Breakfast was leftover salmon. I'm so full now. Busy day of meetings today!

Wahlau 7.39am only bus come. Waited quite a while.

Ribs for dinner today

Wohoo. Caught the 7.34am bus.

Isaac so cute today. When he woke up the same time as me he went "sleepy…Isaac sleepy" I ask how sleepy is he? He went and lie down on the bed again. How to not love him.

Mummy heart melt di. Then got rubbish truck pass by, he went thunder.

Then fleet to dog sleeping (from his dog book) must be associating his sleepiness with the dog.

Roll roll on the bed n kept saying dog sleepy, Isaac sleepy. Haha. Funny boy.

Omnyomnyom lunch. Leftover lamb chop n raw baby spinach.

Made no-honey mustard pecan-crusted salmon tonight.

So pretty and sedap. But abit tedious cos the no-honey mustard is actually home made mayo and home made mustard sauce. Should have done it over the weekend for food prep.

No-honey mustard is puréed green apple cooked until thicken like paste then add in the home made mayo, mustard n abit of salt. Healthy la. But ingredients mahal like macadamia oil n all

After preparing all the food n put the salmon in the oven, I took Isaac for a walk cos kesian. Stuck at home old day. Went n see cats n moon and errr buildings and stars. Haha. Cos it was dark and late already.

He seemed to enjoy it. 😝

My dream now is to open up child care centre and also a gluten free whole food restaurant.

Need capital n investors. Hahaha. Anyone??

Wowee. Heavy rain this morning!!! Buses are not here. Regular bus goers are s waiting for the bus.

Last night was at a wedding dinner. Tried to eat as clean as I can. But this morning, toilet was my best friend. 😖😖

7.44am only bus arrived. 😴😴

See see my tummy. Effects of eating Chinese food. Effing bloated!!! Lausai twice di.

Y la y. Even sauce base dish also cannot. Sigh. Cos got soy/thickener etc.

Look like 4 months pregnant. Not bad looking la. If only I really was pregnant. Haha

My head banging son. Just before we cut his mat rocker hair.

Now is goodie two shoes look.

Had lamb chop for dinner. Marinated it and ask maid to fry. Steam cauliflower for veg.

Then off to the park I go with Isaac. So fun!

Extreme piggy back ride. He thinks I'm a horse la. Keep yeeha and jump jump.

Stop by and see swimming pool next to our place. Can see but cannot swim. Everytime I'll ask him, how do u swim? He'll go "splash splash splash". Kesian baby. Likes to swim but no pool for him.

Nice chariot. Relaxing like a boss. Arms abit sore liow.

Yup, really leaning in and resting on his "chair"

But shiok la. I do miss him when I'm at work. Everyday check CCTV when I'm pumping. But seldom see them. At my lunch time pump he will be taking a nap, afternoon pump sometimes he'll be out of the frame but can hear him + the maid shouting at him to not go there/don't climb/come down.

Boring. Need to get more CCTV to capture more angel? Can ah @serhonp

The whole house still kinda smells like lamb chop. Making me hungry. I've still got more leftover in the fridge. Should I makan them? Spread leftover guacamole on top. MMMmmmm 😋😋😋

Ok in all honesty, I think it's time for me to eat abit less and start excersizing. I'm very very flabby!!! How ah. Cancel my fitness first membership liow. So no more gym to go too.

The gym at workplace sucks to high heaven n so exp. Aih

Been having sore throat and abit of sniffles today. Not sure if it's part of the allergy thing or I'm really coming down with something.

My breast milk also less by total of 2oz today.

Today's lunch. No time for breakfast.

Beet and carrot stack.

Followed by lamb burger in lettuce buns! And top it with avocado sauce.

He woke me up at 8am today by talking some gibberish.

Then the whole day was saying stuff. When his raisin habis he went no more and proceed to throw in the rubbish bin.

Played with his monkey figurine n it got stuck he went stuck stuck oh oh.

