The maid vey brave ah. Sleeping even when my mil is there. Wtf


Burger patties and baby spinach salad.

Dinner tonight. Beef meatballs flavored with chorizo spice, stir fry asparagus and carrot soup.

Isaac today learned from his father @serhonp how to do "tulan" face. Haha.

His pronunciation of words are getting clearer and clearer now. Last clear word he said was "good night sweet dreams" like an adult.

Growing too fast!

Breakfast back to overnight noats with chia seeds, almond slices and blueberries.

Passed out last night at 8.30pm whilst putting Isaac to sleep. Stirred at 12am after @serhonp came in the room and realise she just came in to sleep after bidding for bus tickets haha.


Oh ah ma is here. Guess I won't be stalking much these few days. Heh πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Dinner today

Chicken finger, sautΓ©ed zucchini, and cauliflower rice.

Breakfast today is overnight n'oats with chia seed, blueberries and almond slices.

Forgot to dayre that on the last day in Phuket the main Thalang Rd where all the old town yummy food was closed.

So had to detour back to end of Dibuk Road at Lock Thien hawker center for lunch.

Had the noodles @serhonp had the day before. So good. Fried pork, shrimp, pork crackling and dumpling inside. Soup served on the side was like prawn mee soup.

Wasn't really full so bought "apam balik" which was next to the food court.

It's so crispy and very fragrant with coconut milk.

And so cheap! 7 pieces for 20 baht.

Can you see how thin and crispy it is? Every bite was delicious and only got a bit thicker in the middle, yet still had the crunch.

My hair this morning. Babyliss Big Hair is a good investment. The price is recovered after 3 blow outs in the salon.

I used it last night after shower, blow dry hair till almost dry, then curled hair using the curler.

Slept like usual, woke up, ran fingers through hair and it look like this!!

Didn't use any styling products at all. Just shampoo n conditioner as usual.


He's getting pretty good at fixing jigsaw puzzle. Faster now but still need loads of help.


Pork chops and simple salad.

Dinner tonight is beef satay with a side of roasted beets

Ok big hair really works! It looks like I just came out from a salon after a blow out. Of course curls not as tight I need to practice more but hair is neat, curled and shiny!!!

Pretty easy to use. Hair also quite bouncy.

Ok give it 9/10! Worth it.

Phuket day 4

Were back home in Singapore currently!

Isaac missed his dinner and didn't eat well for lunch.

So I'm on night call tonight. He will confirm be on boobies all night diner! Sigh.

Spent the whole morning at the pool today.

My the sun is finally up the whole day. It was pretty hot too. All of us got a tan!

Bye bye nice view and splash pool.

Another view from our room

Last picture of us in the hotel room before checking out.

Note Isaac konged out on the bed after 2 hrs of pool time

My big hair arrived 2 days ago.

Will let you guys know if it really gives u big hair. Ahah I need to practice first.

@shalinho it says to have ur hair dried up to 80% with regular hair dryer then only use this curler.

Phuket Day 3

Yahoo!!! Today we have blue skies!!!

Get to head to the Sirai beach and pool

This is him and me in our splash pool of the room.

He was shivering away, yet refuse to come up for a hot bath! 😑😑

Treating my legs as his personal lounge chair.

The pool is 80cm deep and when I ask him if his feet can reach the floor he says "yes, can". Sheesh. Can't even touch the floor.

When he answers you, he sounds like an adult, but I don't think he really fully understands what he is saying.

Nvm la. Still cute.

Family #selfie #duckface time! Ok only father and son.

They look alike right?

Lunch was at this local food court selling hawker food. Yummy and cheap.

I ordered a plate of fried pigs offal. It's like lobak.

Pork satay!!! They called it "moo" satay. Sounds so cute.

And popiah. The skin is freshly made right before your eyes. It's nice with good mix of fillings with char siew and turnips inside.

This uncle was the just there at his seat making popiah skin!!

I've never seen popiah skin being made before. Pretty unique!

@serhonp had 2 bowls of different kind of noodles. Had a taste was not bad. Go to his dayre he wrote about it.

Overall the whole meal only cost 100bath. Cheapest and tastiest meal so far.

Isaac only drank coconut juice. He didn't want anything to eat

Next stop was at I 46 coffee.

A coffee shop with nice old baba NYonya atmosphere in Krabi road.

It's located in Phuket old town

Poor boy was getting pretty tired by then. It was his nap time but he didn't complain yet.

Then we head on to another coffee shop!! This time it's the same shop we had lunch on the first day.

I went back here for the coffee and mango sticky rice.

Isaac also hasn't had lunch. He was looking at the menu and pointing to the chicken saying "chicken rice" and "bihun"

Hah he look so cute saying and pointing the food from the menu. He must be very hungry cos keep insisting he wants the bihun!

This here is my first desert in Phuket!

And I'm so happy that it's yummy. The mango is sweet and juicy and the glutinous rice is warm and a little bit savory. It's coloured blue from the butterfly pea colouring.

