Good morning. Had leftover Italian sausage with bell peppers again and for greens, some avocado hehe.

Attempting to make eggless, dairy free waffles this morning.

Fill the waffle maker up with batter.

All done!!!

Texture wise is dam nice. Crispy and crunchy.

But the taste.

The taste is the most bitter taste I've ever tasted!!!!!

Poor Isaac. Initially he was good!! Yumm. Good.

Even gave his version of thumbs up (which is really a finger up).

Then he started giving this scrunch up face. N spat out the waffles.

I wonder what went wrong. Any one has ideas??

I suspect it's the baking powder. Maybe next round try half the amount of baking powder with a better flour.

Lunch today after watching x-men.

I hope I don't lausai too much after this!!!

Not paleo not gluten free. Dum dum dummmm.

Wah super heavy rain. It's now 7.55am and I'm still waiting for the bus. Bus is late today.

Last night was suffering from nausea and bloated tummy. I think it's the 1-2 char kuey I had with the Bakuteh soup. 😖😖😖😖

Feeling abit sore throatish too. But I think that's unrelated.

Oooh the bus came at 7.58am. Still raining. And I thought this is the season for super hot weather and the prediction is that haze is expected next month


First I see him pushing his bike out from the parking place.

Success!!! And off he goes around the dining table.

Around the kitchen to the living room area!!

Yeay!! That looks like fun. Vroom!!

I'm glad he can find ways to entertain himself, even if it's for a short while. Haha

The rest of the time I hear him shouting for the maid to sit next to him and "read book" and play "toys"

Another good read on Times today on how to make ppl like you.

Hehe. Conclusion is being kaypoh at office can be a nice thing but not until pushing your own agenda.

Lunch leftovers!! Italian sausage with bell peppers.

But I think it's too little. Might have to go downstairs and buy more food.

Huh very frustrating colleagues I have. Not entirely helpful.

I have to keep prying and asking how this process work n she wil tell me abit and abit and abit only. Wtf.

Looks like all this play things is in the living room!!!


Omg the naughty boy sitting on the photo album!!! No wonder all the albums are all unravelling.

Gerr!!! 😡😡

7.41am bus today.

Breakfast was leftover chicken pot pie

I have an ultra man for a son!!! Woke up and found his hair like this. Hehe so cute

Hehe another shot.

Ok la reach office already. Working time!!!

Hey @jingthepianist you are editors pick!!! *edited* 🙊🙊

#stalkermomseries time. Isaac is trying to piece together jigsaw puzzle meant for 3+ years.

He can only slot in according to the shapes after we point to where he should put them. But to piece it together on his own still can't.

Not that advance yet.

Leftover braised pork with apples and fennels for lunch.

Wanted to have the parsnip mash, but they smell kinda funky!!

Oohhh someone's eating dinner early.

#stalkermomseries. Giving the maid a hard time at home.

We went to dinner at balestier road founders Bakuteh.

To us klang ppl it's not Bakuteh la. It's pepper soup with meat. He he.

But overall meat is tender and the salted veg is nice. We ordered pork trotters too and it was ok.

Too busy eating so didn't manage to take pic. Only took a pic of the menu.

Good morning everybody.

Today's breakfast is vanilla no oats with fresh banana, apples and blueberries and some macadamia nuts.

Took half the day off because had some errands to run at the ICA building. Which leads to us being….

On this day, 28 May 2014, onwards we are Permanent Residents of Singapore.

This marks the beginning of our contribution of the cpf black hole at 20% a month

I don't know how we will survive now since 1/5 of my salary is locked up.

That is equivalent to my savings for our down payment for our own place.

Otw to work now!!!

Never realise how hot the sun is walking at 12pm!!!

Got in the bus and still it's sooooo hot.

Good thing is that Singapore bus has individual aircon blowing on to your seat.

*adjust aircon blower*

Relieved a little bit.

Today didn't cart my pump or packed lunch to work. So arms were pretty free!

Dum di dum!! Happy!

Can even lift up my arms to air the pits abit. Hot ma.


Dammit meeting ended early and I actually have time to pump.

But I didn't bring my pump!! Argh!

Boobies, behave yourself and don't burst ah.

Funny realization when we left the ICA building.

The officer took our employment pass and dependent pass for Isaac and we didn't realize it until we were in the MRT!

We were like eh? Where's our EP? Eh. Oh are we PR already? Cos we got Singapore IC number liow!

Eh so means we PR already la?? 😱😱😱

Hahaha both me and the husband @serhonp are pretty slow on the uptake.

Nevermind. Better slow than never!!

Dinner tonight super easy.

Pan seared beef tenderloin seasoned simply with salt and pepper.

Side of chunky mushroom sauce. Stir fry onions and mushroom. Dallop in 3 big tablespoon of home made honey mustard n some honey. Simmer till sauce is thicken.

Guess who is this handsome guy.

U'll never guess it.

It's the Perak sultan that just passed away today. The Richard gere of the Malay sultanate.

Dam handsome ah!!!!

Wow wow!! Interesting article on Times today. I
How 5 simple post it notes can make you feel happier and successful.

Im gonna try to practice that.

