Singapore. These are biologics which are used in treatment of autoimmune joint disease and oncology. Very eye opening and impressive site.

My ex health authority colleague said that this manufacturing plant was more impressive than the Korea biologics plant site.

That says a lot!! And certain a vote of confidence to the current company. Hoozah!!! Awesome.

Oh dear miss the 7.33am no: 5 bus by 5 seconds. Haiyah.

This morning #isaacpuah so cute. When we said bye to him he went "mummy, daddy, go work, go work" then he went n press his face against the child lock gate for a kiss. And another and another and another kiss. Each kiss was at a different spacing of the gate. 😅😅😅. If not don't wan to kiss us at all.

I think boys generally not so huggy kiassy type. Waiting for my girl. Haha.

Oh but a 7.35am bus came. Yipee!! Super erratic.

Aiyah forgot to take pic of breakfast. Prepared salad last night of mix mesclun greens with raw asparagus, fennel and persimmons. Then made orange vinegarate dressing.

Very sweet n refreshing salad. @serhonp said it was nice.

But I didn't digest what he said cos I was ranting bout the maid. Ish. She's a mood spoiler. Hate her for being that.

There there!!! Photo evidence! He went kissing me through the gate 1 by 1. Thanks @serhonp for taking this pic.

Then another "space" for another kiss. So cute la. His panda socks all!

Aiyo. Miss him already at work.

My salad, steak and vinegarate

Dinner for day 4/30 lemony lamb dolma stuffings with cauli rice

Where on earth can I find grape leave in Singapore to stuff the lamb. So hack it la. Makan stuffings only la. I know maybe can eat with Savoy cabbage but malas la. Didn't buy cabbage this week. Oh well

Very middle eastern taste with the cumin n the raisins inside. Yummers!

Tomorrow going to our company's manufacturing plant. Cannot wear make up and nail polish, which reminds me I got to remove the polish.

Also cannot wear high heels. Gonna wear my fred Perry's la.

All my stuff from iherb came!! #isaacpuah is gonna be so happy eating his puff puff.

Wah I ordered it exactly a week ago and it arrived today. I though it would be usually 10 days. This only 4 working days. Amazed.

Good morning. Makan dulu before catching bus. Just like every morning.

Avocado and wild canned salmon. Super easy. Cut, open and plate up.

Bus came at 7.34am.

Company had a monthly breakfast for all staff. So I couldn't only have chicken wings and erm I might have soon kuey. Everyone says it's made out of rice flour. So won't be too bad right.

Post 3hrs after ingestion of soon kuey. No funny tummy yet!! Yeay!

Packed lunch sage roasted chicken drumstick with sweet potato hash. With baked beets and fennel.

Dinner tonight. Beef florentine. Yums

Toss some salad before I sleep for my lunch and tomorrow's breakfast!! Yummy!! Can't wait.

Good morning! Breakfast is leftover mustard glazed chicken thighs with roasted butternut squash.

Bus came at 7.38am

Not too sure why my limbs are so heavy and my thighs are aching. Such an effort to walk to the bus station.

Last night notice some red dots. @serhonp said it's some viral erythema?? Means had some flu/caught a virus.

Aku penat oh!

So happy! Lunch today is leftover grilled garlic flank steak and baked beets with fennel.


Teeheehee. So farnee!!

Oh lookie!! What's that??

I dunno bout u. But I feel funny. Maybe I poo poo. Haha

Dinner tonight for day 2/30 of my autoimmune protocol is sage roasted chicken drumstick with sweet potato hash on a huge bed of baby spinach.

#isaacpuah is #20months3weeks today.

Bought online from QB food my beef, lamb, scallops and smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon 1kg at sgd37.80. Works out to SGD3.78/100gm. That's a fucking steal!!!!

Also their beef is cheap also. Grass fed chuck tenders $14.80/kg la!!!! $1.48/100gm. Cheaper by half than giant!!!

Grass fed flank steak $16.20/kg = $1.62/100gm. Excuse me while I go steam in my gloriousness of an awesome find.

Mind you it's GRASS fed!!! It's the epitome of clean eating!!

Giant sells flank for $2 plus. Imma so happy.

Only downside is free delivery with purchase of $200 and above with cash on delivery.

