Good morning! Isaac was the first to wake up. Lucky at 8.15am like that. Sunday is the maids day off.

So I whipped up some sausages which quite easy. Minced beef with Italian spice blend. Shape it into sausage and fry.

Served with leftover butternut squash, avocado and cucumber.

Lunch today is lamb lettuce boats with avo-ziki sauce.

Prepared all my ingredients for dinner tonight. Will be making beef with mix veg stir fry n cauli-rice.

Now waiting for Isaac to get up from his nap then we can go out for coffee!!

3.10pm. Still sleeping so nicely.

When mummy wants to go out, that's when baby decides to take long nap.

Yeay he woke up and we went for coffee!!!

Dinner of beef & mixed vege stir fry and cilantro cauli-rice

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