Reminds me of @jingthepianist where she wrote positive and happy things in her diary and what @jolenessence said about the mindset and mentality.

I think it's nearing the time of the month again.

Today sinful non paleo supper is intense dark chocolate by ghirardelli courtesy of @serhonp

Still contains soy but hey at least I know most of it is dark chocolate! 86%, 72% and 60% of it exactly.

It's also not sweet la. Not really bitter also cos I'm used to everything with no milk liow.

Thanks hubby for still buying me choco eventhough I can't have milk. Or rather, choosing the right chocolates that I can eat without Isaac flaring! 😊

Boarded the 7.53am bus

Have to tell you about last night.

Isaac went crazy. At 1.20am he suddenly woke up and ask me to go out. Pulled my hands, tugging me towards the door.

I said no it's midnight and sleeping time. Then the wailing started. Screamed loudly till I said ok. Go outside.

His cloth diaper with 2 inserts was all soaked through and wet his trousers too. So changed him.

And he played his toy cars, shape sorters etc for a good half an hour.

He also ask me for oranges by going to the fridge and open

Opening it. Kept pointing at orange. Gave him the orange, he ask me to open 😑😑😑😑

Ok fine. So open it. Sliced it and fed him.

At 2 I told him enough is enough, scoop him up, let him wail, switched off all the legs and went into the room.

Kept wailing la. Promptly shove boob into mouth n quiet down.

I tried earlier to boob him but he keep on covering back my boobs n say "go out go out"

So conclusion, still don't know what happen last night to make him suddenly wake up and cry.

Maybe he was dreaming that he was playing, then woke up half way got confused n started crying.


Haha!! Got to laugh at myself.

Groggy this morning, got on the bus, checked dayre then @jingthepianist wrote a very exciting story!!!

End up I missed my bus stop and had to stop 1 stop after that.

Lols. Laughing n walking to office for my blurness. But also kept thinking bout @jingthepianist predicament and how she change how she felt about it.

Chose to be happy.

Anyway back to boring stuff!!

Breakfast was leftover chorizo burger with grilled butternut squash, tomato and spiced caramelized onions.

#stalkermomseries time!!

Isaac must have peed his pants!!! Potty training fail yet again. Try again next time!!!

Now changed into bright red pants! Aiyo. And he was commando crawling all over the kitchen floor. Getting ready to serve his NS in 16 years time.

Leftover lunch!!

Packed lettuce leaf, beef larb and sambal chilli.

The whole afternoon was stuck in a meeting. Productive yes because voiced out some challenges I face in my daily work.

But that also meant I missed my 4pm pump and stalking Isaac. And totally milk production today only 2oz. Usually I get 4-5oz by the end of the work day. Sobs.

Coupled with not enough sleep. Really disastrous!

Ok nvm otw home now gonna make chicken pot pie paleo and gluten safe!

My chicken pot pie!!!

No dairy or processed flour was used to make this. Everything gluten free & paleo friendly.

How the insides look like. Eaten with some raw spinach

7.44am bus!

This morning had overnight "noats" again.

It's blended bananas, coconut milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and chia seeds. Then place in jar overnight in fridge.

This morning topped it with pecan nuts, banana and apples.

Things that makes me chuckle.

Finding a stray rice puff in the pumping bag. Make me miss my son only. *emo mom*

#stalkermomseries on live right now.

Mum @maryannsee bags are packed, ready to go home KL😭😭😭. Isaac is telling her he wants to play with new toys.

Gesturing for her to open the new Legos daddy bought.

Here he is looking at the Lego brochure to the duplo train set. Hahaha. Kesian the fella. Not playing with the Lego but can only see the brochure that came with it. #stalkermomseries.

Oh man having this back ache. Suddenly wrong angel will have shooting pain up my spine and down my thighs.

Later go home gonna take muscle relaxant.

Not sure y backache.

Cannot be because my acrobatic son at night when he self service to breast feed?

Lunch was leftover tandoori chicken skewers and Moroccan pilaf rice.

Thai dinner tonight!!!

Beef Thai-larb eaten with lettuce. Made chili paste and the sauce. Yums… Like pickled sambal chili.


Today I'm a very happy person.

Not just bcos the name sake of the waffle maker la.

As you know I'm dairy free in my diet since Isaac's allergy started. And I've been "deprived" of the usual desserts.

Soy is not a good replacement because I get bloated tummy etc which lead me to realise I'm actually sort off gluten intolerant too.

But today, today I can have my guilt free indulgence

Garrrh!!! Si beh happy I can have good, tasty and crispy waffles!!!!!!

Gluten free, dairy free waffles with no taste compromise.

Introducing blueberry waffles!!

The base ingredient is macadamia nut, coconut milk and eggs.

I'm so happy la.

But Isaac can't have it because it has nuts and eggs.

At least mummy is happy!

I bought the happycal waffle maker from taka yesterday. It was half price and another 10% members off! Came up to about sgd71 only.

As It's a stove top Waffle maker, it will definitely last long becos no complicated wires to think about, easy to wash, and if there's is no electricity, got fire can make waffles!!