Had it with a side of coconut ice cream.

Order this if you come to Phuket!

Us at the beach this morning. Isaacs first time sitting on the beach. He is actually very grossed out by the sand and the sea water coming in.

Trying to sit with him to introduce him to the sea. After 5 minutes he said let's go back to the chair. "Go there, go there" and pulled me back to the shade.

Pffttt!! He kept saying "gross, gross" and "eyerrr, yucky". Yea I thought him those Words whenever he touches dirty stuff. Now it's being said back to things he thinks are dirty! Haha

My dinner tonight is pork soup noodles. Very tasty and light clear soup full of fried pork fat and garlic taste.

N simple yet flavorful tomyam seafood soup with coconut milk.

Saw by the road side a lot of durian being sold! Cannot tahan ask @serhonp to buy!!

Guess how much this is?? 1 whole large fruit.

Only 180 baht!! Omg so cheap.

Verdict: nothing like mau shan wang or d24. It's very very light tasting.

Almost like chiffon cake. Looks huge but when u bite into it, it's all fluffy! Haha. No jelak after feeling.

Phuket Day 2

Good morning! Manage to get some char siew pau and white rice with chicken meat balls for Isaac for breakfast. Woot!

Aiyoo raining and Isaac can't go to the beach.

Putting on his arm float to go to the kiddy pool

Teaching him how to swim!

Don't be alarmed, because the lifeguard is here!!! Haha.

Lifeguard trunks from cotton on for about sgd5! So cheap!

Say hello to our 1 kg lunch. He was delicious and fresh!!

He costed about 1400bath. We finished him in 10 minutes. Hehe 😜😜

Here he was before being cooked to perfection!!

Don't mind Isaac posing his "acting cute" pose. He does that whenever a camera/phone is whipped out.

Our huge ass clams!! They were so meaty and juicy.

Half a kg garoupa who was swimming 30 minutes before this.

Fresh and bouncy.

We glad we came to this Banzaan Fresh market.

First you buy all the fresh food you want at the wet market downstairs.

After choosing your fresh seafood, head on upstairs to have it all cooked!

We had everything cooked for a fee of 450baht. Not too cheap! But if we don't get it cooked there, we will never get to eat it so fresh!

Weather here currently is horrendous.

I've not seen the sun since we arrived! Another 2 days to go.

I really hope the sun will come up then. At least I get to relax on the beach.

Dinner was at this awesome place called Raya restaurant. It's a heavily influence baba nonya place at the new dibuk road.

Seafood noodles Phuket style. It was good but not my cup of tea.

Husband @serhonp enjoyed this very much. It had crispy fried squid and a couple of large prawns.

Deep fried fish with tamarind sauce.

It's nice but not worth the 500 baht. I was expecting a whole fish. Turns out it's only a cross section sliced of a fish.

Not value for money at all!

Chicken in creamy Thai curry sauce.

I love this. The Thai curry is thick and tasty. So far the best curry since I came in Phuket.

@serhonp is not too impressed because he says it's just chicken slices in Thai curry πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Not bad la for 200baht

Highlight of all the dishes is this stew pork nonya style. Peppercorns and garlic with black sauce really permeate the steam pork belly.

It's a bit sweet and I think they do put in rock sugar to make it glossy n tasty.

Initially ordered this for Isaac but we ate most of it. Hehe.

The meat was really smooth n soft too. Yummeh!!

So far I have not eaten any Thai dessert at all.

Well ok except for some shave ice with mango and Pamelo that kinda suck on our first meal. I don't consider that as dessert la.

Tomorrow will order all dessert!!

Phuket Day 1

Early morning start today.

Zucchini and carrot pancakes with bolognese sauce.

We are waiting for our plane now.

Wohoo family holidays.

My old school cuppa!

Bye people. We are going Phuket now.

Xoxo 😘😘

He must be very hungry. Keep asking for pau once we landed and otw to the hotel

Our atas dinner tonight.

On the left is tuna tartare isaan style. Raw tuna with vinegareate

Right is apple salad with crayfish cigar. Thai fish sauce on apple. The fried stuff taste like deep fried egg batter. No taste of fish. So not too sure. Yummy none the less

Our main dish is beef green curry on the left and pad Thai with deep fried soft shell crab.

The pad Thai was different. Good but I had better.

Manage to order for Isaac white jasmine rice with grilled chicken skewers.

Kept asking the waiter what the chicken is made off. He insisted that there is no peanuts n egg.

So far so good. It's been almost an hour after eating the chicken for Isaac.

Had a taste of it. It's like soy sauce with a little bit of plum sauce. Yeay. Success for tonight.

Really interesting how they coloured the coconut juice. It's with butterfly pea. I was thinking what is that??

I think it's the natural colouring from the flower. I think it's same as those used for nonya Kuih.

We have full time 3G connection now!

@serhonp managed to buy a SIM card with unlimited internet access for 7 days. It costs only 300 bath!!

