Breakfast is assortment of fresh berries and some coconut milk.

A nice change from all the protein hehe

Wah today 8.02am the bus came. Champion.


First I see him terrorizing the house with his scooter

Then open the fridge door looking for fruits.

Maids offer him cut strawberries, he wants dried apricots. *atas taste*

Relented, and he accepted the strawberries.

Then I see them having a mini picnic on the living room floor. Haha

Isaac told her maid to sit down with him. Pat pat the floor next to him all.

Funny boy

Bought salad with 3 toppings from cold storage for lunch.

This week will not have enough leftovers from dinner to pack for lunch. So eating as clean as I can from outside food.

Will probably be a lot of salad.

Of course topped it up with sushi la 😋😋😋😋

Salad is not enough for big eater like me. But in the end only manage half of the sushi.

Keep for tea time later!!

Modest dinner. Cos saving space for durian later hehe

Roast chicken with Indian spice. Rub spice blend on chicken n roast for 30-45mins till done!

Side of my home made sauerkraut.

Ate 6-7 pcs of durian at one go. Boobies, please explode tonight. Haha

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