Really beginning to talk loads!! All the books that he torn we will say that it's spoilt. Haha funny boy

Afternoon snack of Turkish coffee and dried figs.

Took Isaac for a hair cut. Now he looks more like the father.

Got ah? Look like the father? More nerdy got la. Hehe

Morning!! Breakfast of eggs, bacon, mixed salad & raw sauerkraut. With coconut milk coffee.

Gave Isaac some bacon. He didn't like it. Too salty and he made a face. Haha.

Simple lunch of baked salmon with salmon soup which I throw in it's head in slow cooker + garlic + salt n apple cider vinegar.

Just watch frozen. It was quite a touching cartoon la. But I over analyzed it. Like how can everything happen in 2 days. And how did she get magical freeze powers. Tak masuk akal. Oh well.

Today was boring grocery shopping day. Fridge dam effing full from meat delivery. Ordered from a wholesale place. So quality meat on budget price. Wohoo.

Dinner was simple and nice. Roasted bone marrow with grilled flank steak with steam broccoli.

Full of marrow fatty goodness. But get abit jelak. Also very value cos I'm using it to make bone broth later.

This morning Isaac was eating grapes when I kissed him good bye. Naturally all the grape juice flowed into my mouth. Haha.

7.34am. What la. Left house early yet the bus don't come early.

Oh hi. Just chilling at home. Pretending to be a girl.

Pretty awesome day today huh

Hey yaya, since I'm such a good girl today, can I have a snack please.

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty, opps sorry. Nippy slippage. Wardrobe malfunction.

Finally, getting my cookie from the counter!

Want to leave and arrive for work earlier la. Next target see can sampai work by 7.30am or not.

Today short of 2 mins of missing the bus. So means have to come out by 7.15am. So 7.15am it is tomorrow!!

So the bus came at 7.31am.

So cute. Came back today n Isaac said go my room

Big room.

He can say room now n sort of tell me bout his day. Haha

So cute. He pulled my hand ask me to come. Sit n carpet.

Then show me the book he spoiled and say "spoil".

The book is on a dog. There a page where the dog was sleeping n he said "sleep".


Such a joy. Coming back from terrible day at work he cheered me up!

Latest obsession.

Frozen banana, almond butter and coconut milk!!

Today I had an egg. Don't think egg gives me a reaction.

Also gonna stop taking pic of what I made/eat cos… Malas already.

Woke up way before alarm rang cos somebody got crying cos I wouldn't give him boobies. Then proceeded to wet abit of the bed.

Then brought him out but wouldn't let go of me. Won't let me go to pee also. Ish budak ni!

Omg so happy. I'm very happy when leftovers are meat meat meat

Bus came at 7.46am. I'm abit late and plan to come back late.

This is what happens when you are on boobies the whole night. Burst pampers.

My last day on autoimmune meal plan. Breakfast of bacon, parsnip hash and leftover lemon artichoke chicken.

From tomorrow I'm gonna introduce back in eggs and nightshades and nuts. See how I feel after that.

Leftover cabbage stuffed rolls for lunch.

Wah thundery showers. I think this will last till May. Then June onwards will be haze. Pfffttt. So yaya papaya the weather of Singapore.

Dinner tonight is Mediterranean lamb roast with mix salad n raw sauerkraut.

My tummy is acting up again

Feeling pecking. Snacking on frozen bananas and almond butter.

Oh my god. I found my new comfort food/ice cream. Frozen bananas!! FTW!!!!

Caught the 7.38am bus. Success!

Had breakfast sausage with Italian seasoning and parsnips hash.

Isaac is permanently attached to my boobs these days. Aiyoh. So not enough sleep. Keep switching breast hourly. Aihh

Leftover lunch of lemon artichoke chicken and bro-cauli chowder soup.

Moms stuffed cabbage rolls. Very healthy dinner tonight. Reminds me of siew long bao with the clear broth/juice after the roasting.