So I'm tethering with personal hotspot form him. Yahoo!! 24/7 Instagram and dayre all the way.

Oh I didn't post pic of the beach or pool because it's currently raining here in Phuket. Weather forecast for these few days is thunderstorms!!

Boohoo!! 😞😞😞

Tomorrow will show u the view from our room if it's sunny!

Ooh our picture of lunch. We ended up in a baba NYonya shop that also serves Thai food.

Pad Thai, roasted duck curry and tom yam gung.

Ordered for Isaac rice and braised pork belly in black sauce. He ate it up! Yeay to no reaction.

Here's the sign board of this place. It's at 18 Talang road.

Our room!!! See through bathroom haha.

Good size room. Didn't capture the whole layout. This is about half of it only.

Tomorrow I'll take the splash pool!

Today's breakfast is eggs on ham and some lettuce.

Arrived work before 8am. It's been a while!

At work and @serhonp sent me a picture of Isaac having a flare. Said I kissed him on the cheeks after eating egg. He said don't worry he has applied cream.

Then I realized that I kissed him on the left cheeks. N there's no flare on the left.

So it's definitely not me giving Isaac the flare! Must be something else egg he touched. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


Today is quality time with daddy @serhonp

Playing Lego cars.

Apparently daddy tried letting Isaac watch sleeping beauty Disney carton version and he cried begging to stop.

Chicken boy.

#leftoverlunch today is Bolognese sauce, grilled cinnamon pork chops sliced and butterhead lettuce


Woi @serhonp I tot u r suppose to be spending quality time with your son. Apa ini? Hehe.

Must be tired from eating bakchormee.

Today's dinner is bacon beef burger with lettuce and carrot pancake as buns.

Demolition in progress. See the bacon bits, guacamole and onions.

Yummeh in my belleh.

We usually cook enough for 4 ppl. But there is only 2 of us eating it, maid doesn't really eat our food.

So plenty of leftovers!!!! Ommnyommnyom.


Open the CCTV n I see him quietly playing with his Lego blocks.

Split second later..

Running like a banshee, loudly saying he's "hungry, hungry"

Ran back n forth to kitchen and living room.

Well at least he wants to eat.

Chicken wings for dinner

2 eggs, bacon and spinach.

Last night Isaac slept quite late. Was very talkative. He kept saying "cross road" "go there, go there" "car coming" "hold hands". Put on loop. Repeat 100xxx gazillion times.

No idea what got into him. Kept repeating that he saw goldfish, angelfish, red fish etc. Which he didn't.

Then sat upright in the dark room and play peekaboo with me and had a giggling fit. No idea y so hyper.

@serhonp said because he had a sip of my green tea. Haha maybe.


Isaac "relaxing" on the floor with his legs up.

Like a farmer haha. 😜

Part of my portion of #leftoverlunch

Double pork tenderloin on spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner tonight.

Cinnamon grilled pork chop and roasted Brussels sprouts and red cabbage.

Brunch today. Leftover lamb roast and half an avocado!

Isaac is flaring again.

Guess the milo experiment failed. He is scratching a lot more at his ankles. All starting to bleed.

Gerh!!! All other dairy testing is put on hold hence forth!

I think he has a dairy threshold. Maybe milo for 4 days straight is too much for his body. Once a week he can deal. But not big amounts.

Ok, mummy has to be mindful now.

Red knees, red ankles & constantly scratching.

Ahhh..that's life.

My tea time date!!!

Daddy @serhonp is still in the hospital. Recruiting new colleagues and future specialist into his department.

Go and wow them all. Haha


Dinner tonight.

Sharkfin melon pasta and bolognese sauce #glutenfree #eggfree #grainfree

Felt hungry just now. Made some snack.

Mash avocado and sweet potato chips.

Breakfast mix of white fish, beef & broccoli and avocado. Leftovers FTW!

I have a confession to make.

For the last 4 days I have been drinking milo.

Milo, you say, what's so special about it. Well, I've mentioned before that previously just half a cup of milo or less, Isaac will have an allergic reaction if I drank milo and he breast feeds from me.

So since this Monday I drank a full big mug of milo.

Monday evening came back. He breast fed as usual to sleep.

Tuesday morning woke up. NO FLARE ON FACE! Happy, but mummy kept quiet about it.

Tuesday, drank another big mug of milo at work.

Came home in the evening. Isaac also breast fed to sleep. All night long.

Wednesday woke up, checks his face. No flare!! Run my fingers on his body. A little rough, but nothing out of the ordinary. His skin is on his body and arms and legs are always very dry and if there are flares it will be papery feel to it with red bumps.

I thought I have took my chances too much so I DID NOT drink milo on Wednesday.

Finally told @serhonp what I was up to drinking milo (god forbid). I asked him …

"Do you think Isaac face is flaring? Got red red ah?" Of course he said no. Then I confessed I've been drinking milo since Monday.