I think it tak sampai $200 it's delivery charge of $20.

Omg the above stuff is so aunty la!! I'm happy because can get good quality and cheap meats

7.32am bus.

Today I'll be starting 30 day autoimmune protocol.

Mustard glazed chicken thighs with store bought organic sauerkraut.


Meet up with Mei Dymock for lunch! She was an ex HSA colleague. We talked about our kids and a little gossip about our old work place. It was a nice catch up.

Lunch was 3pc of mustard glaze thighs (yes, which I had for breakfast) and roasted summer squash (yellow zucchini la tu). Roasted it with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Yums. Like an oily antipasto.

Dinner ended and I felt so so tired and sooo drained. I'm not too sure what is going on. It's like a crash. But I've not even taking sugar. I'm not drinking coffee excessively as well.

To top it off Isaac was screaming like a banshee in the toilet. Couldn't take it I shouted at him to keep quiet. That make him cry even more.

Went Into the room n mandi.

Still brewing n just lay on the bed. Thinking of sacking the maid because I just can't stand incompetent ppl. Thinking I should give her 3 more strikes and she's out. She has broken a lot of my corella plates that are anti chip and anti break, yet…!!!

Countless of my clothes which are like bcbg are ruin and conveniently don't tell me.

Thinking of giving her till July.

But then. I snapped out of it.

Just kill her with kindness la!!

Dinner tonight for day 1 of my #Autoimmuneprotocol is grilled garlic flank steak with onions and baked beets with fennel on top of a bed of grilled summer squash/yellow zucchini.

Yums la. But just too tired to enjoy it.

Today was full eating out day!

Breakfast had Japanese at ichiban boshi then did some grocery shopping. Bought chicken for the whole week and meat for Isaac and the maid.

Dinner we went to marina bay sands food court. Total waste of my calorie seriously not to mention expensive. Went there cos Isaac can eat chicken rice there.

Then went walking around the MBS seafront area from some touristy sight seeing!

Nice shot taken by the hubby @serhonp got sun shine streaming through all.

Breakfast was leftover Italian stuffed bell peppers

Lunch is leftover Italian stuffing with butterhead lettuce and yesterday's soup!!!

Soup taste even better today. Yums.

Had Korean for dinner. Should be paleo approved. But it's much too sweet for me now. Everything is sweet cos of added sugar n sweet soy sauce.

I felt a crash at the end of the meal. I hope don't get nausea or lausai etc.

Morning! Breakfast is veggie pancake with smoked salmon! Yums

Went up on the 7.20am bus! Sekian.

Arrive office super early so I took a walk around the closed mall. Not bad DBS banks and best denki and challenger on the same floor. I can go buy headphones now

Lunch today is leftover of last night dinner!!

I'm at health sciences authority for a pro-enterprise talk!!! Met up with all my old colleagues!

I do miss them abit. Lucky I didn't leave too much shit when I left. Lols. Parted on good terms but with sadness la. Everyone was very friendly in HSA.

Oh well! Isaac needed me that time!

Dinner today was pan seared chicken breast, Italian stuffed bell peppers and tortilla-less soup

Morning! Got woken up by husband who got bAck bout 6am to take a quick shower.

Switched off the aircon and that's when I stirred to wake up.

Told maid to heat up veggie pancake for bfast but she went and heat up the burger patties from last night.

I really think her understanding of English is quite poor.
Have to give instructions like she's in kindergarten ok English.

Arrived early and the earliest bus I can catch is the 7.26am bus

Wah reach my desk even before 7.45am. What should I do now.

50 squats? Haha

Lunch today!! Heat up all the pancakes and patties n constructed them in the pantry. Yums!!

Dinner was spicy sesame-lime salmon with cucumber cold noodle salad.

Recipe calls for white sesame but I use what I have la.

Caught the 7.31am bus.

Guess what. Last night I was writhing in pain. Got back from dinner put Isaac to sleep and by 10 pm the nausea started. Straight away had to go to toilet too.

This is really bad gluten poisoning.

All because I had the unleavened bread as starters during dinner. It's about the size of my palm, naan type bread.

