Hahaha! Good morning. Went to collect my employment pass. Otw back my bus came and I ran after it. So breathless.

Forgot to take pic of bfast cos was rushing. Had 3 carrot pumpkin muffin with leftover sengkuang and buffalo shrimp! Pedas pedas pagi pagi.

Since Monday, I've been drinking coffee with coconut milk/santan. My kind receptionist heard that I can only drink coconut milk bought 3 packs of ayam brand coconut milk from market.
Left it at work so I can have it with my coffee.

Took a bus to work from river valley road. I love it. It was so scenic with quaint shop houses, old style terrace houses and a mix of old and new apartments and condo. Reminds me of HK a little??

@serhonp can we live there??

Hubby complaining hungry already by 10am. I'm also hungry now at 11am. Eating breakfast before 7am may have contributed to our hungers!!! N today I think not enough la. Not enough protein.

Walked across this bridge this morning to north boat quay road.

Love all the pretty and old architecture and structure. It's well maintained in Singapore not like other counties.

Lunch today packed leftover lamb & chorizo chili with cocoa-chili roasted cauliflower

Aiyo my super ah beng son in kiddy clothes. #isaacpuah

And super ah beng shoes.

Cannot la wear colorful clothes. Fail. Mummy cannot stand.

Dinner today chicken with artichokes & olives with lemon & garlic noodles with olives.

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