Looks pretty good for breakfast!

Breakfast of veggie pancakes, 2 sunny side up and smoked salmon.

Success! Serhon said I'm not cranky anymore!

I was reflecting on how I feel when walking to catch the bus with him this morning. I feel i have more energy in the morning and actually feel awake. I've never felt awake in the mornings since god knows when.

My eyes this past weeks are wide open, bright and I don't have the hangover feeling of not enough sleep. I still wake up 2-3 times a night to latch Isaac but very happy to announce no tired feeling!

This is before coffee. My coffee times are 9am and 3pm.

Bus arrived at 7.23am today. So varied.

Then he said "took you 30years to figure out you were gluten intolerant" haha.
I mentioned maybe he should check all his cranky patients for gluten intolerance. You know la those old ladies only like to eat biscuit and bread cos they think it's healthy. They hardly eat any protein one.

The bread and biscuits and nuts are probably contributing to their crankiness!!

Arrived work 7.43am. So early ah. Bus, y u so erratic!

Pumping now. Set my alarm to pump at 10am, 1pm and 4pm lest I forget.

Oohh so happy. Morning yield has picked up from Monday. About 20-30mls more.

Lunch today. Packed leftover cinnamon grilled pork chop & crumbed-topped Brussels sprouts. Hungry!!!!

Hrmmm eating this roasted cabbage reminds me of eating curry vegetables. Yumm la

Kind of difficult eating the pork chop. I did bring a knife but can't cut through in the Tupperware la. So just jab it n eat la. Hahha

Today is no prep dinner! Throw salmon n asparagus to skillet n goreng! Salt n pepper to taste.

served with simple spinach n garlic soup.

Best part is Isaac drank half a bowl!! Awesome. I'm so happy he likes it.

Yeay everybadeh!!! I wanna welcome my hubbeh @serhonp to dayre! So he can see what my wants and desire are without me telling him. He can read it himself. Haha.

Ps: I want 4 kids. Kthxbye

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