Morning!!! Stir fried mince beef with random spice blend that I've laying around. Eaten with leftover roasted butternut squash from last nights dinner

Lunch today is easy. Seaweed sheet wrap with avocado, smoke salmon, cucumber and spring onions. Ate 3 of this n bloody full like wanna vomit. Haha. Didn't expect it to be so feeling

Aiyoo which aunty is this. Actually asked @serhonp to snap a pic. Need reality check when going out grocery shopping don't look too aunty

Dinner today. Made cinnamon grilled pork chops, mix greens with persimmon n asparagus salad and mash fauxtatoes. Dinner was well received by guests.

My dark chocolate brownies paleo style. Ingredients are palm shortening, eggs, chocolate, honey coconut flour n touch of sea salt.

Quite fluffy la. I only had a bite. Got egg inside.

Certainly no where compared to the fudge brownies I used to make.

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