Took 4 charcoal to try n soak up the toxins reacting and went to bed. Stomach was bloated with sharp pain and 1hr after eating bread my mind actually went quiet foggy. I tot because I had 2-3 sips of whiskey sour and wine that made me feel blur.

Woke up okay. If it's not gluten poisoning, I don't know what it is then.

Because if it's food poisoning, you bet I'll be vomiting like mad now and waking up tons of time to diarrhea it out. If it's stomach flu, same thing. Fever included.

Guess what's happening!

Bacon chili burgers just happened.

Oh I can't.

Can't believe how awesome this is!!!!!!

Good morning! Today got out of the house late. Isaac Puah major crying and sulking didn't want to let go. Cos still sleepy. Hence late to shower etcetc.

Yeahoo! 7.37am bus came!!! Missed the 7.32am one though. Lucky today cos the interval not too long!

Breakfast today is savory herb drop biscuit muffin, bacon and baby spinach.

I've put too much rosemary. Quite bitter after taste. The bacon is salty too. So not too great a combo taste wise but I like the texture of the biscuits. Made from coconut flour. Fresh rosemary should be ok but I used dried ones so flavor more power.

Lunch is leftover chicken and cauli rice! Yums.

Tonight was my husbands @serhonp birthday so I treated him to some good steak.

We had 1.1kg of tomahawk wagyu beef medium doneness.

It was a good steak. Hahah.

Needless to say we were very full after that.

We had bone marrow as appetizer.

Together with French onion soup.

Feel like 😷😷😷 now.

Happy birthday to you @serhonp! I hope you enjoyed your dinner and my company.

Wow today no traffic. School holiday in Singapore started and will last about 2 weeks.

Breakfast was pretty boring stuff. Eggs and avocado.

Didn't meal prep cos came back tummy upset n malas.

Bus came at 7.34am! Back to erratic routine. Hehe

Reached work 7.56am. Ok la. I'm now considering leaving home from work later la. Wait so long at bus stop also no point.

Read other ppls dayre only got la.

Leftover chilli for lunch with a side of baby spinach.

Dinner tonight is chicken with tri-colour peppers and basic cilantro cauli-rice.

Also made savory herb drop biscuits for breakfast tomorrow.

@cikumuffin nah use promo code!!! I think I lost ur number liow when my phone got stolen.

Nothing much happening today except some kampung kid dancing.

Gonna head back to Singapore this evening.

Had "normal" food and I've been diarrhea non stop.

Normal food is chicken rice and economy rice with long beans, curry chicken and mutton.

All came out the other way it came in.

Dam you gluten.

Home sweet home. Back in Singapore. No haze here. Just had a light shower. Flight was uneventful.

Anyway dealing with the after effects of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, thickening agent and so on. Bloated and painful. Good night.

I'll try to sleep it off 😖😖

Breakfast today!! It's super awesome. You know why? Cos I didn't cook anyyyy of it.

My mamma did!!!!

Best thing about being back is I don't have to feed Isaac, breakfast is cooked and erm I can veg out.


Pretty excited to get my teeth fitted with Invisalign in an hours time!!

Good news! Still can wear wedding cheongsam.
Bad news. Weight did not shift. Still 60kg. N still flabby. What did u expect. Did not even work out once. Gym membership burning money.

My chirashi sushi for lunch. Paleo friendly. Thanks to sil who treated us for @serhonp birthday!

Sashimi moriawase to share!

Attending my brothers best friends wedding. So sweet child hood sweet hearts getting married.

All of us! @serhonp

With all the beautiful ladies.

@fightertiah busy eating mummy's @fourfeetnine hands. Must be delicious omm nyom nyom.

@serhonp said the cheongsam fits better now than on the wedding day. Yes my hips do appear smaller even after giving birth.

7.37am the bus no 5 came. Ohhmmm!

Went downstairs to the cold storage to get almond milk this morning. The cold storage here is love la!
Saw fresh fish and tuna loin and so many other type of fish!
Now I know where to get abit more "exotic" seafood/meat.

Also saw a very big bunch of kale for only 10bucks!!! Awesome! Can make kale chips already!!

Leftover meatza with basil pesto sharkfin melon n grill vegetable. Yums!

Oh no missed the 7.21am bus!

Bfast leftover chicken with artichoke and olives. Only had 1 thighs cos dam full.