Very happy with the buy as I was looking for waffle makers but only saw very expensive and heavy ones.

Introducing Le blueberry waffles!!! Eaten here with macadamia nut butter, fresh blueberries and organic maple syrup.

It looks brown brown cos I ran out of macadamia so substituted with pecan nut that's y "orh orh"

Made about 8 waffles. Thought can freeze the balance for future breakfast but mom @maryannsee and hubby @serhonp whack most of it! Can't blame them. Quite sedap la especially when come out hot hot.

How the insides look like with the "melted" blueberries inside.

Daddy you bought the shoes about 3 sizes to big for me!!!

Good morning. Let's start the day with some exercise.

Also today daddy @serhonp is otw back from the states!!

Serhon already requested to eat home cook lunch. Must be sien of eating all fast food already.

So will be preparing tandoori chicken skewers and Morocco pilaf rice.

Wohoo tandoori skewers tasted pretty good. And the Moroccan cauli-pilaf is good. Second time making this and still taste nice. No bitter cauliflower taste n it's more like couscous.

Paleo eating win!!! Gluten free too.

Then in the afternoon brought mom @maryannsee to taka and shop shop shop!!!

Omg she went crazy. Bought a Le cruset cast iron skillet, a guess dress (for brothers church wedding) and some heat resistance silicon holder for the skillet. It's ok la. 50% off plus another 10% cos it's taka member sale.

Made soft & chewy double chocolate cookies by paleomg!

Sedap!! A paleo gluten free chewy cookie!!! Omnyomnyom

Good morning. Bus arrived at 7.42am

Breakfast today is mushroom frittata. Made this yesterday n kept in the fridge. Today morning just heat up.

Fry mushroom, beat eggs with coconut milk, then pour into skillet. Cook for 2 mins then continue to bake in oven for 5-10mins till puffy n golden brown

Hehehe #stalkermomseries is now on!

Heard @maryannsee singing "abcd" to a not impressed #isaacpuah. He continues playing with his trunki.

Tried to FaceTime with @serhonp since he's waiting in the airport for flight back to Singapore. But I think bad connection. Cannot get through.

Oh well!!

Today lunch is burger again. This time manage to heat it up and "bun" it up nicely and slowly enjoy it!

Very filling ah!! Made too many burger patty now have to slowly finish them. Not that I'm complaining.

Aiyo the CCTV got error. Canot #stalkermomseries.

Wonder what happen to the connection at home.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." – Charles Darwin

Dinner was Italian sausage and peeped with garlic roasted parsnip mash.

Burp. Very full

After dinner we took a stroll to cold storage to buy blue berries and dragon fruit. Very cheap.

4 punnets of blueberries with 5 dragon fruit only sgd11.90!! Value ah.

Was singing a Judy garland song to Isaac titled "somewhere over the rainbow". Of course I can't remember all the words to the song la.
But what I know I belted it out earnestly. Hahaha. Sang it a couple of times.

Then he suddenly hum out the song by himself and do the emo gesture going over the rainbow. Ahahha Wah so dramatic!!!

Need to send him to drama and song classes. I think he will thrive on artistic expressions n the likes.

He'll be a super star!! Haha.

But in reality he's very shy outside of home. Will be very quiet and observe things and people outside.

Currently he will only be comfortable "chatting" with a few jie jies in the park. He's a little afraid of the bigger boys in the park cos they're abit boisterous.

So his very cautious when he meets new people.

Oh dear, I don't feel good at all.

Backs aching,

Feeling nauseated

Head is heavy.

Suspecting gluten poisoning again. Cos I drank 3-in-1 coffee a colleague bought from Penang.


No energy to do my night pump.

I'm tired but minds racing plus the nausea is giving me heartburn type of feeling.


Today intended to go work abit late so I'll come back later too. Manage to FaceTime with daddy @serhonp together with Isaac. He was in a good mood this morning. Smiling and calling daddy and showing off some stunts while FaceTime.

The bus came at 8.19am just right after I reached the bus stop.

Everything is so sunny and bright at this time! Makes a world of difference to my mood.

So I lied. I had eggs again for breakfast. And bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

#stalkermomseries time!!! I see @maryannsee grandma video/taking pic of #isaacpuah playing his toys.

He can identify the shapes of the toys and slot in to the appropriate slots very fast now. Can turn the angle of the shape to fit it in fast fast sumore.

He has been doing this since he was less than a year. Show off. After he's done he will clap his own hand. Very good. Haha

Too hungry after pumping. Having my leftover fries for snack to tahan till lunch! Sweet potato baked fries FTW!!

Loving my leftover chorizo burger lunch!!

Omg look. Macam trial of destruction and my mummy @maryannsee looks like give up beh tahan already. Hahaha #stalkermumseries. Everything open toys and vehicles everywhere. #isaac u better learn how to keep things and put it back where you took them from!

Today was a low motivation at work day. I know what is wrong. I have no passion in what I do.

Previously I was a clinical pharmacist, practicing in the wards, counseling patients. I loved it.

Explaining to them what diabetes is, anti coagulant, the importance of taking your medication; basically interaction with patients. I do feel satisfied I'm able to help them in management of their disease.