Morning. Nothing much, just bacon on spinach and leftover butternut sage soup. The last of the soup!!

Leftover lunch is spiced lamb meatballs on a bed of spinach, cucumber dressed with balsamic fig compote, smoked salmon and bacon.

Don't want to sleep. So disturb father who is sleeping




Then what happen? Fall down n cry la of course.

Complaining he hit the floor. Ahha bodoh punya budak

Daddy @serhonp had to pacify him. Mummy on the couch darying about it hehe

Lemon & artichoke chicken and broc-cauli chowder with bacon

My leftover lunch today. Half beef burger pattie, stuffed mushrooms with extra stuffings and butternut sage soup. Eaten with butterhead lettuce.

Totally skipped breakfast and went for some facial.

Spiced lamb meatballs with balsamic-fig compote, green beans with shallots and some spinach.

Punyala sedap!!!

Today is day 26! Wohoo. Happy Easter everybody!!!

@cikumuffin can eat meat already ah?

Breakfast of roasted butternut squash with coconut butter and raisins and bacon of course.

Then made lunch after @serhonp came back from ward rounds.

Made tangy taco salad with pineapple salsa.

Wanted to go Jacob Ballas children's park in the evening but weather forecast for these 3 days is thundery shower storms in the early afternoon late evening.

Another thing must do is go taka and buy booster seat!!! Sq is coming end of this month with Travis so he can eat with us on the dining table with the booster seat.

Isaac today. Just woke up and waiting for the rain to stop so we can go out!!! And he is wearing his 9month old clothes from Zara and Next. Doesn't grow one he.

#isaacpuah is #21months2weeks today!

Dinner today is beef burger with butternut squash and sage soup.

So my husband bought a new suit. For this presentation in the states next month. I tot he look pretty sharp. @serhonp

Morning! I don't understand what's so nice about bk

Every morning I pass by it there will always be people waiting to go in for breakfast! Wtf. So unhealthy. Usually around 7.35am there is a 3 ppl queue waiting already.

People, it's fake food!! Don't eat it!!!

This am breakfast is leftover mustard glaze chicken and baked beets with sautéed red cabbage.

Yup all leftovers. Still good.

Re: fake food. Maybe I'm just jealous I can't eat it??? I sure don't stop husband @serhonp from eating fake food. Yesterday he had potato chips with the leftover avo-ziki sauce.

Like a guacamole dip he said. Very nice. 😛

Bus came at 7.48am. Woot

It's ok. Stop complaining and heal urself first. 22 April will be my 30th day on autoimmune meal plan.

So maybe after that will take eggs and nuts first.

Oh god… Boss belanja fishballs and pau this morning. Famous ones from tiong bahru.

Pau is out for me so I had 1 pc of fishball. Omg I'm paying for it. Lau Sai after 1 hr. Tummy still rumbling.
Maybe this fishball has more wheat flour than fish in it. 😖😖

Ooppsss!! My 7 year old shoes from Charles and Keith finally koyak.

Can buy new shoes ah @serhonp

Bahahah awesome lunch means the day is gonna get better!

Leftover lamb chop with Greek salad!

I didn't finish all la gave 1 chop to my colleague. The green stuff on the lamb is avo-ziki sauce. Not fungus ah.

Mil bought a clothes basket for us. Isaac happily playing. Like a cat.

Shiok Nya.


Add on to stuff he can say:
-Car vroom
-Toys there

Errr that's bout it that's new this week.

Every morning I've been feeding him what I eat. Most time he takes 2-3 bites. Hahaha

Stuffed Mushrooms and roasted marrow bones for dinner tonight

Nice? My mil drew this for Isaac. She came over for a visit.

Woot! Bus 5 came once I arrived at bus stop at 7.22am.

Fried beehon for breakfast. Looks like real beehon hor. Fried with leftover steak.