Ok next bus no 5 came at 7.33am!

Omg I feel terrible this morning. Last night I had chocolate dip strawberries n marshmallows n come chocolate tarts.

Paying for the after effects. Soooo sluggishhhhh. Help.

I can barely open my eyes n I had a relatively good night sleep.

Sugar, you are no good. You suck the energy out of me!

Had lunch with my boss today so no pic today.
Love that she wants her team to develop themselves career wise and encourage you to put urself out there and do more things!

Yes so fortunate to join this company!! Wohoo!!

Today dinner is meatza!!!

I made 2 kind of "meat-za" with different toppings.

Crust is pork and beef with eggs and almond flour to combine them together with onion powder, fennel, black pepper, garlic salt n pepper.

I also made shark fin melon with pesto sauce. Forgot to take picture la!

I had my friend Sze Qian over for dinner together with her husband. Busy entertaining and introduce them to carbless dinner.

Thankfully they enjoyed it!!!

Breakfast today. The last of the carrot pumpkin spice muffins, 100gm smoked salmon a an egg.

@serhonp suddenly came back to mandi. No Kwai lo bfast for him. Asked the maid to cooked Penang white curry instant noodle. So early eat that. Yuck.

Guess what! Two bus no 5 came at the same time at 7.38am!! Wtf

Arrived office and on my chair at 8am on the dot! Success

Lunch time! Leftover artichoke & olives chicken and lemon garlic noodles with olives

Gonna go cold storage after lunch to get some groceries. Ran out of a few stuff!

Had very good prime ribs tonight at St Regis.

Isaac was dancing the night away to the life band at the restaurant.

He also made new friends with a young girl. Older than him about 3.
But the best part was her mom and aunt were all charmed by him.

He kept dancing and shaking his ass to the music and pointing to the lights. They thought he was so cute. Gosh. Until killer la this wan.

Hahaha! Good morning. Went to collect my employment pass. Otw back my bus came and I ran after it. So breathless.

Forgot to take pic of bfast cos was rushing. Had 3 carrot pumpkin muffin with leftover sengkuang and buffalo shrimp! Pedas pedas pagi pagi.

Since Monday, I've been drinking coffee with coconut milk/santan. My kind receptionist heard that I can only drink coconut milk bought 3 packs of ayam brand coconut milk from market.
Left it at work so I can have it with my coffee.

Took a bus to work from river valley road. I love it. It was so scenic with quaint shop houses, old style terrace houses and a mix of old and new apartments and condo. Reminds me of HK a little??

@serhonp can we live there??

Hubby complaining hungry already by 10am. I'm also hungry now at 11am. Eating breakfast before 7am may have contributed to our hungers!!! N today I think not enough la. Not enough protein.

Walked across this bridge this morning to north boat quay road.

Love all the pretty and old architecture and structure. It's well maintained in Singapore not like other counties.

Lunch today packed leftover lamb & chorizo chili with cocoa-chili roasted cauliflower

Aiyo my super ah beng son in kiddy clothes. #isaacpuah

And super ah beng shoes.

Cannot la wear colorful clothes. Fail. Mummy cannot stand.

Dinner today chicken with artichokes & olives with lemon & garlic noodles with olives.

Breakfast today. Carrot pumpkin spice muffins, sunny side up and 50gm of smoked salmon.

Rushing to the bus stop just now a random grandmother gave me the biggest smile and said "good morning". Of course I gave her my best smile n said good morning back!
Very cute haha

Here since 7.22am. No 5, y u still no here yet at 7.30am!

Oh the cute grandma walk back to the other way round. And I saw her smiling and saying good morning to another young lady too!
I think it's her mission/routine every morning to do that!
Let's see whether I can catch her tomorrow.

Omg it's now 7.38am. Where r u bus no. 5!!!!

Bus 5 arrived at 7.40am today. Major -__- fail.

Waited 18mins for it.

Good thing is still reached work before 8am!

Reminder to collect EP card tomorrow 11 March 2015 at Riverwalk 8.15am.

@serhonp please remind me of the above too! 👆👆👆☝ïļâ˜ïļâ˜ïļ

Packed yesterday leftover for lunch. Made the buffalo shrimp into a salad with big dollop of guacamole and jicama fries on the side.

