Basel, Switzerland

I'm here in Basel. The cloud so pretty!!!

Hello little houses in the alp places.

This is in Zurich.

From the Zurich airport I need to take a 1.5hrs train to Basel town. Cos there's no direct flight there.

Lugged my suitcase n everything. Lucky quite easy to buy train tickets.

Once reach Basel town I just took a cab to the hotel la

Too tired after 13hr flight then 1.5hr train.

Taxi cost me chf17.90. Worth it la. Rather than walking

After I checked in n had a bath I'm so hungry went n look for food.

Walked into the restaurant directly next to the hotel. Expensive don't care la but the place doesn't look Michelin star type.

It's a basic Swiss restaurant.

So I ordered the most Swiss traditional food I read on the menu.

Potato rosti with grill meat like a thick slice of ham and a sunny side egg. Filling but I won't say it's out of this world type of food la.

Can get in marche back in Singapore haha

Took the public tram to see the town. This is near the river

I have a complementary public transport tickets that includes trams and bus around the Basel zone 10,11 and 12 and euro airport given by the hotel

So I made full use of it hop on and off town

Got artsy shot ah?

A glimpse of the Basel church called basler Munster.

Haha like mamee monster

I've no idea what this is. But it feels like a church or monestary

Took a step in and it was quiet and beautiful. Had a lot of painting on the walls! Very well preserved.

Oohh yes. Just foursquared it and it is a church!

I had a dinner date in a very historical place. But iPhone can't capture the beauty of it.

Ok google image for you. It really is nice.

The outside

Found an old picture of it.

Dinner!! I had sirloin with French fries. Presented very well.

Food was good!! And the price was reasonable considering the price I paid for lunch!!

Close up of the deliciousness. Even the vege very very tasty la!

No regrets. With my dinner meal

My date for tonight. I thought she look pretty good after all that traveling. Hehe.

Chocolate haul to distribute to family and friends. Top 3 is Kopi for @serhonp

Which one u want? U chose la.

And Isaacs clothes haul!!!

A fedora hat, high top shoes and funky belt for him!!!

Yup. When u're a mom you will sure shop for your kids one. All this from Zara kids from the sale pile.

Ok la. I also bought myself a Swarovski bracelet from the pic above. It was half price!! CHF49 only.

@ashleysmq you want my purple one instead? Hehe.

Husband sent me a picture of Isaac in a tiger bodysuit!!!

He looks so happy wearing it. Then 1 hr later apparently he shat and exploded all over the suit.

So much for wearing nice clothes for kids.

But still cute la

Ok!!! 10.00pm here. Going to sleep. Time difference is 6 hours behind Singapore.

Tomorrow is full day of meeting. Night night!

Us crazy cousins and cousin in laws. 2 Puah and 2 Seows

All us from the same generation and their spouses.

This is my husbands @serhonp side of the family actually. Not mine.

His parents generation are all abit fucked up. But his generation are all cool. Haha.


Back in the airport again. Back to sin then off to the airport again at night.

Off to Switzerland. #belumpackforswiss trip


Don't know need sweater or not.

Ok the deeds!!! All checked in and waiting in boarding gate.

Think I under pack. Anything to buy in Switzerland besides chocolate? And Rolex? Haha

But nessecary stuff all packed like ice pack, cooler, 2 pumps (checked in my medela PISA and hand carry my freestyle.

Oh shit!! As I was typing the above just realize I forgot my PISA milk collecting kits!!! Shit!!!!

Garh!!!!! Ok nvm. Got freestyle kit. Ok nvm. Hand express only la.

Ok setting up my pumping time. Haha.

Breakfast today is leftover chorizo and seafood paella. There was avocados on the side but I'm just too full to have any of it. 😷😷

Bus came at 7.40am this morning.


"Apple, apple, apple" says Isaac.

Asking for apple as his mid morning snack. Not sure if maid will give him some.

Isaac Puah made a new friend. Watching fishes over see through glass.

Rush to the airport from work. No time to eat dinner proper. Had crap food at the airport. Yuck

Had 2 of this for breakfast.

Buffalo chicken egg muffin

Bus arrived 7.34am

Sorting out his shapes for play time.


I realize he does his creative plays in the morning. Come afternoon his cranky and needs his nap and once finish nap time he will have to burn his energy. Like scooting on his tricycle and just running up n down the hall.

#leftoverlunch today is meatloaf with salad of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and avocado.

Actually brought something else but yesterday's meatloaf was too much so only ate half the portion. And continued the other half today.


Heard the maid reading/singing to Isaac "the wheel on the bus"

Story time for him.

Missed the 5.38pm bus so got on the 5.52pm bus. 😔

Chorizo and seafood paella tonight.

Here's a portion of it. Jumbo prawns, clams and mussels.

Chorizo sausages is home made with pork meat.

And rice is cauliflower shredded.

Good morning! Looked like it was going to rain so I quickly left the house before it pours!!!

Good thing about weather before it pours is the breezy winds! Rushed to the bus stop before droplets fell. Didn't feel as stuffy bcos the air was abit more crispy and cool than usual.

Bus arrived at 7.33am. Back to usual timing for me.

Haven't gotten to eat breakfast yet cos was trying to beat the rain.


Boring day today. Nothing much happening. Eating his raisins off the floor. Usual thing going on.

Good thing is once the reaction is under control he is ok.

My after pumping snack. The office had a monthly breakfast today so took chicken wings and beehon. Top with an avocado slice I brought from home.

