Phuket day 4

Were back home in Singapore currently!

Isaac missed his dinner and didn't eat well for lunch.

So I'm on night call tonight. He will confirm be on boobies all night diner! Sigh.

Spent the whole morning at the pool today.

My the sun is finally up the whole day. It was pretty hot too. All of us got a tan!

Bye bye nice view and splash pool.

Another view from our room

Last picture of us in the hotel room before checking out.

Note Isaac konged out on the bed after 2 hrs of pool time

My big hair arrived 2 days ago.

Will let you guys know if it really gives u big hair. Ahah I need to practice first.

@shalinho it says to have ur hair dried up to 80% with regular hair dryer then only use this curler.

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