Oh dear miss the 7.33am no: 5 bus by 5 seconds. Haiyah.

This morning #isaacpuah so cute. When we said bye to him he went "mummy, daddy, go work, go work" then he went n press his face against the child lock gate for a kiss. And another and another and another kiss. Each kiss was at a different spacing of the gate. 😅😅😅. If not don't wan to kiss us at all.

I think boys generally not so huggy kiassy type. Waiting for my girl. Haha.

Oh but a 7.35am bus came. Yipee!! Super erratic.

Aiyah forgot to take pic of breakfast. Prepared salad last night of mix mesclun greens with raw asparagus, fennel and persimmons. Then made orange vinegarate dressing.

Very sweet n refreshing salad. @serhonp said it was nice.

But I didn't digest what he said cos I was ranting bout the maid. Ish. She's a mood spoiler. Hate her for being that.

There there!!! Photo evidence! He went kissing me through the gate 1 by 1. Thanks @serhonp for taking this pic.

Then another "space" for another kiss. So cute la. His panda socks all!

Aiyo. Miss him already at work.

My salad, steak and vinegarate

Dinner for day 4/30 lemony lamb dolma stuffings with cauli rice

Where on earth can I find grape leave in Singapore to stuff the lamb. So hack it la. Makan stuffings only la. I know maybe can eat with Savoy cabbage but malas la. Didn't buy cabbage this week. Oh well

Very middle eastern taste with the cumin n the raisins inside. Yummers!

Tomorrow going to our company's manufacturing plant. Cannot wear make up and nail polish, which reminds me I got to remove the polish.

Also cannot wear high heels. Gonna wear my fred Perry's la.

All my stuff from iherb came!! #isaacpuah is gonna be so happy eating his puff puff.

Wah I ordered it exactly a week ago and it arrived today. I though it would be usually 10 days. This only 4 working days. Amazed.

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