Basel, Switzerland

I'm here in Basel. The cloud so pretty!!!

Hello little houses in the alp places.

This is in Zurich.

From the Zurich airport I need to take a 1.5hrs train to Basel town. Cos there's no direct flight there.

Lugged my suitcase n everything. Lucky quite easy to buy train tickets.

Once reach Basel town I just took a cab to the hotel la

Too tired after 13hr flight then 1.5hr train.

Taxi cost me chf17.90. Worth it la. Rather than walking

After I checked in n had a bath I'm so hungry went n look for food.

Walked into the restaurant directly next to the hotel. Expensive don't care la but the place doesn't look Michelin star type.

It's a basic Swiss restaurant.

So I ordered the most Swiss traditional food I read on the menu.

Potato rosti with grill meat like a thick slice of ham and a sunny side egg. Filling but I won't say it's out of this world type of food la.

Can get in marche back in Singapore haha

Took the public tram to see the town. This is near the river

I have a complementary public transport tickets that includes trams and bus around the Basel zone 10,11 and 12 and euro airport given by the hotel

So I made full use of it hop on and off town

Got artsy shot ah?

A glimpse of the Basel church called basler Munster.

Haha like mamee monster

I've no idea what this is. But it feels like a church or monestary

Took a step in and it was quiet and beautiful. Had a lot of painting on the walls! Very well preserved.

Oohh yes. Just foursquared it and it is a church!

I had a dinner date in a very historical place. But iPhone can't capture the beauty of it.

Ok google image for you. It really is nice.

The outside

Found an old picture of it.

Dinner!! I had sirloin with French fries. Presented very well.

Food was good!! And the price was reasonable considering the price I paid for lunch!!

Close up of the deliciousness. Even the vege very very tasty la!

No regrets. With my dinner meal

My date for tonight. I thought she look pretty good after all that traveling. Hehe.

Chocolate haul to distribute to family and friends. Top 3 is Kopi for @serhonp

Which one u want? U chose la.

And Isaacs clothes haul!!!

A fedora hat, high top shoes and funky belt for him!!!

Yup. When u're a mom you will sure shop for your kids one. All this from Zara kids from the sale pile.

Ok la. I also bought myself a Swarovski bracelet from the pic above. It was half price!! CHF49 only.

@ashleysmq you want my purple one instead? Hehe.

Husband sent me a picture of Isaac in a tiger bodysuit!!!

He looks so happy wearing it. Then 1 hr later apparently he shat and exploded all over the suit.

So much for wearing nice clothes for kids.

But still cute la

Ok!!! 10.00pm here. Going to sleep. Time difference is 6 hours behind Singapore.

Tomorrow is full day of meeting. Night night!

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