Also meet with Sze Qian for lunch. She came her to lepak as her hubby got training in Singapore. She took a bus come see me from her hotel. So rajin hehe.

I just did 20 squats. I wan to die. And my knees are so creaky

Dinner today is stovetop lamb & chorizo chili with cocoa-chili roasted cauliflower.

Fire in the hole!! Super pedas!!!

Reminder also to buy basil, cilantro & almond meal tomorrow.

Good morning! Haven't had breakfast yet cos didn't prepare last night.
So now we are at ichiban boshi.

Last night we had a mini family get together in Singapore. Had BBQ pork ribs, lamb, prawns, chicken wings and wagyu beef sausages. Paleo approved! Haha.

Had couple of swigs of red and white wine from the husbands @serhonp glass. Then got myself a bit tipsy. My alcohol tolerance is really really bad

I had sushi & sashimi gozen. Yes I'm allowed to have white rice. Just didn't have soy sauce. Soup is seafood broth base in a a teacup. Yumz

Making pumpkin muffins now. Smells so good. Might have one for tea time.

Buffalo shrimp lettuce cups, basic 4 guacamole and jicame fresh "fries" for dinner today

Breakfast today was left over hot & sweet ginger chilli chicken and double pork tenderloin.

Didn't finish the tenderloin ate only 3/4 inch. Keep for lunch. Haha.

Today is major grocery day!! I Expect to be a big bill at the end

Looks pretty good for breakfast!

Breakfast of veggie pancakes, 2 sunny side up and smoked salmon.

Success! Serhon said I'm not cranky anymore!

I was reflecting on how I feel when walking to catch the bus with him this morning. I feel i have more energy in the morning and actually feel awake. I've never felt awake in the mornings since god knows when.

My eyes this past weeks are wide open, bright and I don't have the hangover feeling of not enough sleep. I still wake up 2-3 times a night to latch Isaac but very happy to announce no tired feeling!

This is before coffee. My coffee times are 9am and 3pm.

Bus arrived at 7.23am today. So varied.

Then he said "took you 30years to figure out you were gluten intolerant" haha.
I mentioned maybe he should check all his cranky patients for gluten intolerance. You know la those old ladies only like to eat biscuit and bread cos they think it's healthy. They hardly eat any protein one.

The bread and biscuits and nuts are probably contributing to their crankiness!!

Arrived work 7.43am. So early ah. Bus, y u so erratic!

Pumping now. Set my alarm to pump at 10am, 1pm and 4pm lest I forget.

Oohh so happy. Morning yield has picked up from Monday. About 20-30mls more.

Lunch today. Packed leftover cinnamon grilled pork chop & crumbed-topped Brussels sprouts. Hungry!!!!

Hrmmm eating this roasted cabbage reminds me of eating curry vegetables. Yumm la

Kind of difficult eating the pork chop. I did bring a knife but can't cut through in the Tupperware la. So just jab it n eat la. Hahha

Today is no prep dinner! Throw salmon n asparagus to skillet n goreng! Salt n pepper to taste.

served with simple spinach n garlic soup.

Best part is Isaac drank half a bowl!! Awesome. I'm so happy he likes it.

Yeay everybadeh!!! I wanna welcome my hubbeh @serhonp to dayre! So he can see what my wants and desire are without me telling him. He can read it himself. Haha.

Ps: I want 4 kids. Kthxbye

Breakfast today is veggie pancakes with leftover green apple sausage. Ate halfway then only remember to take photo. Hahaha.

Caught the bus yesterday at 7.29am. Today it arrived at 7.31am. Let's see how it does tomorrow.
This is from novena church stop. Oh bus 5, famous for your "punctuality".

Arrived work 7.48am. 10mins to spare! Boss is always already here of course.

Lunch today. Packed leftover sharkfin melon bolognese. Top with pine nuts for extra kick. Lols

Opps got so busy reading up guideline I forgot to pump in the afternoon! I sure needed the extra mls

Dinner prep. I love the vibrant colour of these red cabbages and Brussels sprouts. Roasting them now!

Dinner today is cinnamon grilled pork chop with crumb-topped Brussels sprouts.

Good morning. Breakfast today is leftover tuna salad wrap with avocado in it. Haha. Yes. This sugar detox is great for lazy ppl like me.

