Good morning! Looked like it was going to rain so I quickly left the house before it pours!!!

Good thing about weather before it pours is the breezy winds! Rushed to the bus stop before droplets fell. Didn't feel as stuffy bcos the air was abit more crispy and cool than usual.

Bus arrived at 7.33am. Back to usual timing for me.

Haven't gotten to eat breakfast yet cos was trying to beat the rain.


Boring day today. Nothing much happening. Eating his raisins off the floor. Usual thing going on.

Good thing is once the reaction is under control he is ok.

My after pumping snack. The office had a monthly breakfast today so took chicken wings and beehon. Top with an avocado slice I brought from home.

Ok hopefully not too tummy upset later


Mexi meatloaf, avocado and mash cauliflower.

Midafternoon snack of buffalo chicken egg muffin.

The inside view of the egg muffin

Yes, the same ones that gave Isaac a reaction.

Dinner tonight is lemon broiled salmon with baby spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Fresh and easy dinner.

Isaac is like erghhh freaking kpopstar.

I have no idea who thought him to pose like that. So hiau.

Today he is 23 months and 3 weeks.

Turning 2 soon!!!

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