Green apple and pear today for breakfast.


I guess today is "play in your pen" day.

Back to playing inside and fixing and destroying blocks. Fun day!

Didn't play in his pen for a few weeks now. I guess he rediscovered his blocks that was there all along.

Journey to the west Monkey God and his spear.


Hopped on the 5.15pm bus home.

Dinner tonight is mexi-meatloaf with creamy herb mash cauliflower.

Restarting the #21daysugardetox program again.

Tummy is back to being no good. 😱😔😔

Isaac had a very bad egg reaction just now after dinner!!!

Was making buffalo chicken egg muffin for breakfast tomorrow.

Then the maid just left the egg muffin out in the open. I kept telling her to quickly bake it and put it in the oven.

She kept saying "later later wait wait"

wtf don't wanna listen nvm but so carelessly put the muffin tray on the edge of the counter.

Isaac being a very curios toddler went n pull the tray to have a closer look.

His hands dipped into the egg batter

And all hell broke lose after.

His eyes were red, body was hot and red rashes everywhere.

Rash on his

Ears were hot

And he was progressively getting hotter and hotter.


Faster administer 5ml of Zyrtec via syringe.

Then he got so drowsy. So scared had to keep talking to him, try to get his attention and read him a pop up book and all.

Even ask him to jump jump n sing hockey pokey but he was having none of that.

I could see his eyes rolling abou

About and getting more drowsy.

For a very young child and infant, one of the anaphylaxis sign is sudden drowsiness. This maybe because less oxygen is reaching him and and blood pressure is crashing due to the reaction. Can result in fainting with cold and clammy feeling.

Ergh. Felt like back to the first time he went unconscious. He went floppy and grey like a wet rag doll.

Scary shit.

Lucky we know the signs n quickly give anti histamines.

All good now! He's asleep

Took about almost an hour for the reaction and all rash to clear and him back to being active and cheeky.

I'll take cheeky and naughty anytime!!!!!!

No more drowsy and floppy kid!!

I really hope he outgrows this egg allergy real soon.

Mummy don't want you to experience anymore severe reaction.

And to think we were good bcos no reaction in a few months already. Sigh.

Keeping us parents on our toes.

Another option is to keep the house egg free. But then we will be depriving everybody of a good source of protein.

Drastic measures may be considered if it happens one too many times from now on.

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