Caught the 7.31am bus.

Guess what. Last night I was writhing in pain. Got back from dinner put Isaac to sleep and by 10 pm the nausea started. Straight away had to go to toilet too.

This is really bad gluten poisoning.

All because I had the unleavened bread as starters during dinner. It's about the size of my palm, naan type bread.

Took 4 charcoal to try n soak up the toxins reacting and went to bed. Stomach was bloated with sharp pain and 1hr after eating bread my mind actually went quiet foggy. I tot because I had 2-3 sips of whiskey sour and wine that made me feel blur.

Woke up okay. If it's not gluten poisoning, I don't know what it is then.

Because if it's food poisoning, you bet I'll be vomiting like mad now and waking up tons of time to diarrhea it out. If it's stomach flu, same thing. Fever included.

Guess what's happening!

Bacon chili burgers just happened.

Oh I can't.

Can't believe how awesome this is!!!!!!

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