I also loved that doctors from houseman to senior consultant and head of department look for me

To discuss treatment regimen for the patients, then follow up on their medication compliance and counseling everything under the sun on their disease, compliance to medication, lifestyle changes.

Pharmacist got more time to 1 on 1 with patients and specifically I was stationed in the ward. Had my store room office there

Love the nurses who always come to me to double confirm their work etc.

I miss that!!

Having said that I know I can never practice here again in Singapore.

1 major hindrance is my degree is not recognized even with my 6-8 years clinical experience.

2) in order to get myself registered as a pharmacist here I need to work 2 years as a pharmacy technician + 1 year studying bridging course at NUS (which will cost SGD20k min) + 1 year preregistration (houseman pharmacist like that) + 3 years conditional licensing.

All this get paid peanuts. I have a family and commitments to set

Settle. So I can't do that especially finances are drained moving my whole life to Singapore.

So did the next best thing and manage to get a job approving drugs with the health authority.

Then something happen with my son with all his food allergy and hospitalization made me lose focus at work.

I tahan for 6-8 months after all the ordeal and I realize I burn out already mentally. I truly couldn't focus and resigned.

My boss even though very understanding was quite sad la I left. But it

I wanted to take care of isaacs health. After 3 months of staying home he grew!!!!

From almost failure to thrive and his weight and height growth chart percentile dropped 2 major lines (from 85% to 15%) he picked up. And now currently 50% percentile of the growth chart.

Because finances are tight, after that I looked for a job once he recovered la.

I'm lucky I manage to get a job after less than 2 months of looking.

Manage to get into a good company too thanks to my previous working experience.

But with the office politics, it's kinda draining the soul. And it's truly cementing that this is just a job and not a career.

Job satisfaction is very low.

I want to change it!

I'm bidding my time, looking for opportunities and learning that there is more to life than this.

I'm slowly figuring out what I like to do already. Now just need a plan. And the right time.

Dinner tonight quite Asian

Lemon ginger chicken with Asian sautéed bokchoy

Having some clean snacks. Banana, frozen cherries, macadamia nut butter and coconut milk.

Morning! Bus came at 7.45am

Boring breakfast of eggs, bacon n spinach.

Ok la won't eat egg di tomorrow.

Wooo wooo. See the @serhonp presenting at an international lung conference. Woooo 🙊🙊🙊

I hope you felt as if you've contributed to respiratory medicine!! To more innovative and ground breaking research! (So I can follow to the next conference la*)

It's pumping time (pumping/expressing breast milk FYI) and also it means it's #stalkermomseries time!!

Isaac is playing with his trunki again.

Heard my mom @maryannsee teaching how to say please and thank you and sorry.

The thing about #isaacpuah is he refuse to say please, thank you and sorry.

When ask him to say please when he gestures that he wants something he will pretend to not hear you and change subject or look away. He rather not have the thing he wanted than saying those words!

So rude ah this boy. Same with "sorry". When he does something wrong and I tell him to say "sorry" he will look downwards, start to have silent tears or just pretend to act cute to change subject!

Y so manipulative.

Moms with kids on dayre, do you know why Isaac is like that. Is it normal?

Like this boy only called me "mummy" when he was 18months old. "Daddy, grandma, grandpa etc basically everybody under the sun" he knows how to call them when he was much much younger.

But me, the most close and his food source, he refuse to call me till it was necessary. Godamit! But now won't stop calling me la.

I think fella very stubborn.

Finishing my pumping session with #stalkermomseries of him taking out all his vehicles. He's fascinated with cars, trucks, bus and basically any moving vehicles.

He loves spinning their wheels too.

Don't judge my lunch today. Yes I eat a lot!!! Super hungry.

Leftover braised pork, shrimp stir-fry and Moroccan cauli pilaf.

I enjoy eating it. Cos it tastes better the next day

Just look at the braised pork la. It's falling apart. So soft. Yummm.

Pumping now so #stalkermomseries sees him eating his dinner.

Isit very early? Should I adjust his dinner time? What say you mummies out there??

Dinner tonight is chorizo burgers with spicy red onions.
Used butterhead lettuce as it's bun.

With a side of seasoned sweet potato fries

Guilt free fries! The fries are seasoned then baked.

Breakfast today. Eggs and spinach.

Received a call at 4am from US! Husband @serhonp called me to ask for my shoe size haha. And also Isaacs shoe. I guess he's buying shoes!

Bus came at 7.43am today.

Today #stalkermom series fail. They're hiding behind the couch blowing bubbles in the balcony. Can't see them on the CCTV but I can hear them.

How how? Can see ah. 2 heads behind the couch. Ahaha.

Nvm la. Continue #stalkermom series in the afternoon pumping session.

At 8.30am I received whatsapp msg from @serhonp asking me which Swarovski necklace I like. Woo. 💖💖💖😍😍😍

Also. It was 4 hours pass the morning phone call and he's still shopping!!!!

Oh so rajin. Reading book after blowing bubbles. #stalkermomseries

Love my leftover lunch. Because they always taste better the next day.