Ok hopefully not too tummy upset later


Mexi meatloaf, avocado and mash cauliflower.

Midafternoon snack of buffalo chicken egg muffin.

The inside view of the egg muffin

Yes, the same ones that gave Isaac a reaction.

Dinner tonight is lemon broiled salmon with baby spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Fresh and easy dinner.

Isaac is like erghhh freaking kpopstar.

I have no idea who thought him to pose like that. So hiau.

Today he is 23 months and 3 weeks.

Turning 2 soon!!!

Green apple and pear today for breakfast.


I guess today is "play in your pen" day.

Back to playing inside and fixing and destroying blocks. Fun day!

Didn't play in his pen for a few weeks now. I guess he rediscovered his blocks that was there all along.

Journey to the west Monkey God and his spear.


Hopped on the 5.15pm bus home.

Dinner tonight is mexi-meatloaf with creamy herb mash cauliflower.

Restarting the #21daysugardetox program again.

Tummy is back to being no good. 😱😔😔

Isaac had a very bad egg reaction just now after dinner!!!

Was making buffalo chicken egg muffin for breakfast tomorrow.

Then the maid just left the egg muffin out in the open. I kept telling her to quickly bake it and put it in the oven.

She kept saying "later later wait wait"

wtf don't wanna listen nvm but so carelessly put the muffin tray on the edge of the counter.

Isaac being a very curios toddler went n pull the tray to have a closer look.

His hands dipped into the egg batter

And all hell broke lose after.

His eyes were red, body was hot and red rashes everywhere.

Rash on his

Ears were hot

And he was progressively getting hotter and hotter.


Faster administer 5ml of Zyrtec via syringe.

Then he got so drowsy. So scared had to keep talking to him, try to get his attention and read him a pop up book and all.

Even ask him to jump jump n sing hockey pokey but he was having none of that.

I could see his eyes rolling abou

About and getting more drowsy.

For a very young child and infant, one of the anaphylaxis sign is sudden drowsiness. This maybe because less oxygen is reaching him and and blood pressure is crashing due to the reaction. Can result in fainting with cold and clammy feeling.

Ergh. Felt like back to the first time he went unconscious. He went floppy and grey like a wet rag doll.

Scary shit.

Lucky we know the signs n quickly give anti histamines.

All good now! He's asleep

Took about almost an hour for the reaction and all rash to clear and him back to being active and cheeky.

I'll take cheeky and naughty anytime!!!!!!

No more drowsy and floppy kid!!

I really hope he outgrows this egg allergy real soon.

Mummy don't want you to experience anymore severe reaction.

And to think we were good bcos no reaction in a few months already. Sigh.

Keeping us parents on our toes.

Another option is to keep the house egg free. But then we will be depriving everybody of a good source of protein.

Drastic measures may be considered if it happens one too many times from now on.

Breakfast today is fresh cut persimmons and apple.

Just missed the earliest bus by 20s. When I saw it, it was pulling out of the bus stop. 😁 can't even run to chase it in time. Oh well.

Next bus arrived at 7.50am! It's about 11-13minutes interval still for peak hour.

Ok confession. Yesterday I had some form of instant noodles for brunch.

Indomee with satay skewers from the Indonesian grilled stall in Kopitiam. It's called mee gado btw.

And now!!! I'm totally paying for it. I didn't even eat half the portion of the instant noodles and here I am. Lausaing!!!

Twice in 2 hours. Last night I couldn't sleep cos tummy bloated with sharp pain on n off. Plus nausea when I lay down.

Serves me right!!!


Isaac dancing to his music. Some of his toys r out of his age specs but I feel he keeps reinventing play with these toys. So it's good. Value.

Like this stand table activity station has become his dj-ing station. Haha.

#leftoverlunch today.

Avocado with a side of short ribs and squash. Yes I know you're probably bored of seeing the same food over and over again, but that's the beauty of eating and cooking the way I do. Loads of leftovers!! No need to cook every meal!


Woot manage to hop on the 5.16pm bus home!

Sushi & sashimi gozen for dinner. Minimal rice, no soy sauce. Wasabi, neat, on the side.

Slurp. #eatclean

Such an aunty day today.

Did more grocery shopping for extra produce and just chill with husband and Isaac at home.

The only picture I took today was of leftover dinner.

Yup leftover balsamic braised short ribs with julienne summer squash.

Also went over to our "neighbours" place to water their plants.

She just had a baby on 21 June and back in kl. So we do public service for them and feed the plants.

Husband @serhonp and me having tosai masala for breakfast. One of the better tasting tosai we had in a long time.

Went to a friends baby full moon at Mountbatten area. Sweet baby Emily.
Had catered food there. Ate all the meat stuff and bobor chachar. Coconut milk is ok 👌 *who am I kidding*

Went somewhere far far away.

Anyway, it will be the last time in a long time as out annual pass is expiring in 2 days time. Today I sat on:
-transformers ride x 1
-Jurassic park rapids x 1
-canopy flyer x 4
-treasure hunters x 1
-revenge of the Mummy x 1
-enchanted airways x 2
-donkey live x 1
-accelerator x 1
-Sesame Street spaghetti space chase x 1
-shrek 4 D adventure x 1
Totally worth it the annual pass with the unlimited universal express pass. Highly recommend you to get it if you have

Kids 122cm and above (cos that's the minimum cut off points for unaccompanied kids) to sit on rides with you.