And Thursday. And today. Friday morning. Hehe.

Actually, in Switzerland I've been eating milk chocolates like mad. I felt guilty bcos knowing once I come back and breat feed him he will sure flare and break out.

But he did not!!!

I did stop eating milk chocolate after that. But not in big amounts like in Switzerland.

Anyway, will monitor the situation.

Next challenge is to test by:
1. Eating a thumb size of cheese.
2. Half cup of Greek yogurt.
3. A cup of cappuccino.

Let's see if he pass the test one by one.

Having said that, I will never give milk/dairy directly to him. Only through my breast milk where the proteins have broken down and then passed though.

I hope he pass the test!!!

Then mummy can finally enjoy all her lattes and frapuccino and cappuccino. And pizza and ice creams!!


Excited ah!!!!



Phew!!! Isaac is in a good mood today. Pushing his "lawn mower" around. Wearing his favorite bat man shirt.

No screaming, but I did hear him ask the maid to "see uncle" over the balcony. Uncle is the security man at the opposite condo near our place.

Where the train goes, that's where he will follow.

Connected the carriage and switched on the train all by himself. "Proud mummy"

He is wearing long pants now at home because he is currently on intensive moisturizing treatment. Every 3-4 hours whole body will be slathered with mixture of physiogel cream and qv cream

On the last pead visit, the pead recommended to intensify his lotion regimen.

Give you an idea of how intensive his moisturizing regimen is.

1 tube of physiogel cream 150gm last about 2 weeks top!

Now his pead wants us to use up 1 tube of 150gm physiogel cream in a week PLUS qv cream to "fill up" the other spots.

We used it for his whole body including face.

His most problematic areas are:
1) feet and ankle
2) calves and knees
3) wrist and elbows

Ironically his butt is the smoothest surface of all!!

Touch wood, but he's never had nappy rash.


My Greek lunch today. Greek meatballs and salad.

Oh dear. I have no idea why I went and bought the baby liss big hair dryer. Dafuq!! Not too exp at sgd70.50. But I wasn't even looking for it. Die me.

This!!! Y did I buy it?? Don't worry @serhonp I used my own money!!

Nevermind. Then I will have big hair like rosmah. Haha

Dinner today is ginger chilli chicken with cold sesame cucumber noodles.

Feel the heat from the chilli flakes!

Cool it down with a blueberry, banana, avocado and coconut milk smoothie.

It's also our post power walk recovery drink.


Cons of having a Domestic Helper

Breakfast is leftover beef & broccoli.



Open up the CCTV and I hear Isaac crying and screaming. The maid was being very unkind to him!! 😑😑

Then I saw her kicking his choochoo train away because it was in her way!! What is this!!

Then I see him patiently waiting for her to give him attention.

My poor boy. How ah??

He got bored waiting for attention and played his Choo choo train quietly.

I feel so sad for him. I know at this age they're developing social skills and trying to be engaging and language skills.

And I'm not there to teach him, nor is he in any classes with structured learning.

He's just at home, with the maid doing her own things talking on the phone with her bf etc etc. Her words are very rude too and I'm just afraid Isaac way of speaking will be like that.

I don't know bout the rest of residents in Singapore this morning, but I totally got wet!!!

Underestimate the rain as I walked out my door to the bus stop. Within 2 minutes I was drenched. My skirt was soak through and there was a swimming pool in my shoes!!

My work shirt sleeves was totally wet.

I spent 20 minutes in the toilet this morning at work partially naked because I took my skirt out and blow dry it in the hand dryer. Hahah. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Did the same for my shirt.

Can you see the pooled water in my shoes? Luckily I wore the rubberized plastic shoes. If not will have soggy feet whole day long!

My #leftoverlunch of lemon fish with almonds.

Actually I didn't want to post this up. But I want to record some worsening behavior.

Here she's talking on the phone with bf asking him to take her to gardens by the bay. Notice her hand twirling her hair. Of course the right hand holding the phone.

Immediately after she used the same hands playing with her hair to feed Isaac!!!!!!

I SMS her straight away!! Just to remind her that I'm watching. And I don't think I was rude. I told her to wash her hands after playing with her hair before feeding Isaac.

My SMS to her. Not rude right??

What do you guys think? Am I over reacting??

When the cat is sleeping, the rats come out to play.

It's 12.30, Isaacs nap time. And the maid is no where to be seen.

There's no initiative to keep tidy the house at this time. I bet you she's in her room chatting on the phone. Obviously no CCTV in the room for privacy reasons. But I might get another one to put in the hallway towards the room.

I totally agree that maids/helper/foreign domestic workers need their rest.

I never ask her to do chores ever after 8pm. She goes straight to her room after washing dinner dishes.

Wakes at 6am to prepare our breakfast.

I notice that she doesn't sweep and mop in the morning or put the clothes to wash. I did tell her to do that but obviously she doesn't listen to me and only do chores at her convenience.

Clothes basket are never empty. Always full with clothes cos she does laundry every

Other day.