Cinnamon and fennel braised pork with carrot ginger soup. Yummeh

No wander I farted so much last night. Ginger in the carrot soup!

#stalkermomseries sees Isaac running and chasing bubbles blown by the maid.

He went n "diudiu pop" bursting the bubbles. Haha

Came back on time from work and saw grandma @maryannsee coming back from the park when I went to meet them halfway.

Not bad ah. Grandma looks like a Young woman from behind heheh 🙊🙊🙊

Dinner tonight.

Cilantro shrimp stir-fry and Moroccan cauli-rice pilaf.

Yummeh. Put tumeric in the caulirice and it tasted like briyani!

Breakfast today is 2 eggs and avocado.

I really don't like how gluten/msg/soy sauce/ outside sauce/condiments make me feel

Last night I had chicken rice for dinner. And within few hours I actually had very bad energy slump. Whilst bathing Isaac I just sat on the covered toilet bowl and basically let him bath himself. Of course he played water only la.

So tired.

Then showered myself.

After putting him to sleep, check some emails I was already ZZZzz so sleepy.

Waiting for husband to FaceTime before I sleep. True enough he kena all my negativity. I get very moody if tired. Even worse when I know I've

Eaten outside food. Well I didn't shout at him la. But like imply that I never go anywhere or travel. And that I'll never go to certain places like South America (suppose to go this year before World Cup) and Hawaii (cos it's the furthest state in US) or even just to US la.

Told him… Cakap only la next time go but my traveling has stopped since being with him and marrying him.

So ya. For me, eating outside food which is very tasty will do that to me.

Of course tummy also abit upset la. That's a given. But lucky no lausai!

Come clap hand. Bus came at 7.53am

Texted @serhonp before I slept that I'm feeling very anxious and he was thinking because of the talk we had.

Bahahah but I think cos I tired and the gluten is messing with my hormones!!

This morning abit more hard to start up. Felt more sluggish than usual. But after bowel clearance I felt better!!!

Colleague went over to Penang for the weekend. She brought me this!

Ok la. It's not at nice as Ipohs hiong peng.

So I'm pumping now. #stalkermom series sees that he's sitting on his trunki and slowly moving it. Gross motor skills improving.

But still very cautious. Doesn't go crazy n "vroom" and rocket off macam fast and furious.

Well at least he's moving. And moving forward and gostan abit is good.

After that bising and ask the maid to open the trunki for him. Cos there are new Legos which are still in the box not opened for him to play.

He knows how to ask me to open it for him. But I refuse. Cannot instant gratification ma! They need to learn how to wait. Also the Lego is for 2 yrs and above. So 2 yrs and 1 month only I open for him la. Hehe

Btw trunki are luggages made for kids which can be used as a sit for them. They can sit on it and an adult can pull them.

Useful for traveling

So during waiting in the the airport can entertain your kid!! Pretend riding a bull and go yeeha!!!

Hehe 4pm pumping time leads to #stalkermom discovery of them exercising. Hahha so cute. What a fun way to expand Isaacs energy. Also for him to follow instructions.

Dinner tonight.

Cinnamon & fennel braised pork with carrot-ginger soup.

Isaac finally slept at 10.30pm tonight. The latest he's ever been up on normal circumstances day.

He was so busy chatting and forming short sentences. Also counting out loud and being very excited about it.

Ok la. Count only like 2, 3, 7,8, 10!!! Then clap hands.

Cute though. But the hyperness!! Not too sure what was happening.

New milestone in language skills suddenly.

Good morning. Breakfast is leftover of everything. Grilled pork chops, cauliflower rice and Brussels sprouts.

Wanted to go see this boy today.

His mummy's water bag broke at #29 weeks. Tahan in the hospital for 1 plus week.

Look at him today!!!! Born at #30 weeks. And now fat like Buddha.

@cikumuffin cute right!!!

Previously birth weight was 1.5kg too. 💖💖💖

Suppose to meet up with them at the Far East Organisation children's garden at garden by the bay.

But it's raining cats & dogs. How la. 😭😭

See the rAin!! And NEA 3 hourly weather forecast till 11am is thundery showers.

Which is what is happening right now. Frus.

Packed #isaacpuahs swimming trunks, spare change of clothes and food already. Too bad. Suppose to reach by 9am to meet up with my cousin n her kids

Little Buddha came and visit us instead!! Cos it was raining!!

We left to gardens by the bay anyway since it stop raining.

Kids in bakerzin at the gardens. Cos it's raining!!!!! We turn into the gardens straight away rain!!

Little Buddha chilling In his crib

The 3 little kids! @maryannsee was taking their pic and I took a pic of them posing. Hehe.

Cousin dropped us home and now we are just chilling at home. Nothing to do. Catch Mosquitoes!

Had wee nam kee chicken rice for dinner. Today did not cook bcos just couldn't be bothered hehe.

Isaac fed himself because it is his favorite chicken rice stall

Feeding himself the chicken rice! Quite good his aim into the mouth. This video didn't catch him doing it properly la.

He knows what my name is. Ask him what's mummy's name he will go "joe ann".

Ending the day, or rather beginning the day with runs to the toilet. Dammit no more eating outside food for me.