It is relatively still quite organized theme park because of the Universal Studio branding. Unlike sunway Lagoon n all those local Malaysian parks.

Yes I left Isaac with the maid because 2 weeks ago I brought him there I didn't sit on any rides at all because he was scared. Shrek 4 D also scared. Pffft.

Madagascar crate adventure also cry like shit.

Anyway I totally enjoyed mysel

Today. And it was like our first few dates back in Tawau. Brought @serhonp to the latest carnival in town. Hehe.

I hope he dayres about today cos all out selfie pictures are on his phone!! @serhonp oih dayre la!

Last pic!!!! I won't be coming here anytime again soon.

Oh wait. Yes I will.

July 10th is the durian fiesta in sentosa.

Can't wait. All you can eat mau sang wang, Ang hier, xo etc etc. OMG!! Excited.

Then boobies exploded after that. Wohooo!!

Morning! Bus came at 7.50am.

Ate my breakfast halfway only remembered to take a pic of it. 😚😚😚

Egg, bacon and butterheadlettuce to feel less guilty.

Scrap that. I don't feel guilty at all la. I just want some vege to help the system along. Hehe

Think I'm coming down with something. Past 5 days my boobies kind of achy. I'm thinking it's like plugged duct is coming. 😱😱
But it hasn't. So I don't know what it is.

And last night I was so tired. After putting Isaac to sleep I knocked off also. Didn't manage my night pump.

Slept from 9pm till 7am (abit late la of course) and I still feel tired.

@serhonp, pregnant ah??? Kekekeke

I think flu la. Nose dripping now!!

OMG!! Isaac Puah gyrating to poker face song by lady gaga!!!


Open the CCTV and lady gaga song was blasting through my phones speaker. Wtf!

I wished I had a video recording function on my CCTV can upload here and share it!!

It's funny and disturbing at the same time.

Isaac, you think you striper ah??

Close up of #leftoverlunch today

Balsamic braised short ribs and zucchini spaghetti.

Taste better overnight.

Lunch time stalk/pump. #stalkermomseries

Laughing at himself on the mirror reflection of the display cabinet. #vainpot much.

Usually this time he will be napping. No idea why he's up.

Tall enough now to pull things off tables and counter tops. #scarytoddlerstage.

Ahhh. Having kids is still a joy. For now.

Dinner tonight. Thai beef larb on lettuce leaf. Sautéed asparagus as sides.

Good morning. Breakfast of the day is leftover turkey meatball, 1 egg and some sauerkraut.

Ever since eating sauerkraut, my incidences to the toilet has lessens. Not much bloated tummy and runs to the loo anymore.

Introduction of probiotics into the gut through the sauerkraut or kimchi or any fermenting/fermented food is good.

Boarded the 8.05am bus from Novena Church.

10am pumping/stalking time. #stalkermomseries

Aiyo! Wearing his batman shirt again!!! I don't know where he picks this up. We don't have a TV. We most certainly don't watch anything related to super heroes and yet he is attracted to batman/superman and Spider-Man.

How ah? Boys will be boys is that it?

I just don't know where he picks this up from. Boys at the park certainly don't discuss comic book characters at this age.

I'm intrigued.

Does this apply to girls who likes dolls too?


Ribs, turkey balls and salad with persimmon.

Yup everything leftover.

4pm stalker time.

I hear him telling her "no, no, no!" I wonder where he learned that from. 😒😒😒😏😏😏


Dinner tonight is balsamic braised short ribs.

Oh my god. This is the mother of all braised meat. Mother of all stews. I can't believe it's so easy to make.

All u need is a crockpot, tomato purée, balsamic vinegar, apricot n some spice. Sear the short ribs then throw everything into the pot n cook for 6 hours.

More shots of it. It's like a very soupy kind of chunky bolognese sauce??

I don't know how to describe. But the taste is like a drinkable spaghetti sauce.

Shown here with our zucchini "spaghetti"

Got on the 8.02am bus.

Not too bad. Arrived at work 8.15am. I did plan to go back later today so no issues. Have asked the maid to prepare turkey balls for dinner.

Brought breakfast to work as didn't feel like eating at home where Isaac wanted me to carry him.

Fresh blueberries, strawberries and cut apples.

Pumping now at 10am. Which also stalking time!


Wooo wearing his board shorts looking like a pseudo surfer. Then running around with his colour book going "wow wow" like he's never seen such an amazing book before. When in fact, every hour also look at it 😒😒😒

Hahahaah ending my pump session with a last peep at the CCTV and what do I see???

A little boy dancing quietly behind the maid when she's preparing his lunch.

Can't really tell from the photos but he is really grooving it. Went to turn on his music from the toys r us keyboard sumore.

We had a ribs party at work today!

Since I had 2 rack of ribs and I don't usually go out and eat lunch, I invited my colleagues to eat in with me. I brought the ribs and heat them up in the toaster oven and another colleague went down to cold storage to get a salad as our sides!

A portion of our lunch. Salad is baby spinach with olives and dried tomatoes. It's a good compliment to the cocoa chili ribs.


Should do more pantry parties at the office during lunch time.

So I ask them the million dollar question "would you pay for this if I were to sell it?"

They both said of course! Wohoo. I would take that as I sign the ribs were palatable.


It's my 4pm pump time and I see him throwing tantrum on the kitchen floor.

I think he's hungry asking the maid for food. Haha.

Finally the prince is being fed! Haha.

Also I'm very happy today I found 2 Singapore based person on Instagram following the paleo lifestyle.

