Morning. Breakfast is savory baked chicken thighs with herb rub and raw sauerkraut. The sauerkraut is to intro go probiotic into my gut to promote healing. So faster do your work. Can't stand not eating Kuih anymore. Or cookies.

The weather these few mornings super hot. I'm drenched in sweet di la. Aiyo. Go office sure smelly. And make up all melted.

Ate half a dark choco bar just now. Break it of pieces by pieces n let my morning hot coffee melt It in my mouth. Dairy, gluten and animal free. Vegan choco apparently.

Creamy mouth feel. Yummm.

Then it ran out. Got to go buy sumore choco. And sanitary pad. Hehe.

My simple packed lunch today of leftover chicken

Dinner is Chinese 5-spice lettuce cups with sweet potato. So full!!!

Hai yah for tomorrow dinner need to buy cilantro and 4 zucchini/yellow squash. Y not in shopping list. Typo!!

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