Good morning. Had my no oats banana vanilla bean n'oatmeals again. I topped it up with macadamia nuts and coconut sugar.

Actually earlier had chicken strips, avocado and home made no honey mustard mayo. But 2 strips only not enough. N forgot take pic haha

Just read a post on TBAN on a crazy MIL. Some parts reminded me of my monster in law too.

The parts about me torturing my son for giving him breast milk and come out into the world so torturous because hungry. He was crying he poop his diapers and wanted a change but she insisted on carrying him.

There were many many incidences I don't even know why I tolerated her.

The best day was when I shouted that she's not my mother and do not be so rude to me.

Leftover lunch! Yesterday's chicken adobo and mash parsnip. The soup is actually lamb sauce but it's light enough to be soup. I don't care. Imma drink it. It's not thick. It's made from bone broth and bone broth are precious.

Bahahha. I'm currently at a beauty place doing slimming. Only reason cos my facial package bought 3 years ago has a 1 time slimming thing and a wrap. Just trying it out.

Definitely won't continue for other sessions because it's so "sien" and boring.

I'm just not so into facial and massages etc because frankly I don't see any lasting results.

I believe in eating well and exercising and good sleep then all this slimming etcetc.

Speaking which, I've not been exercising since I started this

New job in March.

Currently dayreing since I have to lie down for another 20 minutes because I'm wrapped up on cling wrap. Like sushi. Hahahha.

Hrmmm this slimming thing reminds me of my post natal urut.

Where a Malay style massage was done with a hot stone called "tunku". Then bekung. Wrap me up like sausage.

Really lifted my uterus after the birth and help to shrink my tummy very fast. Love the massage to.

The lady also help to massage my breast and really so much milk came out after that. Stand up straight away gush n spray out. And non stop dripping after that.

Next confinement I'm gonna do for 3 weeks at least. So shiok!

Picture of part of my bekung. Very comfortable and felt very supported. Hehe. Better than all the corsets that I previously have.

So funny the beauty place. Trying to convince me to sign up for their facial and slimming package. I told them I don't believe their products plus I've got a valid reason. Every single time I do facial with them my eyes gets very blur and will be blur for a few hrs until I wash out my eyes with water. If not confirm it's their product then I don't know what.

Frankly didn't enjoy the slimming at all. Try to draw out y I need slimming and how to reduce my stretch marks. Kept saying it's very bad

And kept saying "sorry to say lo but your tummy very big". I told them. I don't care lo. I got big tummy and stretch marks I still wear bikini.

and I stunned them into silence. Haha. I'm such a difficult customer.

Hear this. There is no "cure" for stretch mark. Even if you do laser resurfacing it will still be there. Fainter, but it is there.

Anyway I rather spend my money on good grass fed steak!!!

Mmmmm. Steakkkkkk! *homer Simpson drool*.

Dinner tonight is smoky grilled pork chops with cookout coleslaw.

Sides of Brussels sprouted with crispy bacon.

Mom @maryannsee didn't like the Brussels sprouts but I'm ok with them. I've tasted worse (those that I've burnt la)

Bought a new knife. Used up my fairprice points and paid another $25 bucks. Hopefully it's very sharp. It's a pain to chop meat with blunt knife!!

Having me some Banana vanilla bean n'oatmeal for breakfast.

Oatmealess oat meal. Haha. Banana, coconut milk, vanilla bean and chia seeds. That's all.

Blend together everything and soak overnight!!

Not bad. Texture is very oats like.

Here is a dairy-free and gluten-free (and grain-free) alternative I can take.

#isaacpuah is in a good mood this morning. Actually waved and said bye to me before I left for work.

Previous 2-3weeks he has been a major sulk. Turning away and pouting with an angry look. Even complete with hitting the air just to emphasis that he's not happy with us going to work.

But today… Said "bye! Mummy and daddy go work". (Dad is in San Diego la)

Whilst waiting for my bus today, saw a Mobile Health Screening bus(truck?)

@tiffaniehong was this your idea??

It's by parkway health of course. Interesting idea. Hope it's free health screening for the sick and poor. Or for the infirm and they go to their houses and take X-ray for them etc right at their doorstep. Or for old folks home, sekaligus screen all the residents there instead of brining them to the hospital.

But I don't think so. Because everything here is about $$ mostly

Oh dear! Sat in the bus stop for almost 20 minutes and my bus hasn't appeared!!! It's 2 minutes to 8am already. What is this!!

Next bus will be bus number 5! Ohmmmm!

Finished reading all my dayre feed and also not here! Aiyooo.

Arghh ok officially late like. It's 8.00am already. Hrmphh!!

Finally!!! Bus arrived at 8.04am. Waited a good 25mins. What is this. It's promise during peak hours is 4-13minutes frequency

#sbs #transitlink #singapore please improve your bus no.5 service because it's really bad. I see other bus plying the roads are very frequent at short intervals. Only you…the bus service I need to take is slow.

Record breaking day today. Arrived work 30minutes late. Amazing.

Usually 2-3 ppl gets off my bus stop destination. Today it was >10 people. That shows that the bus was really lagging in it's frequency!

