Good morning. Breakfast today is leftover tuna salad wrap with avocado in it. Haha. Yes. This sugar detox is great for lazy ppl like me.

Success! Reach work by 7.45am! Woot

Reminder to bring mirror tomorrow. So I can see my beautiful face. Haha. No la. So I can see ppl who are coming up behind me instead of having to constantly turn my head.

Went out with colleagues for lunch. I toted my lunch. Forgot to take pic again! Ok la no need to see. It was left over hot sweet ginger-garlic chicken with the cucumber salad.
They said Ewwww diet food. But I told them cos I can't eat a lot of outside food.

Shit was snacking on almonds and pine nuts. After an hour now my tummy dam pain and bloated!! Especially lower abdomen. Oh noo!! I hope I'm not intolerant to nuts also.

I've actually noticed this nut intolerant thing before but tot it was due to something else. Since starting the detox I can confirm it la.
So pain!! It's raw nuts so cannot be from coating or flavoring.

Today's dinner was spaghetti squash bolognese. Interesting bolognese sauce where besides the meat n bacon it had celery and coconut milk in it! Coconut milk gives it a hint of sweetness on top of the creaminess.

Instead of spaghetti squash I used sharkfin melon because obviously in Singapore where to find spaghetti squash la??!!

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