Saving grace was the bedsheets are changed every week because it's the only thing I insisted when she first worked with me. This is bcos Isaac sleeps with us and with his skin eczema it's prudent to have clean sheets.

Anyway loads of issues with her and I tolerated because it seems Isaac was happy with her.

But not so sure nowadays with her being more unkind to him.

Zero tolerance to maid who doesn't treat your kid kindly.

He's so helpless how??

Advice parents out there???

Oh man. So sad. Open up CCTV and I hear him "reading" the book to himself.

😭😭 sorry mummy not there to read to you.

Inflecting a reading tone. Cute but sad at the same time.


Omg!!! I just realise he was eating grapes/fruits by himself.

The maid left the bowl with him and she went n did her thing (no idea what she's doing).

So in this pic he was coughing not sure because his choking or what so she came and tap tap his back to see whether he choke or not!!

@serhonp still want to tolerate??

Aiyo I just cried seeing this.

It's not funny anymore.

The queen is treating my 2 yo like a labourer. Force him to push his own high chair to have his snack. Keep saying "bring it here bring ur chair here" quite sternly.

Left my teleconference half way to call @serhonp and cried.


I turned off the CCTV it's too much for me at work.
Now his usual feeding time. Routine is ok. She's doing it robotically. No engagement. Silence feeding him.

Thank you ladies for your concern @shalinho @anita @ffellie @jolenessence @jennylau

Have to deal with this sooner rather than later. I don't think I can wait 1 more year till he contract ends.

She's getting worse recently about a month ago. I think that's around the time she has a bf or something.

Today's dinner is chicken + pork Greek style meatballs with Greek tomatoes and cucumber salad


Omg a Malaysia airlines plane crashed in Ukraine!!

Breakfast today is half a roasted lemon chicken.



Trying to fix his jigsaw puzzle. Sitting next to his trusty choo-choo train set.

Before I left for work he bathed and got dressed. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse top and went "tickey mouse"

Hehe so cute.


Cauliflower rice and beef and broccoli stir fry.

Dinner tonight.

Lemon baked fish with almond slices. Side of sauerkraut.

Breakfast today is 2 eggs, one green apple sausage and avocado.

7.59am only the bus came. Rage!

#stalkermomseries opened CCTV to check on him during my morning pump session and I see him..
Lying on the floor whilst waiting for his lunch to be cooked. Crazy boy.

Got bored lying on the floor, went "exploring" the living room.

He looks really bored. Looked at himself in the mirror, do a little bit of step dance then ran back to kitchen.

Finally! Lunch is served. "Ngaum, chomp chomp"

I wonder what to do to keep him entertain at home. The maid certainly can't give him attention 24/7 all the time. She also needs to do some chores, cook for both of them, chill out play Facebook, chat on hand phone, lie down in her room etc. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Anyway the dad @serhonp bought 5 books yesterday at sgd1 in velocity. Maybe I should put all the books at the living room table for him to flip n read/play/eat with so won't be too bored.

We are still in the waiting list of the nursery nearby. In fact on waiting list for 2 schools.

In the meantime of waiting to be called to school, Isaac is super super bored man!!

FYI we book the places since he was 6 months in my tummy!!!

The down side of having a dragon baby. Gerh!!

Snacks at work. Those were from Basel. Traditional cookies and caramel.

I'm so hungry, the snacks tempting me to eat them all. But no, must resist. Every time half an hour after pumping feels so hungry one.

Nvm. Another half hour till lunch!!! Resist … Resist….!!

#leftoverlunch today.

Roasted lamb from Saturday with carrots.

The rest of the portion of the lamb. Which I finished also.

So hungry!!

Dangerous!! Went for a quick walk downstairs because lunch time not up yet, ended up spending $$$


Afternoon pump sessions see him asking for bak kwa for afternoon snacks.

Then ask for cherries.

Then ask for pau. Haha. Funny boy

He does eat a lot of variety of food but doesn't seem to grow much. 😞😞😞

Went out for a power walk with Isaac. Piggy back him with the ergo baby carrier.

Took a pic to show daddy, and straight away the poser went and pose.

After 1/2 hour took him off. He looked like he peed his pants cos of my back sweat!!

The horror!!! 😱😱😱

Dinner tonight!

Bacon wrapped loin.

Look at the piggies in blanket. They look so contented. Sleeping on a bed of spinach.

"Acting cute" says Isaac. And proceeds to pose.


How does he know how to say that he's acting cute??? And complete it with the appropriate pose???


Breakfast today is green apple sausage

Mince pork with chopped apples seasoned with Italian seasoning. Shapes into sausages and fry.

Done. Eat.

Boarded the bus as 8am!


Isaac playing with his #Lego duplo train set. I really like this train set. Battery operated so it goes around the track itself.

I even bought more extensions so the train can go more loops!

Considering getting the other train set then it will be mega awesome train rail design with elevation.