Stalker mom on #stalkermode. Open up the CCTV whilst pumping at work. Saw him "reading" book. Hehe.

I think I should do a #stalkermom series la. Can update dayre whilst pumping. Starting today onwards will show what I see on CCTV on dayre.
@maryannsee and @serhonp don't be suprise if u see urself here too! @ashleysmq too!

Such a busy day. Had departmental lunch which coincided with my ex boss farewell. It was at Kuriya which is a buffet shabu shabu. Whack all the wagyu beef chuck, beef brisket etc.

In the end lausai. Maybe too much soy sauce in the soup or some seasoning which has too much gluten makes me run to the loo.

And I tot just eating the beef was safe.

Dinner today made slow cooker chicken adobo with cauliflower rice.

Homely dish and totally paleo.

Craving dessert now. But #isaacpuah crying for nen nen already.

Bought some stuff from amazon to deliver to @serhonp hotel room!! Then I just realise the estimated delivery date is after his departure. Oh dear.

Nvm la. I hope it reaches in time

Hubby reached San Francisco. But missed his connecting flight to San Diego. At least the virgin staff manage to book a connecting flight for him again. Wohoo!!

Bus arrived at 7.42am. I really can't catch it's time la. So erratic.

Heard mummy @maryannsee teaching #isaacpuah all the app name.

"This is Instagram. Ok let's open Dayre".

I'm sure 2 year old #isaacpuah understands what the app is about. Hehe.

Read @jolenessence dayre and I must say she is very very inspiring. So much life experiences from such a young age. I'm very awed by her.

Dinner tonight.

Salmon with creamy tzatziki sauce served on top of sauté carrots with fresh dill.

Breakfast today is pizza frittata. Yums. Tomato sauce with oregano, basil drizzle on top makes it taste like pizza.

Husband @serhonp just left for the states. Will be away for 10days. Lucky my mom is down to tolong jaga anak.

Also some other human exposure besides the maid la. Mum taught him how to say my name and the husbands name. So cute.

@serhonp remember to post all your shopping haul ah!!!

It's so hot waiting in the bus stop that sweat is dripping down from my knees. My whole face is sweaty already. Nose, forehead, chin. Later ppl think I run marathon.

Waited for 10 mins finally bus is here at 7.36am

Dinner tonight is cabbage-wrapped dumplings. Shiok the dipping sauce because sour sour sweet sweet.

Indulgence. Frozen banana, frozen dark cherries and macadamia nut butter

Taken 2 days ago at wheelers yard. Went again today for coffee and se brunch. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Ok la.

Went with mom @maryannsee and hub @serhonp and #isaacpuah of course.

Satay satay satay I love you.

Made satay today. Totally paleo approved. No sugar no peanuts just awesome goodness

It's a long day today!!! Isaac kept waking up evey hr from 12 am until 7am!!!

I don't know what's wrong with him. No fever nothing. Suspecting he has tummy upset. But no lausai also.

He kept arching his back so I was thinking maybe he has reflux??

Then once he woke up fully he's back to cheerful self.


Meanwhile I felt like shit cos didn't sleep.

Took child care leave just incase he deteriotes.

Made chicken strips with parsnip mash for dinner. Ok la.

Lunch time went for a quick coffee with mummy @maryannsee and hubby @serhonp

Walked into bcbg to try out a dress and totally fell in love with a dress.

Lucky no size.

Awesome morning today. Breakfast with my own family for Mother's Day.

@serhonp hipster husband at hipster cafe drinking hipster coffee and eating hipster burger.

I love the vintage looking bikes that they have at their atelier. I do want a bike to go around when Isaac is bigger. Can send him to enrichment class. Get a cute bucket seat to go along with it!

Made roast leg of lamb for dinner. Had my colleague and friends over. Best part is mom @maryannsee is here too!!!


First time making mushroom soup with coconut flour as thickening agent. Ok la. Boleh. Don't taste the coconut too much.

Terrible. 7.50am only came with 2 number 5 busses in a row.

Isaac wasn't so pissed in the morning today. Didn't say good bye. But at least didn't scowl at us.

Put him on the scooter n he was trying to scoot so was occupied. Still can't reach the floor yet his feet.

Bought salad from cold storage. They're having promo now. 3 toppings + free seeds + dressing only $4.99. Very full now.

Oh oh Isaac suddenly got fever. Been 39 for the past few hrs. But he's like normal except very hot only.

Dinner plans cancelled just to spend time with him. Monitor him abit

7.38 this morning bus came.

Isaac was really angry again before we left for work.

Refuse to say bye. Do not want to look at us. Eyes downcast. When we said bye he shook his head and pretended we were not leaving.

Kesian dia. His way of dealing with separation is not acknowledging it. N getting angry about it.

Emo baby is emo. 😞

Had pan fried salmon for breakfast. Hehe. May seem heavy to a lot of ppl so I don't tell them what I eat. But It sustains me till 12pm lunch time!!!

Few days ago had rib eye steak for bfast la. Ok la it's a very thin slice la. Hehe.

Oh man. My boobs smell like chocolate biscuits. Before he came in to sleep he had some choco biscuits. Told the dad to let him drink water before coming in.

