Blueberry waffles for breakfast anyone???

Bus arrived at 8.07am this morning. And it's gonna pour real bad. I could hear the thunder rumbling even before I got out of the house

Don't mind me mom, just pottering around, minding my own business.


Trying to be intellectual and reading some book now

Yesterday roasted chicken leg and butterhead lettuce for lunch today.

Today Isaac is #23months old! 😱😱😱 means I've been breast feeding for that long (not intending to stop) and he will be #2years next month!!

Open the CCTV and saw him dancing again.


How does the mummy at work not miss their children??

I miss him a lot. Couple times aday. And when I'm pumping I sure open the CCTV to check on him.

Especially now when they are that age when they are beginning to talk and telling you about their day. Haha.

Mostly mumbles and with some inflection here and there trying to dramatize the story.

Wah eating dinner like a big boy! Not sitting in high chair! What is this. 😡

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