One is a father who marathons and cooks his meals, another is an expat from America!

I've asked both of them where they get their produce from and gonna check them out soon!

So happy!

Bus departed GWC 5.49pm

Isaac having dinner with us.

It's his second piece of turkey meatballs!!!

Dinner of turkey meatball and simple salad with persimmons

Isaac is 23 months and 2 weeks today. 2 more weeks and he will be 2!

I know I said will dayre about his meals but I only manage to find out his breakfast and dinner time snack.
Breakfast: 4oz oats cooked with water and 3oz carrot soup and 1 banana.
His bananas are the philipine bananas bought from cold storage. He doesn't like those small ones. I do find the bigger ones are sweeter.

As for the carrot soup the ingredients are:
Abit of ginger fresh grated
3-4cups of bone broth

Sauté everything together till the carrots n onions r soft.

Then add the broth and abit of water depending on the thickness of the soup that u want. Salt and pepper to taste. Then blend everything in a blender. So it's like a creamy soup without cream or thickening agent. Works best for ppl with food limitations.

Dinner snacks:
2 big turkey meatballs!

Mince turkey, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning blend. Mix the mince meat and the spices n shape into balls. Line them on a baking tray and bake in oven for 20-30mins at 160 degrees till cook!!

Today quite light dinner la cos past few nights ate meaty meat meat.

But hor actually to me no difference! Cos the amount i eat is a lot and I eat till shiok and full. I think I had like 5-6 turkey meatballs and the balls are double to triple the size of ur normal fish/meatball sold outside.

N loadsssss of fresh vege eat till full also. I can't give u exact measurement cos I don't portion control. Ok la, it's roughly about 2 big cups of leaves for me?

Eat good quality food and don't worry about the calories.

My processed food intake has gone down a lot. I still have my dark chocolates. Cannot tahan must eat choco when menses is coming.

And eeer I want to work out but I can't find the time currently.

Previous job, during lunch I walk to the gym nearest to my office which is biopolis to fitness first at fusionopolis. I enjoyed my lunch time work outs but even since at the new work place I don't have a gym membership anymore and no time for gym. My lunch time is pumping time!

Ok continue tomorrow. Quite sleepy.

Feel free to ask me for more recipes and paleo lifestyle changes!!

Good night 😘😘😘😘

Good morning! Today this boy woke up as I was about to get ready for work.

Luckily didn't scream his head off. He saw me so made some noise. Then started disturbing me and playing with my phone.

I open the room door and he walked out himself. Good! Self entertainment. Don't disturb mummy

Breakfast this morning. Fresh cut fruits and berries.

Bus departed 7.50am.

I think many of you will be wondering why this mummy so "kiasu" or "overprotective", with the CCTV stalking her son.

Actually, reason for getting the CCTV is very simple. It's not to stalk the maid. Or to check how she's treating my son (well that one partial reason), but mainly is to observe that Isaac is not having a anaphylactic reaction.

As he is severely allergic to eggs, dairy and peanuts, we though it would be good to have some kind of monitoring around.

And since dad @serhonp works

Next door, he could literally run back and resuscitate/treat/observe him at a moments notice.

That being said, if he is having an anaphylaxis reaction, sometimes it may be too late. I have the epi-pen at home, have taught the maid how to use it.

But she seems quite blur la. Don't know can depend on life & death matters.

So to minimize this, we try to not expose him to eggs in particular.

He is so allergic that if anybody cook any egg based dish, they better go shower because the

Better go shower as if you accidently have egg residue on you, even if u can't see it, he will break out just by being close contact. His body will turn red, checks will be red, ears warm and red. And if it's really bad his trunks, arms, hands will develop hives together on his thighs as well.

Remedy is to quickly give oral antihistamine before it progresses.

We also found out if we eat half boil egg, we must also go wash our hands and mouth after that becos he will turn red when he hugs/clo

Comes Into close contact with us. Suspect as transmembrane contact. Where egg particles is inhaled through nostrils/eye membrane? He will flare up.

As for reactions to dairy, one example is when my parents were having cafe latte at Starbucks. My dad spilled his drink. We didn't notice that it latte splashed onto his socks, shoes and calves. Within minutes he was scratching his calves and I thought insect bite??

Had a closer look, he already developed a hive and the swelling was the shape of t

The coffee splash marks!!! A raised ring around his calves.

Quickly took out his socks and shoes and wash his feet down.

Yup I'm very lucky to have a my boy as it makes me constantly on the look out for allergenic food.

Even if we hang out in cafe, is the tables are not wipe properly and he touches them when we can't see any visible particles, he will flare!

Nowadays it's not so bad. His flare is pretty localized and goes away by itself in 1-2hours if it's just residual contact.

As for peanut exposure, I don't wanna know, don't wanna find out what happens!!!

We have been quite strict about serving him peanut free meals and when we go out and eat we don't order anything we know that will have peanuts in eat.

But having said that, I'm lucky that he's not that type that flares just by cracking open a peanut shell. So thankful for that.

As of last year November, we know that his igE level for egg is very very high, followed by dairy. As for peanut it's in the moderate

Moderate level.

Hence my approach to eating the paleo way. Finally found a satisfying way of eating whilst eliminating those allergenic components.