Guess not!!! I've choco flavored nippies now!!

A full bus came at 7.37am

Isaac was majorly pissed this morning. Ask to wave bye and give he kiss he kept shaking his head no. Then the father tried, he ended up whacking the air around him.

Dunno y so angry la. Look at the father like want to kill him. Furrowed brows and angry stare. With hands whacking the air in anger.

Supper!!! Addicted to this combo. But I much prefer almond butter spreads vs macadamia butter. Coconut milk is a given

Dinner was pan fried asparagus and turkey meatballs. Mince turkey, salt, pepper and onion. Shape into ball n bake till cook.

So easy that my maid can do it. Haha.

Bus came at 7.45am today.

Had leftover ribs for lunch with steam cauliflower.

Isaac has been bullying his auntie @ashleysmq caught him going up n down like obstacle course. Heard him laughing while doing so.

Finally learn how to ride a bike.

Dinner today, lemon artichoke chicken and steam broccoli

My snack for tonight. Frozen banana with macadamia nut spread and coconut milk. Sprinkle with raisins. Hehe. Happy

Good morning. After a 4 day weekend, the body is a bit slow in getting up to go work.

Zzzzz!! I'm a little late!

Wah came back to office with explosion of email. Took an hr to check them.

Busy day!

Leftover coffee cocoa ribs and pesto "pasta". 2 kinds of pasta, one is Japanese cucumber another is sharkfin melon.

Since I can't have milo or chocolate outside, I made myself some coconut milk Hershey dark chocolate drink.

Melt dark choc (dairy free) with hot water add coconut milk. Heat up in sauce pan n sweeten with honey.

@serhon and @ashleysmq said it's so coconuty. I think it's decadent!!!

Been dairy free far too long!

My sisters @ashleysmq cup. I might just have to finish it.

Ok had a mini "argument" with one of my close friends. Now can't sleep.

They were over for 4 days at my place. Just got back today.

So I told her she's very soft with her son Travis. It's bcos I see that he bullies them all the time n cries to get things his way.

Of course I should know better la. Never criticize other ppl parenting style.

But he is going to be a bully. He kept snatching Isaac toys n Isaac retaliates by throwing the toys at him.

So after this pic was taken Travis push Isaac out of the train. If I wasn't holding him he would have jatuh already.

Anyway I just wanted to tell her that she should set boundaries and not "talk" to her son to say cannot push Isaac.

I mean hello my son also don't understand when I talk to him la. He understands by the tone of my voice and eye contact.

Also i told her I didn't like that she kept asking Isaac to stop breast feeding from me. But i think she's just trying to help Isaac from "weaning" off me.

But I don't wan to wean him and I'm his only source of milk. Obviously angst la.

Had a Norwegian for breakfast today. Underneath the poached eggs are asparagus and avocado. Might have eaten more than half of the bread. Went home and lauS. Hehe.

Love the caviar on top and smoked salmon wrapping the poached eggs

Breakfast made "worth the wait" crust less quiche.

Caramelized onions, bacon and egg. Combine everything n bake till masak. Eat.

So today at river safari we saw some giant Mekong river cat fish.

@huszeqian had some panda buns after seeing the pandas

Can see ah? The sleeping panda

Jia jia, Kai Kai and Travis having a short break eating panda buns

Trying to squeeze in the pic with fake panda!!!

The 2 toddlers resting. Guess which one is older by 2 weeks.

Yes Isaac is the older one but he is more kecik. Shorter and thinner and generally smaller. It's ok. Still cute. 😘😘😘💋💋💋

Saw some hornbill

And falcon. They had some animal show off where they had the animals come up to the amazon square for an up close and personal with the crowd.

After river safari, we went to the Singapore zoo!

2 baby orang utan hanging out with their mama at their hang out area.

Saw the only polar bear born in the tropics. Very massive bear!!

White rhino. A new baby was born in December. It's hide wasn't to thick yet. Look like a very nice buttery handbag the baby rhino texture. Hehe.

Hahahaah we tried doing a giraffe selfie. But can't fit the pic into a square of dayre of cos.

So funny

Albino white peacock so cantik la.

This was after the "rainforest fights back" show and the peacock came up just to show off it's feathers la. So "show off"

After that we cooled off at the water park in the zoo. Wohoo Isaac had fun

And then dinner time!! Ahaha.

I tot was hungry so ordered this. But only eat half of it. Rest gave hubbeh

Travis and Isaac playing on Thomas the train. Ermm sorry don't know the full name of the show

Ok so sleepy now. Night night

Went to birdpark today. I don't think I took any pic of birds at all. Wait let me find in my photo album

Oohh found a just hatch little birdie. I get to take him home! Lucky for me! Hehe

And a video of a peacock doing slow mo cabaret show. That is all!!

Came back and made dinner!!

Beef & bacon cottage pie!

The mash is butternut squash mash. Sweetness complements the very salty and spicy mince beef.

If using bacon I really really should not put salt like the recipe calls for.

But overall ok la.

Ok la. Sleepy already. Tomorrow going zoo and river safari!

Night night.