Got on the 8.02am bus.

Not too bad. Arrived at work 8.15am. I did plan to go back later today so no issues. Have asked the maid to prepare turkey balls for dinner.

Brought breakfast to work as didn't feel like eating at home where Isaac wanted me to carry him.

Fresh blueberries, strawberries and cut apples.

Pumping now at 10am. Which also stalking time!


Wooo wearing his board shorts looking like a pseudo surfer. Then running around with his colour book going "wow wow" like he's never seen such an amazing book before. When in fact, every hour also look at it 😒😒😒

Hahahaah ending my pump session with a last peep at the CCTV and what do I see???

A little boy dancing quietly behind the maid when she's preparing his lunch.

Can't really tell from the photos but he is really grooving it. Went to turn on his music from the toys r us keyboard sumore.

We had a ribs party at work today!

Since I had 2 rack of ribs and I don't usually go out and eat lunch, I invited my colleagues to eat in with me. I brought the ribs and heat them up in the toaster oven and another colleague went down to cold storage to get a salad as our sides!

A portion of our lunch. Salad is baby spinach with olives and dried tomatoes. It's a good compliment to the cocoa chili ribs.


Should do more pantry parties at the office during lunch time.

So I ask them the million dollar question "would you pay for this if I were to sell it?"

They both said of course! Wohoo. I would take that as I sign the ribs were palatable.


It's my 4pm pump time and I see him throwing tantrum on the kitchen floor.

I think he's hungry asking the maid for food. Haha.

Finally the prince is being fed! Haha.

Also I'm very happy today I found 2 Singapore based person on Instagram following the paleo lifestyle.

One is a father who marathons and cooks his meals, another is an expat from America!

I've asked both of them where they get their produce from and gonna check them out soon!

So happy!

Bus departed GWC 5.49pm

Isaac having dinner with us.

It's his second piece of turkey meatballs!!!

Dinner of turkey meatball and simple salad with persimmons

Isaac is 23 months and 2 weeks today. 2 more weeks and he will be 2!

I know I said will dayre about his meals but I only manage to find out his breakfast and dinner time snack.
Breakfast: 4oz oats cooked with water and 3oz carrot soup and 1 banana.
His bananas are the philipine bananas bought from cold storage. He doesn't like those small ones. I do find the bigger ones are sweeter.

As for the carrot soup the ingredients are:
Abit of ginger fresh grated
3-4cups of bone broth

Sauté everything together till the carrots n onions r soft.

Then add the broth and abit of water depending on the thickness of the soup that u want. Salt and pepper to taste. Then blend everything in a blender. So it's like a creamy soup without cream or thickening agent. Works best for ppl with food limitations.

Dinner snacks:
2 big turkey meatballs!

Mince turkey, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning blend. Mix the mince meat and the spices n shape into balls. Line them on a baking tray and bake in oven for 20-30mins at 160 degrees till cook!!

Today quite light dinner la cos past few nights ate meaty meat meat.

But hor actually to me no difference! Cos the amount i eat is a lot and I eat till shiok and full. I think I had like 5-6 turkey meatballs and the balls are double to triple the size of ur normal fish/meatball sold outside.

N loadsssss of fresh vege eat till full also. I can't give u exact measurement cos I don't portion control. Ok la, it's roughly about 2 big cups of leaves for me?

Eat good quality food and don't worry about the calories.

My processed food intake has gone down a lot. I still have my dark chocolates. Cannot tahan must eat choco when menses is coming.

And eeer I want to work out but I can't find the time currently.

Previous job, during lunch I walk to the gym nearest to my office which is biopolis to fitness first at fusionopolis. I enjoyed my lunch time work outs but even since at the new work place I don't have a gym membership anymore and no time for gym. My lunch time is pumping time!

Ok continue tomorrow. Quite sleepy.

Feel free to ask me for more recipes and paleo lifestyle changes!!

Good night 😘😘😘😘

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