Because I'm still breast feeding (he allergic to dairy ma) I must also follow dairy exclusion diet. So far the exclusions are, but not limited to:
-fresh milk
-all drinks with milk eg: cafe latte, cafe macchiato, hot chocolate, milk shakes etc
-ice cream!!!!
-non dairy creamer (if u read the ingredients of most creamer it has whey

& casein which is milk products lo
-milo (second ingredient it skim milk powder)
– basically a lot of creamy drinks la

I've discovered that a lot of drinks has milk products in it. So only black coffee it is.

Substitution of milk is plenty. Examples of milk substitutes are:
-soy milk
-almond milk (love the brand silk)
-quinoa milk
-rice milk
-oats milk
-hazelnut milk

But another issue crop out when I milk substitute. Another day la I explain.

Ok back to work!

Hello to all my overnight followers.

Nice and comforting like overnight oats!

Ahahhaha. Laborer at work!


He is actually quite tall for this walker already, but he just discovered the joy of "mowing" the floor quite recently.

Pushing it around and going "zroom"

Quite value also la bcos we got at sgd39 on sale and has been using if for more than a year.

I seldom dayre about what Isaac eats because it's boring.
Oats with banana. The oats is made with water only.

White rice with pan fried chicken breast seasoned with mixed herbs + mix veg/carrot/pumpkin/broccoli/corn

Alternative is replace rice with gluten-free, egg-free, soy etc free pasta. He loves the organon brand pasta which can be found in fairprice.

Similar to lunch.

But he's snack time around 9+am and after he wakes up about 2.30pm:
Gluten, egg, dairy,

Soy etc free. Also organon brand. He likes the vanilla and chocolate flavored biscuits.

Hates the Berrie flavored ones. I think quite sour la.

He also like fish and prawn crackers.

Most times his snacks are usually fruits. Favs are grapes, orange, apple, dragonfruit.

But always there is mood and cycle. Some period will reject certain fruits. Then few months down the road will accept the certain fruit again and eat like no tomorrow.

Kids and their weird taste buds

Recently we are quite

Happy because we tested him on steam pau and he didn't flare and break out into a rash.

So can give him steam mantaos!! Those plain type. I'm afraid to give those with fillings bcos not sure what's the ingredient inside.

So hungry after pumping. Having an apple now. Surprisingly quite sweet and crunchy.

It's the only fruit left in the pantry so beggars can't be choosers. I don't usually take apple because I don't like to bite into those powdery mushy type. Yucks.

But this…this I like! Sweet n crunchy!!!!


Lamb chop and mix greens with cherry tomatoes.

I usually don't have dressing with my salad.

Somehow at work, changing my mindset from going through the motions to completing my task the best I can makes me feel happier.

I'm glad I changed my mindset.

Finally saw them after stalking for more than 30mins. Don't know where they were hiding previously.


Early dinner time for Isaac! He looks like village boy here wearing his orange singlet. Haha

Bus departed 5.30pm from GWC

Juicy ribs anyone???

Dry rub the ribs last night in cocoa chilli rub and asked my maid to roast it at 140 degrees for 3 hours.

Came back and made the barbecue sauce (paleo approved style) from scratch.

I just randomly mixed honey, tomato purée, smoked paprika, onion powder, Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar. Tasted BBQ-ie enough. Think the smoked paprika helped bring out the BBQ taste.

Can't wait to tuck in 😋😋😋

Sides of onion rings and French fries. Hehe. Don't care if they're not

Paleo approved. Everything else is gluten, grain, soy free!

The whole meal today!! My maid made extra carrot soup. Haha I think she likes using my bone broth.

@serhonp good ah? I counted 8 ribs on your plate!!!

Wanted to show the ao dai I bought from Ho Chi Minh city the other day. Quite a simple white one with silver embroidery. It comes in a set with white satin pants.

Took this pic from google images!! See so nice their costumes. Compared to this mine is pretty simple. 😝

Hrmmm have I mentioned that Isaac has been hospitalized twice due to anaphylaxis??

#eggallergy #dairyallergy #peanutallergy

Thank god he has outgrown #soyallergy #chickenallergy

I'm going to consciously talk more on Isaacs allergen free food intake and my own gluten free lifestyle.

If any of you are interested in how I eat and maintain this #paleo lifestyle, feel free to ask me!!

I've previously did a sugar detox meal plan and then an autoimmune conditions plan. Then back to a sugar detox plan.

Currently now is just a general paleo plan where I consciously don't eat processed food which are dairy and gluten free.

The sugar detox basically cuts out all hidden sugar in processed food and certain carbs and fruits.

The autoimmune plan cuts out eggs, dairy, nuts, grain

And all allergy causing food. Nightshades are out too.

Ok my verbal diarrhea ends now. Time to sleep! Good night.

Back to the daily grind. Breakfast of eggs and bacon

Bus came at 7.52am. ✌️


Mid morning pump now and what else to do but check CCTV!!

Haha fruit monster stole some raisins from the fridge!!


Happily walking away with his loot!

And dancing happily in the living room holding his raisins.

Hahha yes my boy, we know you love fruits.

Lunch today is leftover ribeye beef steak made into a salad and butternutsquash soup!

Bus left at 5.27pm from GWC.

I do realize I have not been dayreing my thoughts and feelings.

That's because I'm so busy!!

And busy is a good thing. Then I won't have emo thoughts to broadcast.

So win-win!!

And yes. Sorry for the boring updates. But #stalkermomseries will continue for my #isaacgrows documentation!!

Dinner tonight is pan seared lamb chops lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, dill and rosemary.

On a bed of mixed salad greens with cherry tomatoes and persimmons.

I just love @jolenessence dayre updates.