Mum more excited than the kid. Haha.

Most of the time I see this little boy dancing, jumping, shaking and lip syncing to music.

The radio at home is always on during day time.

I'm glad he knows how to entertain himself!!



Mustard glaze chicken and yesterday's salad + roast chicken.

Aiyo @serhonp your son so naughty!! Digging through the tools and playing with them. All the screwdrivers and hammer and small nails and batteries!!!

Die you!!


Maid then caught him and promptly scolded him. M

Then ran to fridge and fake cry. Then ask for lychee.

Oh god this boy ah. Fruit monster.

Ahhaha can you see Isaac pushing his high chair for snack time.

Working for his snacks!

Clearer picture.


Yeay!! Rewarded with lychee!!!

Dinner today.

Cauliflower rice and stir fry beef and broccoli

Wahh I'm in an aircon room and I'm sweating like mad after my night pump.

Doesn't help that today is cycle day 3 menses.

Hot hot hot!!!!

I even already took a quick shower when I came in the room. Still hot.

Good afternoon!

Brunch today is leftover lamb and avocado with cherry tomatoes dressed with balsamic + pepper.

Hope you are having a good Sunday brunch/lunch too.

Root beer and sweets for afternoon tea. Such bad combo.

Sugar + non-gluten stuff makes me cray-cray!!!!

But hanging out with my family, so it's worth it. ✌️

Isaac and me, selfie time!

Dinner is done.

Roasted chicken marinated with coconut oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest. Placed sliced lemon and spring onions and roast for 45 mins at 200 degrees.

Went for a walk and Isaac ask to go to the garden. "Round and round the garden" he says.

Discussing the meaning of life here with me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Portion of our dinner tonight.

Roasted lemon chicken.

A simple salad of butterheadlettuce, avocado and cherry tomatoes dressed with olive oil and pepper.

Breakfast smoothie of the day.

Blueberry banana coconut milk smoothie.


Poached eggs on smoked salmon for more substantial protein!


Allergens: eggs!!

@onlinedad I followed Jamie Oliver's advice and did the eggs after many many years or not having successful poached eggs.

They turn out alright!

Only one was perfect. The other was almost well done firm yolk!

Ok gonna dayre about Isaacs 2nd birthday cos erm we totally didn't celebrate it much.

Arrived home from Switzerland on the 4th July evening and isaacs birthday was almost over.

This is his dads attempt at wrapping his present. Not bad la.

Wooo what big gift I have from grandma @maryannsee hehe

After a 1.5 hr train ride and 13 hour flight, mummy made it back to sing birthday song with you Isaac!

Ok la. Dad @serhonp bought the cake. Which you couldn't eat. Cos it is not egg or dairy free.

Hehe you looked happy!!!!

Over excited mom is over excited. Cheering you on to tear open your present.

Next present from daddy!!! Batman #duplo #lego set.

Counting giraffe from @maryannsee grandma.

And mummy got you the Zara Fedora hat. I know you like it right???? Since you've been throwing it to the ground everytime I put it on you!

*terriblemom* never buy present for son. Never buy cake also.

I'll make it up to you when you're 4!!! (Yes you heard that right. 4 and not 3 years old haha)

I hope you enjoyed your birthday With the cake (that you couldn't eat) and the presents that you can play with!

You must know that you are loved. Cos guess who came down that weekend to celebrate you birthday with you??

Kong kong and fatty ah ku!! Picture here at brunch is kong kong and ah jia!

Kong kong brought you out walk walk with grandma.

Brought you to see tortoise and goldfish too (at the nearby petshop)

Happy belated 2nd birthday Isaac!!

My wish is that you grow up to be a considerate and compassionate boy who finds joy in everything you do!! Of course be healthy (we're getting there!) and happy all the time!!

We love you lots! 😘😘😘 (but ask us again when you are a teenager, we might change our mind)

You currently love fart jokes and armpit hair jokes!!! And laugh at our silly antics. Don't have to grow up and be super smart. Must have heart and care for others is more important.

Apparently you are a super poser now and this is your standard pose when ask you to smile for the camera. You are only 2, y like that?? Haha.

But it's okay!! We love your cheekiness anyway!!!!

Lots of love from mummy and daddy!! And grand ma and kong kong too.

Obviously you've stolen all our hearts.

Wait till your sis comes out (or brother) in a year or two. Better be more adorable to maintain that position!!

Thanks to @cikumuffin aunty who asked whether I dayred about your birthday. If not I wouldn't have bothered.

I'm such an enthu mum. You should be proud of me next time ah!!!!

Saturday dinner roast.

Boneless leg of lamb tonight with carrots n onions for veg.

Marinated with red wine, mustard, garlic, rosemary, peppercorn, olive oil.

Meat juice flowing out whilst slicing the lamb.

Went out for a walk and see what this daddy @serhonp doing. Busy texting and let Isaac play on the floor. Haha

Feeling poorly this morning.

Just woke up at 11am having first meal of the day.