Success! Reach work by 7.45am! Woot

Reminder to bring mirror tomorrow. So I can see my beautiful face. Haha. No la. So I can see ppl who are coming up behind me instead of having to constantly turn my head.

Went out with colleagues for lunch. I toted my lunch. Forgot to take pic again! Ok la no need to see. It was left over hot sweet ginger-garlic chicken with the cucumber salad.
They said Ewwww diet food. But I told them cos I can't eat a lot of outside food.

Shit was snacking on almonds and pine nuts. After an hour now my tummy dam pain and bloated!! Especially lower abdomen. Oh noo!! I hope I'm not intolerant to nuts also.

I've actually noticed this nut intolerant thing before but tot it was due to something else. Since starting the detox I can confirm it la.
So pain!! It's raw nuts so cannot be from coating or flavoring.

Today's dinner was spaghetti squash bolognese. Interesting bolognese sauce where besides the meat n bacon it had celery and coconut milk in it! Coconut milk gives it a hint of sweetness on top of the creaminess.

Instead of spaghetti squash I used sharkfin melon because obviously in Singapore where to find spaghetti squash la??!!

Breakfast today! Remembered to take a picture. 2 eggs sunny side and 2 green apple sausage.

Just missed the bus by 30seconds. Now have to wait another 10-15mins for the next one. Oh dear!!

Tomorow will run faster for the bus. Or… Go to the nearer bus stop nearer to our place.
Practice my patients today. Ohhmm.

Garh I need to bring earphones too!! Oh well forgot again.

Went for employment check up. Need to take X-ray but it's so far away. Don't think can do it today.
Currently expressing. Manage to ask my boss whether I can use one of the empty rooms. I told her the toilet just too smelly. She said ok. Yeay!

#isaacpuah is #20months today! How time flies.

Well, lunch is the same thing as last night! Leftover tuna salad wrap!

Reminder to bring a box of tissues and earplugs. Need them earplugs to listen to my online training program.

Oh oh hungry by 3.30pm. I think 4 tuna wrap is not enough. Ate a banana at 10am just now sumore.
Need to make beef jerky already for snacks.

Dinner today is Hot & sweet ginger-garlic chicken with cucumber cold noodle salad.

Came back from work and prepare and cooked it. Not bad! Serhon liked it. The caramelized onions on top makes it sweet.
First fry the skin side of the chicken thighs in a oven safe skillet. While chicken fries slice the onion, mince garlic, ginger, sesame seed, chili flakes, coconut Aminos/soy sauce and mix in a bowl. Salt n pepper to taste.
Flip the chicken thighs then pour the sauce all over n bake

For 20-30mins at 190â€Ēc.

Salad just julienne the cucumber n toss with sesame oil, sesame seed, rice wine vinegar, chilli flakes, juice of 1 lime and mince garlic. Salt n pepper to taste.

Hello everybody! Today is my first day of work. Totally forgot to take pic of my breakfast and lunch

Breakfast was green apple sausage with 2 eggs sunny side up

Lunch was leftover Greek style meatballs and salad. Hehe

Note to self: take pic of dinner.

So far in the new company everyone is quite close. They have lunch together. In the pantry. Not sure y everyone tarpau today. Even sat with my boss and had some small talk.

Loving it here. Everyone is quite friendly but will update if it changes haha.

Only gripe is there is no nursing room!! I had to pump in the toilet. I'll see where I can pump safely when I get to know more people.

Luckily it's an executive toilet where it's a single user toilet. A little more privacy but still. It's a toilet la.

Today's dinner is tuna salad wrap. No cooking needed. Just can tuna, home made mayo, minced celery and green apple. Salt & pepper to taste. That's it!! Wrap in lettuce leaf!!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to my HR n tell her pumping in the toilet is a no go. Cos it smells sometimes. And basically unhygienic la. I'm gonna ask to use one of the empty rooms.
If reluctant I'm going to thick face and ask my colleagues whether can I pump at the cubicle. Cos I need a power plug. The battery pack just cannot la. Later half way die when pumping lagi I no milk.
Today production less than 100mls for whole day. Scary shit

Have to bring my shawl and water bottle tomorrow.