Remind me to not live life aimlessly. Wasting precious minutes away.

I've got a rough goal in life now. The clouds in my head are slowly forming into a more solid shape. But it's still not there yet.

When I'm done pumping hopefully by end of this year, I'm going to wear more awesome clothes!!!

I'm not too sure what's going on, but I tot that Isaac seem abit more chunky when I got back from Ho Chi Minh city.

But I weighed him just now. Still 11.9kg.

Boy, why you no fat!!!!! 😤😤😤

It's a hot afternoon to spend time with the family at the gardens by the bay children's park.

Wooooh soooo hot. And I don't think the son is gonna be done anytime soon

Quite a fun park. And best of all it's free!

It's actually a small space but it's good enough.

Spot @serhonp keep watch on Isaac

Happy Father's Day @serhonp! Hope you had a good time today

Woke up at 11am today. So tired. I got back to Singapore nearly 12am last night.

Decided I wanted steak hardly ate meat the whole week in ho chi min city.

Seared grass fed rib eye steak with home made sauerkraut and butternut squash soup!

Filling and satisfying.

Now having dinner!! Sushi!!!!

Dinner! Beef again. Haha.

Went tuxedo shopping for the boy. His a page boy for his uncle!!

My bro getting married in late August/early September so gotta look good.

Plus it's great Singapore sale now! 😍👍

Bought a white shirt too. The dark shirt inside is his current shirt. Lazy to take out n try the white looking tux shirt. Ok la overall quite happy with it.

Braised chicken with lemongrass

Water spinach and purple potato soup.

Caramel flan.

One last coconut juice and last Vietnamese coffee before I leave!!

Aiyo last coconut!!! Y do u have to taste so sweet!!! 😭😭

Had to skip the last meeting session to catch the last flight.

Need to pump now and then check out.

And package up my precious milk!

Aiyo so naughty stepping on grandma @maryannsee !!!!


Go left go right. Then sumore can say "jump". Terrible.

Good morning. Totally cracked when I saw waffles! Couldn't resist.

Paleo fail. Hopefully I don't suffer the consequences of eating non-gluten stuff later.

Top it off with coconut juice and the Vietnamese drip coffee.

I'm totally in love with the coffee. Even without milk and sugar, the coffee has it's own sweet caramel smell. It's so good!!

Today's plan after the meeting is:
-go to the notre dame cathedral
-Saigon central post office
– the opera house
– Saigon river
– another spa nearby for massage
– an authentic Vietnamese restaurant nearby which is waitressed by street kids but with good food review.

Hopefully weather holds up so we can do touristy thingy!!!

Early morning called on FaceTime and he finally broke down and cried. Full on with snort coming out from his nose and calling "mummy, mummy, mummy" over FaceTime. Also reaching out to the phone trying to touch me. Poor thing.

He must be really missing me bcos previously refused to look at me on the phone.


Deep fried spring roll and lotus root salad

Stuffed tofu with mince pork

Braised pork ribs for mains

Trying to eat as paleo as possible.

Vietnamese coffee is the bomb and having fresh coconut for breakfast 2 days in a row now. Had a total of 3 fresh coconut yesterday!

Went for a 90 minute massage. For VND 420,000 I think it's a steal. Included is hot stone massage too.


Stalked him this afternoon and he was doing push-ups. So cute la!

Today Isaac is 23months and 1 week!!!

Husband @serhonp sent me a video of him reciting his alphabet book. Can read out 99% of the words in the book already!

For dinner I had rice vermicelli with pork sausage type thingy. Quite nice.

My mom @maryansee sent me a video of him running away from her.

Senior citizen chasing after small boy. Penat oh!!

Wahh no time to dayre today. Back to back meeting from 8-5!!!


For dinner we went to this sky bar in the city center. Some atas open air place

The atas menu. We had 250gm rib eye steak. Yummy. Couldn't have the appetizer and desert cos it's dairy.

The soup! I wallop the scallops that was in it. N that's it. Forgot to take pic of the rest of the meal bcos I sat directly infront of our APAC Head of supply chain. She's also the organizing chair of this event.

Made some interesting small talk.

Snacking on my beef jerky bought at ban tenh market

Good morning. I'm now in the airport and in the boarding area!

Breakfast was blueberry waffles again with fresh fruits and a cup of coffee.

Bought a few books to read in the lounge. Read halfway through the black book already. I must say it's very informative and back to basic book

Book is good when the inside cover is royal blue!!

Arrived at hotel. Very nice place. I'm sharing with a colleague. So she has to bare with my pumping session.

Whilst pumping we #stalkermomseries time!

It's currently 12.49 pm in Ho Chi Minh city and about 1.49pm back in Singapore.

Isaac having snacks! I think woke up from nap already.

Will be going to the market later!

Buy coffee and lotus root snack first.

Going to Ben thanh market now!!! Gonna buy local coffee and the filter and lotus roots.

Wah back into the hotel room now.

Bought :
1kg of coffee for SGD29
1kg of lotus root for sgd21
100gm beef jerky Vietnam dong55,000
1 au dai/Vietnamese traditional dress for vietnam dong 320,000.

Pretty nifty. Later take pic show u haul.

Now pump first.

#stalkermomseries Isaac is having dinner. Tried to FaceTime home but @maryannsee never answer iPad.

Had a snack at the market of pancake. Which is actually an omelette with prawn, beef and bean sprouts.

Eaten with the mint and basil leaves wrapped with local lettuce.

