Breakfast today!! It's super awesome. You know why? Cos I didn't cook anyyyy of it.

My mamma did!!!!

Best thing about being back is I don't have to feed Isaac, breakfast is cooked and erm I can veg out.


Pretty excited to get my teeth fitted with Invisalign in an hours time!!

Good news! Still can wear wedding cheongsam.
Bad news. Weight did not shift. Still 60kg. N still flabby. What did u expect. Did not even work out once. Gym membership burning money.

My chirashi sushi for lunch. Paleo friendly. Thanks to sil who treated us for @serhonp birthday!

Sashimi moriawase to share!

Attending my brothers best friends wedding. So sweet child hood sweet hearts getting married.

All of us! @serhonp

With all the beautiful ladies.

@fightertiah busy eating mummy's @fourfeetnine hands. Must be delicious omm nyom nyom.

@serhonp said the cheongsam fits better now than on the wedding day. Yes my hips do appear smaller even after giving birth.

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