Good morning. Totally cracked when I saw waffles! Couldn't resist.

Paleo fail. Hopefully I don't suffer the consequences of eating non-gluten stuff later.

Top it off with coconut juice and the Vietnamese drip coffee.

I'm totally in love with the coffee. Even without milk and sugar, the coffee has it's own sweet caramel smell. It's so good!!

Today's plan after the meeting is:
-go to the notre dame cathedral
-Saigon central post office
– the opera house
– Saigon river
– another spa nearby for massage
– an authentic Vietnamese restaurant nearby which is waitressed by street kids but with good food review.

Hopefully weather holds up so we can do touristy thingy!!!

Early morning called on FaceTime and he finally broke down and cried. Full on with snort coming out from his nose and calling "mummy, mummy, mummy" over FaceTime. Also reaching out to the phone trying to touch me. Poor thing.

He must be really missing me bcos previously refused to look at me on the phone.


Deep fried spring roll and lotus root salad

Stuffed tofu with mince pork

Braised pork ribs for mains

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