Then dip the whole thing in fish sauce! Very nice leh.

Cost me VND 20,000 for there coconut and VND60,000 for the omelette pancake in the market.

Wah just realise I never update today.

Morning went to baliester road to have bak chor mee. The best so far for me. It's to my taste. Love the soup of this stall. It's in the corner shop of ah hood road.

Then went grocery shopping at Zhongshan park mall.

Came back was still hungry becos liver, sliced pork and pork balls just ain't gonna cut it for big eater like me.

Made my own paleo blueberry waffles. No picture la bcos they look the same.

And dinner we had Thai food at the most

Dodgiest place ever.

At ORCHARD TOWERS!! So scary. Brought Isaac and my mom along too.

Seriously husbands @serhonp really cannot be trusted one.

On hindsight the tom yam soup was good la. But other things nothing to shout about. And not that cheap. Sgd61 for 3 of us.

At a freaking prostitute joint!! Come on!!!

Back to something light.

Isaac wearing board shorts that his uncle gave to him from Aussie.

Tight already though. Cos it's size 00. I think for 6 months old baby one.

FYI Isaac is 23 months although on small side. Haha.

Tomorrow I'll be going to ho chi Minh city for a regional meeting.

Pack all my pump and pump parts, milk storage bags and 4 bottles. Should be enough la.

Bringing 2 pump for backup just in case. Haha.

Clothes are like erm 5 outfit. Enough la hor.

Not going to do much shopping there.

It will be my first time away from Isaac.

Good luck @serhonp and my mom @maryannsee !!

Will be gone for 5 days. Actually 4 nights only la. Haha. Not that long.

Morning breakfast today is green apples with macadamia nut butter

Sounds promising. Hormone and antibiotic free burgers free of nitrate etc

For 2 burgers and 1 side of fries cost us sgd38. So not worth it

It was good. But not cost effective

Watch maleficient and I loved it.

Kiss of a true love indeed.

Isaac is turning 3 next year and he is not signed up for any nursery or kindergarten.

Should I be worried?

Dinner tonight. Some Asian style scallop. Basically sear scallops with coconut amino and orange juice

And some butternut squash soup

Breakfast time!!!!!

Turkey meatballs and butterhead lettuce

Isaac went cray crazy again last night.

Woke up 12.30 bcos his pajamas was wet. The clothe diapers had burst it's dam.

So took him out bcos he insisted on going out, changed him, talk to him a little bit. But he refuse to sleep.

After much tossing and turning I think we both slept nearly to 3am!!

Totally like this now. But not as bad as Wednesday when it was first day of menses.

At least my eyes can open and not puffy until cannot open

Wohoo boarded the 8.35am bus

Little gangster going about town in his bike.


And then mowing the "lawn" hahah. He looks so gangster with the sleeveless top

Then he's telling the maid he wants some snacks. Cereal puff. He goes puff puff.

In the morning he actually ate 1 and the half of my turkey meatballs. He likes them poultry.

Lunch!! All meat everyday. And all leftovers.

Turkey meatballs and roast chicken leg.

And it's stupid easy to make.


Worshiping the fan ah Isaac?

Yup he's definitely gone cray cray!!! Biting the edge of the table now.

He must be really really bored at home

Japanese dinner tonight. The only rice I eat. No soy sauce for me!

Met up with my cousins tonight and aunt and uncle.

Then met up with an old high school friend who is a common friend with my cousin.

I had the Sakura Sakura tea! Nice soothing tea.

Very tired now but can't sleep

What's better than blueberry waffles in the morning?? 3 blueberry waffles!!! Hahaha.

Seriously loving this paleo waffles. Used 100% macadamia nut abit dense. The portion of 50% pecan better.


I'm just happy can eat waffles again la. With loads of organic maple syrup from the sap of maple tree!! None of those beavers butt flavoring.

Ya go google it. Fake maple syrup made from secretion of beavers butt anal glands. Yuck

I boarded the bus at 8.38am. Wohoo. 1 hr later than usual. Yes going home later by an hr too.

Good thing dinner is just plain lamb chop

My hillbilly boy looking for fruits again. Haha.


Now doing some manual labour around the house. Pushing the stools

Hehe. Snack time at work.

My roast chicken and stir fry bell peppers for lunch.

Eh little boy woke up midway in nap. Must be the sound of thunder. He look so "baby" here.


Ok now I see the maid trying to put him back to sleep.

I'm thankful that she's ok with my son and I do hear her laugh at his antics etc.

Other than that ….. No comment. 🙊🙊

Wah he is really taking in the details of the book.

Engrossed in "reading" on the kitchen floor no less.

#stalkermomseries in the evening.

Dinner tonight lamb chops on a bed of zucchini beef noodles. Yummeh

This was yesterday's dinner. Baked turkey meatball on a bed of stir fried bell peppers and onion.

Forgot to post it cos I cos I fell asleep whilst putting Isaac to sleep. N woke up at 7am this am!

That did a whole lot of good for me!

Blueberry waffles for breakfast anyone???

Bus arrived at 8.07am this morning. And it's gonna pour real bad. I could hear the thunder rumbling even before I got out of the house

Don't mind me mom, just pottering around, minding my own business.


Trying to be intellectual and reading some book now

Yesterday roasted chicken leg and butterhead lettuce for lunch today.

Today Isaac is #23months old! 😱😱😱 means I've been breast feeding for that long (not intending to stop) and he will be #2years next month!!