Blueberry waffles with fresh blueberries.


Allergens: egg, tree nuts (cashew & pecan)

Coconut milk, coconut oil, maple syrup, baking soda & vanilla essence.

Dinner of mustard chicken thighs, steam broccoli and onion rings.


7.38am bus

Change up breakfast today.

Coconut milk smoothie.


Contains banana, vanilla essence, orange zest, and coconut milk + water.

I really like the pead allergist we saw yesterday. She was very friendly and approachable and most importantly relevant.

I like that she discussed theories on allergies and we talked about maternal migration patterns that may be link to allergies. She said mothers who have loved abroad might have introduced some changes which contributed to their kids having allergy.

She ask whether I've lived abroad and whether @serhonp
I'm the one that studied in Scotland for a while so she said it's a

Link. In her clinic experience most of the parents with kid who has allergies has spent some considerable time abroad whether studying or living.

And 10 years ago there were hardly and kid with food allergy. Now it just boomz!!!

She explained that Isaac allergy may not be grown out of so fast due to multiple factors like:
-multiple food allergy
-presentation of eczema from very early in life (3weeks old baby)

Those with a single food allergy, yes they will grow out of it when they're 2-3

Old but for his case it is highly possible only when he is 16years old!


So every 6-12 months we have got to do a skin prick test and blood test to measure his igE levels

If it's in a going down trend of more than 50% from the baseline in all areas means it's good news. Whether the size of the welts from skin prick or the igE levels have lowered so we need more constant monitoring.

Schooling is another issue. Public school will definitely have cross contamination cos kids love to

Share food and leave crumbs and trail of the food around.

Looks like we have to cook his food for school as school knowledge of allergy is very low.

So many issues which we have thought about but needed reinforcement again

Tackle it when the issue comes up!!

Work time!

Nausea, nausea, I love you.

Cannot take it. Going to see a doctor now. 😷😷😷

I'm actually sick. But I'm here now.

Bought the tickets already so making sure I get my money's worth. Eat at least 4 whole durians /person.

Pro opening durian.

Blur pictures taken by my husband.

@serhonp dying and me getting more nauseas. Don't care.

4 of us durian eaters.

@jennylau the doctors number! Dr Chiang at mt Elizabeth.

Sorry the above picture didn't have her contact details. Here it is!

Sort of leisurely breakfast today.

Paleo blueberry waffles and smoked salmon.

Took half day child care leave to bring Isaac to see a new pead allergist!

Dinner tonight. Shrimp phad Thai

Noodles made from zuchinni and sauce from fish sauce, ginger,almond butter and coconut Aminos.


Dinner last night was sautΓ©ed red cabbage with apple and braised balsamic beef.

Totally feel asleep with Isaac putting him to sleep. He had an all night buffet

Breakfast is fried egg with avocado and pancetta. Maid don't know how to do poached egg and I got no time to teach her.

Grandparents!!! Will undo all your discipline.

Saw Isaac being left alone to watch YouTube on my mums @maryannsee iPad!!



When confronted them, this was their excuse.

Yes they are going back today. Isaac sure sad one.

Yesterday he was jumping on my moms thighs n said "bully ah jia"

Shit. This kid is cheeky and naughty.

So continued where I left off in Basel. On the 2 July went around looking for dinner right after the meeting ended. Went through the back streets of the main town called Spalenberg.

Saw a cute toy shop too!! But it was closed! Their business hours in Switzerland is usually from 10am -6.00pm.

Weekends sometimes even shorter. Their "late-night" shopping is still 8pm and only a few international shops will have this late opening option

Finally found food!

Rosti with veal in cream mushroom sauce. Tasted abit flat and salty. Beer was light and cheap too at only CHF5.00. The dish cost CHF33.50.

Everywhere is exp to eat in Switzerland.

That's how the place looks like from the outside. Pretty and historic looking.

Resturant Schnabel
TrillengΓ€sslein 2
4051, Basel

After dinner had a walk around the old town.

Took picture of the Basel Munster.

as usual it's closed. Also had some restoration work being done on the figurine of the church

It's a Munsterplatz Basel.

So pretty!!! Rhine river that runs through Basel. Basel is actually located in between France and Germany. The river runs downwards towards Italy too.

Most of them speak Swiss German. I don't know the difference frankly. Most of the ppl are friendly and will speak English to you.

They have boat cruises that traverse 3 countries. Such like the boat in the river!!

Next year when I come here again I will definitely get on one and sight see. Apparently it goes upstream to France and drop by Amsterdam port then back down and cross Basel and to the German port. Awesome la.

Lunch is provided and cruise starts at 11am and ends at 5pm.

Pretty cobblestone whilst randomly walking through the old town. University of Basel has random classrooms littered around these places.

Closer look at Mittlere RheinbrΓΌcke. It's the oldest existing bridge crossing the Rhine between Lake Constance and the North Sea. It's also called middle bridge.

