Breakfast today is overnight n'oats with chia seed, blueberries and almond slices.

Forgot to dayre that on the last day in Phuket the main Thalang Rd where all the old town yummy food was closed.

So had to detour back to end of Dibuk Road at Lock Thien hawker center for lunch.

Had the noodles @serhonp had the day before. So good. Fried pork, shrimp, pork crackling and dumpling inside. Soup served on the side was like prawn mee soup.

Wasn't really full so bought "apam balik" which was next to the food court.

It's so crispy and very fragrant with coconut milk.

And so cheap! 7 pieces for 20 baht.

Can you see how thin and crispy it is? Every bite was delicious and only got a bit thicker in the middle, yet still had the crunch.

My hair this morning. Babyliss Big Hair is a good investment. The price is recovered after 3 blow outs in the salon.

I used it last night after shower, blow dry hair till almost dry, then curled hair using the curler.

Slept like usual, woke up, ran fingers through hair and it look like this!!

Didn't use any styling products at all. Just shampoo n conditioner as usual.


He's getting pretty good at fixing jigsaw puzzle. Faster now but still need loads of help.


Pork chops and simple salad.

Dinner tonight is beef satay with a side of roasted beets

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