Lunch today is mustard glazed chicken thighs with leftover cucumber salsa and baked beets.

Pee /poo all red. Haha

Lamb chops and Greek salad with avo-ziki sauce.

Posting this now making me hungry again.

Bus 5, today u made me run after you!! 100m sprint man. 7.38am

Breakfast today Italian breakfast sausage and spinach.

Leftover lunch!!! Steak and cucumber salsa and my grill pineapple and butternut squash. Yums!! Eat steak and be happy

Update on Isaac spoken repertoire. He can say new words this week:
Come on!!

And he just did a fly jump. Like a squirrel jumping from branch to branch. On the bed. Holding a pillow. This is not a baby anymore!!!!

Dinner tonight was Asian orange pan-seared scallops on baked beets. Ommnyomnyom.

Good morning. I missed the bus by 20meters. By the time I got to the stand, the bus has pulled out to traffic already. Boohoo.

It's ok. At least I had decent breakfast. Leftover thanksgiving stuffing meatballs on lettuce.

Oh awesome. Another bus came in 3 mins. 7.41am.

Leftover duck and cabbage for lunch. Dam hard to eat this skinny duck. Use hands in the end.

Loads of fruits leftover from morning talk. So having some now for after lunch desserts. Better than my 99% chocolate. Hehe. But I'll update again at 3pm. See really didn't eat the choco haha

Dinner (Day 22/30) Hayley's Skirt Steak Tacos, Cucumber Salsa and Grilled Squash & Pineapple.

Good morning! Breakfast is butternut squash with cinnamon & bacon.

Heard my husband whack all the squash this morning. Must be nice. Haha

Lunch is nori Salmon wrap. No need to cook is the best part.

Close up abit. Ya it's messy but yummy. I put smoke salmon, avocado and chopped spring onions.

Also finished up my bacon and butternut squash from this morning. Coconut butter on sweet squash is sooooo yums loo.

Isaac also had 2 mouths of the wrap. He took the first bite and said "naicceeee". Then took another. Toddler can eat smoke salmon right?? Haha

Roasted Duck with Cherry Sauce, Sautéed Red Cabbage with Onions and Apples. Dinner tonight. Got plate like in French Bistro or not??

Met up with an ex colleague for tea. And be brought his son and wife along. His son Gabriel was born 2 weeks before Isaac.
It's good that Isaac get to hang out with kids near his age.

They both laughing and entertaining each other. So cute. Copying each other too!!!

Sharing puffs. Isaac gave Gabriel some soggy puffs and he took it and went all disgusted face. Ahhaha. Isaac is very very drooly. How to stop his drools ah? He's not teething. He's just like a leaky tap la.

Brunch today. Yes I finished everything. It's brunch ma. 2 meals in one!

Leftover ribs, 1 avocado and leftover daikon salad.

Baked halibut with lemon and rosemary. With a side of lemony broccoli.

Today went grocery shopping as per every Saturday.

Came back then went for movie date with @serhonp

We watched captain America and it was good. I think this is my second movie since Isaac was born. Haha 1 year 1 movie. Ok la. Better than none.

Then came back saw this and got totally angry.

My poor Isaac with a swollen lip!!! It was huge!!

Told her not to break any of my plates anymore or destroy any of my dresses. So she go and break and bruise my kid la now.

Cannot trust her.

Wah last night 8.30pm kong out already. Too tired cos got sick. Flu n sore throat. Thanks Isaac!

Stir fried minced beef with garlic and basil on top of sharkfin melon "noodles"

Breakfast today is bacon and greens and 1 avocado not pictured.

Wow seriously where are you bus no 5. 7.50am already still not here!

Omg No.5 came at 8.02am. And you've guessed it! 2 bus came at once!! WTF!!!!!!

Lunch today. Store bought loin ribs and freshly cut pineapple

Almost done. Should I have another rib?