The 3 kings hotel. One of the atas hotel there with a Michelin star restaurant. Next round I'll step in and have a look see. Hehe.

3rd July 2014, last day in Basel.

Checked out of the hotel and walked along the Rhine river again.

It was about 2pm and most restaurant were closed or closing for lunch.

Can you see people swimming in the river???

They have these waterproof bag where u can store your clothes in and they also act as a floating device for you to swim with.

Awesome contraption.

Chanced upon this makeshift stall that sells snacks and bar food.

Ordered beef burger and coffee and people watched!

Right infront of where I was lunching, there was a small boat that ferries ppl across the river for a small token. It cost CHF1.60

So cheap la. Finished my burger and hopped on it straightaway

The boat is being pulled by the Rhine river current and it is attached to a rope that crosses the river.

View on the Klingental FΓ€hre. Cool and windy.

Apparently you can have fondue parties on the ferry and also burials. 😱

Can you see in this video the rope that pulls the ferry along. Very environmentally friendly.

But I must say, the current is very strong! It's swimmable but you have to be a strong and experienced swimmer!!

After that nothing to do sat on the tram from the beginning of the station in messerplatz all the way up to housing area at bruderholzstr.

All the atas houses like in bkt timah and holland drive. But not as luxurious la. It's abit uphill although not as luxurious as mt Faber or as high.

Cute gardening cottages. Or maybe sheds?

The total "tram tour" took me 30 minutes only la. Gives u an idea how small Basel really is. So bored after that took a walk around the shopping streets again.

Wanted this.

But got this instead!!

Same difference la.

Both Swiss made. Both pretty. But this one cost me 1% of the price of the above watch. Hehe

Very happy with my buy.

After about 3pm, I had enough of Basel.

Took a 1.5hrs train to Zurich to catch my plane home.

Had my last Swiss meal in the airport.

German sausage with onion gravy and rosti.


Braised beef and red cabbage.

Okay I think my Basel series has ended. Gonna dayre later on Isaacs birthday.

I arrived back in Singapore Friday 4th of July evening which was also his birthday.

Dinner tonight is bake salmon, stir fry asparagus and oven heated onion rings. 😁😁.

Not paleo perfect. Hehe

It's Monday morning and I'm back at the bus stop, back to the daily grind.

I've missed out on 3 days worth of posting and so much happened during the weekend!

Haha ya right!!!

But I wanted to show u what happen in the last 2 days ok Basel and Isaacs birthday!

Maybe I'll slowly post throughout the day.

Back to my eggs, bacon and avocado!

My tummy has been progressively getting more n more bloated as the week wore on.

Woo bus came at 7.41am

Kong kong is down in Singapore for a visit, and look who is terrorizing him?? Haha.


Afternoon snack time!!

I've changed my pumping time now to twice aday. At 10am and 2pm. Will be reducing pump sessions every 3 months till left with 1 pump session aday. Then I'll stop pumping for good?

He is already 2. I'll direct latch at night and whenever I'm with him.

Saves me some time at work too

Basel Day 3

Good morning. Day 3 in Basel.

And the hotel breakfast is exactly the same as yesterday!

Round 1!

Totally loving the prusciuto wrap with melon. The darker meat is air dried beef.

Sedap la.

Smoked salmon with horseradish n capers

Eating my breakfast in peace is a luxury. Came down 30mins earlier made a diff.

Yesterday I had to contend with Chinese nationals who made a lot of noise, cut queue and didn't wait to be seated. On top of that they vacuum the food at top speed.

Why are they like that??

Round 2!

From right;
Potato rostii, scrambled eggs, mushroom, smoked trout, smoked salmon with horseradish and capers, sausage and bacon!

Round 3.

*shiftyeyes* #yesieatalot

Eat breakfast like a king ma!

Besides, yesterday dinner eventhough 3 course wasn't enough.

I had steak but woke up super hungry

Pretending mummy don't exist.

So happy when @serhonp daddy said "ok off the FaceTime"

Face suddenly light up and end call!!!

Then say "oppsie!"

Cheeky like daddy. Sheesh. Haha.

The dad said he woke up 3 times last night but didn't cry and manage to pat him back to sleep.

Basel Day 2

Hotel breakfast day 1!!

Round 2!

FaceTime with Isaac! Willing gave me a kiss cos he wanted to end the call fast!!

He loves to press the end call button, then laughing after that.


Ok off to a whole day meeting!!!

Meeting finished at 5.30 and we had dinner at 8pm. Spoke to many other medical colleagues around the world mainly Portugal, Taiwan, Mexico, Ireland, Philippines, chile and Malaysia.

Chile flight had some problems and she took 40 hours to reach Basel. Then typical of the few Asians we talk about food. And immigration/migration from country of birth to current working country.

Same reasons as us moving to Singapore was what Ireland encountered. He is originally from India

But now has become an Ireland (Irish?) citizen

Nearly 12 now. As much as I was glad going to the dinner, I must sleep now!! Night!