Breakfast today is fresh cut persimmons and apple.

Just missed the earliest bus by 20s. When I saw it, it was pulling out of the bus stop. 😁 can't even run to chase it in time. Oh well.

Next bus arrived at 7.50am! It's about 11-13minutes interval still for peak hour.

Ok confession. Yesterday I had some form of instant noodles for brunch.

Indomee with satay skewers from the Indonesian grilled stall in Kopitiam. It's called mee gado btw.

And now!!! I'm totally paying for it. I didn't even eat half the portion of the instant noodles and here I am. Lausaing!!!

Twice in 2 hours. Last night I couldn't sleep cos tummy bloated with sharp pain on n off. Plus nausea when I lay down.

Serves me right!!!


Isaac dancing to his music. Some of his toys r out of his age specs but I feel he keeps reinventing play with these toys. So it's good. Value.

Like this stand table activity station has become his dj-ing station. Haha.

#leftoverlunch today.

Avocado with a side of short ribs and squash. Yes I know you're probably bored of seeing the same food over and over again, but that's the beauty of eating and cooking the way I do. Loads of leftovers!! No need to cook every meal!


Woot manage to hop on the 5.16pm bus home!

Sushi & sashimi gozen for dinner. Minimal rice, no soy sauce. Wasabi, neat, on the side.

Slurp. #eatclean

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