Ok la. Still got sumore left la. 2/3 left. For breakfast tomorrow prolly

Dinner tonight is thanksgiving stuffing meatloaf with mash fauxtatoes!

Also today #isaacpuah is #21months1week old!

Caught him on video in good time of him singing. He only can sing the last word of every sentence of a song. But that's good enough for me.

The father @serhonp kaypoh at the back.

Just thinking out loud. Anyone here knows any part-time MBA programs? Thinking of doing it.

Breakfast Today is sausage, mince beef leftovers and mixed green.

Oh bus came at 7.43am today.

Lunch was meh. Didn't want to take pic so boring. Grind beef pan fried with mix salad. Eat also until so uninspiring. But will be hungry at 3 later.

So erm I went downstairs n buy banana.

And maybe also bought 600gm of bakua.

Good morning. Having breakfast sausage with Italian spice and spinach.

Tummy still feel nauseated so added loads of raw sauerkraut for probiotic goodness.

Lunch today is leftover Italian-styled stuffed zucchini with extra minced beef and spinach.

Eh what la. Do I really look that young?

Every other day or each week sure got someone ask me how old I am. Got kids? You are married? All give me shocked look.

Yes I'm married. Kid nearly two. I'm not young I'm 31 already.

Repeat x few times

Nvm. Count my blessings that I'm not a dr n my patients ask me when in graduating even though I'm a specialist and been working for 10 yrs hor @serhonp

Dinner today. So easy. Wrap bacon on chicken thighs and bake for 40mins 190•c. Rinse salad mix. Tada!!!

I'm here at the medical center. But the clinic is not open yet!!! 8.30am only open. Sigh.

Breakfast before I left house. Smoked salmon and butterhead lettuce. Wanted avocado but it's not ripe yet. Boo!

Me nursing an Americano whilst waiting for the clinic to open.

Another half an hour to kill. 😭

Today @serhonp will be oncall. But he won't be oncall anymore end of this month. Wohoo.

Then I can have him all to myself every night. Hahhaah.

As if it will make a difference. It won't.

But he'll have free time to study and do more research and findings.

More oral presentations and poster presentations and journal publications ya!!

I want to go for more overseas conference. Fully sponsored ones.

Ok all done! Had my blood drawn and chest X-rayed. Done by 9am.

Now at bus stop waiting for bus.

My mornings are just about waiting and waiting. Especially for bus number 5. Let's see how punctual it is at not peak times.

Not bad. Arrived at 9.13am. On the bus with the pleasant bus driver which I always say hie to.

Lunch is leftover savory baked chicken legs and daikon noodle salad.

Dinner of Italian-style stuffed zucchini.

Omg. This is amazeballs!!! The zucchini is so sweet after it's been baked!!

Stir fry mince beef with garlic n onion. Season with salt pepper and basil. Then stuff it ok the zucchini. Bake for 20mins at 190•c.

The sweetness of the zucchini tastes awesome!! Better than when it was stuffed with bell pepper

Wah wah Wah. Today late! Isaac don't wanna let go of my boobie!!!

Left house at 7.30am. No time to eat breakfast. Packed my breakfast to eat in office.

He is sick la. His chest got raspy sound, nose continuous flow. But still chirpy except for the clinging to boobs at night.

But mummy has a very tight temple and heavy head. Bags don't need to say. Super dark super champion.

Awesome la! Manage to catch the 7.43am bus. Hehe. Not terribly late.

Opps. Too hungry so wolfed down breakfast without taking pic

Spied on Isaac. Maid putting him for nap. He's more than half her length di. Yeay! Appears taller haha

Shit I also forgot to take pic of lunch. Had leftover shrimp ceviche with jicama/bangkuang.

Poor dude. Came back to a sick dog look. Watery eyes n watery nose.

Brought him out for a walk to try n cheer him up. Still look so pathetic

Coriander tuna over daikon noodle salad.

Can't stand it. Tomorrow going to make flourless chocolate brownies with bacon. Got egg but don't care. Craving sweet stuff.