Open the CCTV and saw him dancing again.


How does the mummy at work not miss their children??

I miss him a lot. Couple times aday. And when I'm pumping I sure open the CCTV to check on him.

Especially now when they are that age when they are beginning to talk and telling you about their day. Haha.

Mostly mumbles and with some inflection here and there trying to dramatize the story.

Wah eating dinner like a big boy! Not sitting in high chair! What is this. 😡

Breakfast is assortment of fresh berries and some coconut milk.

A nice change from all the protein hehe

Wah today 8.02am the bus came. Champion.


First I see him terrorizing the house with his scooter

Then open the fridge door looking for fruits.

Maids offer him cut strawberries, he wants dried apricots. *atas taste*

Relented, and he accepted the strawberries.

Then I see them having a mini picnic on the living room floor. Haha

Isaac told her maid to sit down with him. Pat pat the floor next to him all.

Funny boy

Bought salad with 3 toppings from cold storage for lunch.

This week will not have enough leftovers from dinner to pack for lunch. So eating as clean as I can from outside food.

Will probably be a lot of salad.

Of course topped it up with sushi la 😋😋😋😋

Salad is not enough for big eater like me. But in the end only manage half of the sushi.

Keep for tea time later!!

Modest dinner. Cos saving space for durian later hehe

Roast chicken with Indian spice. Rub spice blend on chicken n roast for 30-45mins till done!

Side of my home made sauerkraut.

Ate 6-7 pcs of durian at one go. Boobies, please explode tonight. Haha

Good morning! Got on the 8.27am bus. Meant to go and come back abit later today

Today I'm going to write on the total opposite of what I'm feeling.

The sun is shining bright this morning, so get up and smile and get to work!!

Love is work. 😊

Omgosh!!! Isaac is too cute today.

He was preparing to get on his scooter, he waved bye bye to the maid and said "park". Hahah

I think he was telling her he is gonna scoot off and going to the park now so bye bye and wave.


Too cute. My brain explodes.

Haha now I see him dancing to a "pink" song on the radio.

Yup, definitely sending him to music school.

Have an awesome post lunch snack everybody!

Cold storage having promo of buy 2 at sgd3. Who can say no to that.

Playing with his trunki again. Heard him playing on the xylophone. Random music sounds. Cling cling clang clang.

Played with the zoo Lego set. His fav animal he likes to pronounce now is giroom (giraffe). Haha no idea why it sounds like that.


Rush home today and cook dinner. Lucky very easy.

Just pan sear the salmon. Only marinated it with salt and Pepper.

Then julienned the cucumbers and toss with sesame oil, coconut Aminos, fish oil and pepper. Squeeze lime juice on both the finished salmon and cucumber noodles.

Tadaaa. All done!

So I whatsapp the husband at 5pm n told him after dinner we must go buy durian at baliester road. I insist.

And so we did!! Sgd30 worth of durian here.

Took a bus there and buy. Hardcore yo. Since I was having a fantastic day at work, this cheered me up to no end.

Hehe. Happy!

Oh the little hands trying to dig in is Isaac. Hahah. He kept saying durian, durian after we bought the durian and took a bus back.

Sniffed the durian and wanted to it eat badly. Gestured that he wants a bite. Like right now!

Faster give me!

MMmmm omnyomnyom


You either hate it or love it.

Breakfast today is cucumber noodle with leftover chicken and green chili salad.

The said green chili. I don't know what's it called. Sambal? Indonesian called it sambar la.

Guess where we are?

We went to USS today because our season pass is expiring.

Thought of renewing it but I think we won't go a lot la because.
1) expensive
2) both rides we took Isaac on, both also he cried in fear. N it's just the Madagascar crate adventure and king Julian's carousel.

So I don't see a point renewing it.

Maybe when he's 5 or so.

But I don't mind getting the adventure cove water park season pass. I know he enjoys water.

That's me and Isaac sitting on the curb infront of the transformers ride. Cos daddy wanted to sit the 3D ride again. It was good! I would sit it again too if Isaac don't mind and he's height is tall enough.

He got bored n started playing with this boy sitting next to us.

Then the boys mom started taking picture and omg this shameless Isaac started posing!!!

Here he is acting cute omfgzzz!!!

The mom came up to me and ask is he your son. And I'm like so embarrassed and said yes. "Oh see the pic I took. He's so cute u should send him for some ad agency." the mom added

Harh and I tot he so memalukan.

I guess he just love to work the camera.

Here he is with dad @serhonp more interested in the soggy platform of the spaghetti meatball ride at the Sesame Street area rather than the actual ride.

Should have just bring him to the playground la. He'd be much happier there.

Also it just rained so he was stepping and splashing on all the puddles.

And that's all the pic I took of them at USS. Haha. So lame right.

So lame. Look like I took the pics anywhere and anyhow one.

Fail in capturing moments. But @serhonp is guilty of that too.

Cried buckets just now reading "chicken soup for the working soul"

I barely made it to 5 stories I already used up 3 tissues.

This just reaffirms la I don't have passion In my work.

And lots of other stuff. No point talking about it. I know I still feel lost at this juncture in my life.

I want to find my passion and something I want to do.

Dear universe, show me what I'm meant to do and dear god, please let me do it with all my heart!!

And I know, what I want to do is to help people too.

I just don't know what yet.

On a lighter note, let's watch Isaac grooving with a family friend.

We do think he is musically inclined listening to beats n shaking along to music.

Definitely sending him to music and dance classes.