Also tomorrow morning to go for medical check up for pr formality sake.

And to buy fresh basils. Gonna make Italian stuffed zucchini since cannot eat night shades.

This Isaac has woken up 3 times since he slept at 8.30pm. Now lieing down on my tummy cos cannot breath. Just now lie on top my chest. Then lie on my shoulders. He really is uncomfortable.

Cry also sounds like wet kitten in the drain sound.

Kesian. Ok la give u brownie points let u suckle the whole night la ok boobies.

Breakfast today is smoked salmon, spinach and raw sauerkraut.

Aiyo Isaac Puah is giving me a hard time. The whole night he wakes up every 15 mins n go mummy mummy n boob. WTf la. I didn't have proper sleep at all

Wake up crying and keep on calling mummy mummy mummy. Don't want to eat his oats. Played his oats everywhere.

So dirty, so mandi him. Then cry refuse to leave. After bath cry cry cry refuse to leave my side until now.

Lunch is savory baked chicken legs and roasted Brussels sprouts.

So naughty!



And his out. From the nursing pillow and onto the floor.

Isaac, y u so like that. Mummy on coffee break now

Dinner is pan fried salmon marinated with lemon juice, rosemary & salt. After salmon is done just toss in asparagus on same pan high heat with salt n pepper done.

Ooh couldn't resist. Macarons are paleo ok. Didn't eat the cream of the salted caramel one cos it's no no for Isaac nursing. The pink one is some jam current filing so I wallop la. No dairy ma!

It really is Paleo! Cos cos cos it's made from almond!!!

Went to Tangs and Takashimaya to have a look at gorgeous stuff.

Seriously gorgeous kitchen appliances.

Have my eyes on:
1) Waffle maker (brand to be researched on)
2) kitchen aid ice cream maker (cos I'm dairy free di need to make my own safe alternative. Coconut ice cream of cos!)
3) food processor. Those super heavy duty kind can grind herbs and spices and coffee beans one.
4) a complete set of super duper sharp kitchen knifes with it's holder and knife sharpener.

I find Tangs departmental store has more sexy kitchen appliances than Takashimaya. Promo more of less the same.

Ooh also want a spiralizer so can make curly vege noodles!!

@serhonp take note of my wish list ah. You can buy them for Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday and Christmas gift. Awesome la. Seee I'm so considerate. I've let you know what I want already. You don't need to think so hard.

Must buy the best brands ah if not don't bother!!!

Oh we also bought converse shoes for Isaac. $29.90 only, grab la. But size dam big. Haha. Size 12 kids and he's now only size 6-7. Nvm can grow into it one. Soon. Lols.

He's most awesome shoes were given by Tiffanie which is the Jeremy Scott's cheetah shoes!! Super cute lo!

Nah nah nah. Very cute!!

Got tail sumore one! Was given the shoes during his full moon at 1 month old. Now nearly 2 yrs only can wear. Still got 1 inch infront to go. But wear now first. Maximize it's wearing potential. Hehe

Breakfast this morning is avocado with Italian sausage

Simple ceviche salad.

Having mini date (before buying groceries) when Isaac is taking a nap.
Our coffee break!

My fake Sakura prettier than your fake Sakura. But … It's still fake la. 😭😭

We had a really early dinner at about 5.30pm. Yup leftover from lunch shrimp ceviche with sliced jicame/bangkuang and the orange braised beef shank. Top with an avocado for variety sake.

Went walk walk with Isaac after that. Aiyo he looks so big already. Like go school age.

Before the night ends, I would like to wish my dad happy 57th birthday!!

Breakfast of bacon warped chicken thighs, spinach and Indian spiced turkey burger!

The inside of the turkey burger. Pretty tender n soft. Nice!

Bus came at 7.40am. See la. How to gauge the time. So erratic!!

Full day of talking. My company had a career day so they got ppl from marketing to talk bout what marketing do n the boss's career progression. Very interesting.

My boss gave a presentation of her own regulatory career progression too!!

Lunch today! Yesterday's leftover pork. Eat shiok shiok ah. Let a colleague have some too. She says it's nice.

Aiyah when ppl offer u stuff to eat u won't say it sucks one la.

Likewise when ur wife cooks u'll never say it's not nice cos the next day, there will be no hot meal for u on the table. Hor hor hor @serhonp

So pretty the flowers!!

Walking home from cooking class organized by my company for a HR event.

Fell and tore my jeans and had an abrasion. Bleeding yo

Wah shit quite deep. Stinging ah!!

Anyway, we were all broken up into teams of different countries to cook some dish from there!

Our team was French and we made love strawberry tarts

Heheh quite cute la. Team building cook n eat. That's my kind. Don't quite like sports where have to get super sweaty.

Dinner tonight I didn't cook. I let the slow cooker do it's job. Haha

Orange braised beef shank.

Throw beef shank, orange and it's juice, 1 liter beef broth, peppercorn, fennel seeds and cumin. Mash 3 glove garlic and cube 1 sweet potato with skin removed.

Put it on slow from morning when came back from work it's done!!

My little elf and his panda socks.

#isaacpuah is #21months old today. Time really flies. He is at a cute stage now where he's trying to talk.

Still quite a happy child but occasionally throws tantrums when thing don't go his way. It's not really a tantrum but he just cries. The ugly type of cry. Haha

He can say his own name and imitate thunder sounds.

More videos of him. Really understanding more and more of what we say to him


Breakfast of bacon wrapped chicken thighs, steam broccoli and raw sauerkraut.

Aiyo I feel so nauseated. Not enough sleep last night. Isaac keep getting up looking for boobies, suck suck, turn then sleep. Repeat 3-4 times. Ish.

Seriously bus no 5, dafuq r u. Nvm. Post pic of fake Sakura first. Wonder what flowering tree this is. The flowers r trumpet like shape.

Wah Lau came 7.46am. And two buses came at the same time!! Wtf.

Yesterday's dinner is today's lunch.

Dinner is cumin spiced pork tenderloin with root vegetables.

Ok la. Not a lot of rasa this pork. But easy to make. Chuck in oven then brought Isaac to the park

Wehheee. Now expert already in going down the slide.

The pork loin rub with cumin, coriander, garlic salt and pepper. Then seared it on each side bout 2 mins. Then chuck in oven at 180-190•c at 20-30mins on top of the root veg.

Recipe very interesting for the root veg. It's parsnips , mash garlic, 1 orange remove skin n cut into segments, 2 onions chunk it and 1 pomegranate use the seeds. The veg more rasa than the loin. Sweet n savory. Yums.

Bahahhaa good morning. What do you see!???

That's right. Cherry blossoms right infront our place!!! Temporary happy.

Also breakfast today is sauerkraut with sweet potato n savory baked chicken. Yes it's 3 days in a row of same chicken. Yes it's the last of it. Tomorrow will be something else.

Today will be 10th day on the autoimmune protocol. So far so good.

Well not really, I did makan chocolate. Period ma.

Still another 20 days to go of
No nuts
No grains
No legumes
No seeds
No nightshades
No eggs
No dairy

Can do it la. I'm certainly not deprived of food choices or lack taste. In fact very yummy lo the recipes.

Woot full bus came at 7.28am. Crazy time schedule.

Lunch! Rainbow salad n leftover Chinese 5-spice turkey.

Dinner tonight!! Pesto shrimp & squash fettuccine!!! Punyala senang to do this. Steam the prawns, use peeler to make the zucchini into fettuccine. Steam "noodles". Blend Chinese parley, garlic olive oil, s&p and desiccated coconut (cos I'm currently nut free ma).

Mixed altogether and makan!!

Took me less than 30mins to prepare n cook everything.