Breakfast for 1 today.

Eggs Benedict, egg omelette and black coffee.

Just went to my dentist to start treatment today.

Finally, gotten my Invisalign after months of waiting.

Storing my treatment in their cases whilst I eat!!

Pampered myself with some 3D art nails. Meh only la the design.

Got greedy and we drove to subang jaya for some kuih seri muka!

Ok la we had a lot more than that. Cucur undang, cekodok pisang etc.

Black kopi kosong to counter the sweetness πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Hehe pass out cos mummy so social he has no time to sleep at home.

He slept barely an hour and I threw him in the pool!! Maximize our time back in Malaysia. Lols.

Breakfast so raw baby spinach, fried egg and home made sauerkraut.

My tummy is getting wonky again. Bloat bloat go away!

Manage to divert and diffuse situation imposed by the Medical Director

I did what she ask but put the onus back to the speakers and regulators.

Heh. Sometimes I feel she doesn't get the direction some projects are going.

Only wants her way which may not be right. Does not care to learn about the situation before making some directives.

I spy with my eye, a little booty shaking his ass to music on his toy piano keyboard.

On "a stage" strewn with all his books!!! 😑😑😑


Left hand bottom corner wearing orange sleeveless shirt

Lunch today is sushi from Kuriya kapanese market.

No mayo no soy sauce.

Playing Choo Choo train on a rainy afternoon.

Super duper quick n early dinner.

Roast chicken wings in spicy herbs and lemon sautΓ©ed zucchini noodles.

He has been looking out of the bus window since we got on the bus.

Vroom vroom he says. When the bus stops at the traffic light he gets annoyed at the bus for stopping and keeps asking it to move by going "vroom vroom"

I ask him what is he looking at. He says "see cars".

Wohoo manage to put him down in his own seat and snooze.

Mummy hands are free to dayre.

We are on the bus to go back to kl for my brothers wedding.

Breakfast on a rainy morning. Bacon and avocado.

Isaac said something cute just now. He had the morning sniffles. So I said oh no…."Lau Pe"

He stared at me for a while to compute what I was saying.

Then he went "Isaac running nose, running nose! Run run run run run the nose" and proceeds to run on the spot.

I got a shock la 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲

How did he know how to convert rudimentary Hokkien to English and do running action sumore???!!!

I wonder when/where he picked it up. I'm impressed haha!

Fire drill just now. Walked down 15 flight of stairs.

Calf muscles aching now.

Exercise quota done for the day! Haha


Yesterday butternut squash soup and simple salad top with bacon and avocado.

The little bookworm is reading during his dinner time.


He is very attracted to pictures on story books. He loves it when we read to him.

Usually he will ask us to sing what we read to him. 😐😐😬😬

So we've all become experts lyricist and rhythmics(?) and come up with tunes whilst reading to him.

Haha. Yes he likes music. ALOT.

Even the maid has to sing to him. Haha.

I'm so happy. I feel so accomplished today.

Manage to set up a meeting with our key stakeholders on biosimilar regulatory updates. I got a meeting date with Singapore regulators.

Received thanks from the marketing lead

Then I submitted a new drug application!!! Hopefully not much deficiency. Received thanks from the marketing lead and the general manager.

Dinner tonight.

Dory fish stuffed with spinach and grilled. Eaten with plain steam broccoli

Felt so hungry. So decided to have some snack.

Almond butter and strawberries.

Today's breakfast is blueberries (that were getting soft😝) and black coffee!

Wah so early eat lunch.


Rainy day. Must have gotten hungry due to the weather. Haha

Diva – ice queen look

Just got off a 1:1 with my new line manager.

So she told me I have the diva and ice queen look.

I have been struggling with this comments my WHOLE LIFE!!

I know I look bitchy but I've always consciously try to be more friendly and smile more.

Yet I still get this comments!!

@cikumuffin uve known me since high school. Yes I look bitchy. But I'm not a diva or ice queen right???

She even asked me if I'm an only child. Wtf.

I can't help it if I have a bitchy resting face.


Sesame lemon chicken with butterhead lettuce.


Any tips on how to look less diva and less icy queen? Besides smiling more?

Reading book time!!!



Best buy from toys r us!! Magnetic colour writer thingy.

No more pencil marks on walls, tables etcetc.

Keeps toddler entertained for er…10 minutes!

Dinner today is leftover T-bone steak, home made butternut squash soup and sautΓ©ed zucchini noodles.

No time for breakfast at home. Packed it to work.

Leftover pizza frittatas. N cup of coffee. + added milo. Cos not enough sleep crave something sweet.

Busy morning. A lot of engagement to settle.

Backlog from last 2 days not being in the office.

Crucial set up of meetings with Singapore regulators!!

Hhehe so kan cheong. Suddenly feel like an event company.

But i love it. Busy is good. Busy keeps mind and body working.

Idle mind is the devils playground and I've been a victim to the devil one too many time.


Rolling on the train tracks.

Everyday play train set.

Then proceeds to ride his bike n furiously bang into the washing machine.

On purpose.

Psycho kid. Must be really bored

Good news is that a nearby kindy has place for morning session next year.

So next year Isaac will go to kindy for 4 hrs in the morning. Wohoo!!

Lunch today was jumbo ribs and salad from cold storage.

Shared with a colleague. The ribs was really jump siZe!!! But we both finished it.

So full now can't think.


Wooo. At 3.30pm I see Isaac dj-ing on his fisher price console.


Very simple dinner tonight.

Baked chicken thighs with lemon, sesame seed and spring onions.

Eaten with sautΓ©ed mushrooms


Can't sleep

I think it's the msg in Bangkok jam food.

I had shrimp and pomelo salad and coconut chicken tom Yam soup

@serhonp also can't sleep. We've been tossing and turning for close to 2 hours now.

Our bodies are so not used to msg anymore.

Said salad. It was pretty yummy though.

Want to recreate it some day. Paleofy and glutenfree it.

I'm always happy when I get to eat at home.

Breakfast of leftover frittatas, avocado and black coffee

Hehehe 1.3kg of T-bone steak on the grill.

Grass fed and chilled beef

Can't wait!!!

Letting it rest.

While resting I've smeared it with butter + lemon zest + garlic + thyme.

As big as @serhonp head.

Beautiful. Just the way I like it

Breakfast today Is leftover pizza frittatas.

As tummy was still upset, couldn't even eat 1/3 of that. Asked the maid to keep it back. 😷😷😷

Last night sleep was interrupted too from mild heartburn feeling. Gosh.

Today had the privilege of pumping in the private room of a Chinese restaurant.

Breakfast this morning. Waffles with blueberries and maple syrup.

Will have whole day of training out of office today and tomorrow.

Hopefully got time and place to pump and I can stalk Isaac.

Oh gosh had no time to pump today except few minutes after lunch.

Lunch was typical buffet at the hotel. No pictures la.

Stuffed myself silly. Also drank copious amount of coffee

Didn't manage to stalk Isaac but my mom did. And she sent me this picture.

Her caption was "batman is dancing" haha

Dinner today was leftover rump steak and sautΓ©ed zucchini noodles.

Oh oh. After 2 days of eating outside food for lunch, the nausea is back.


I never learn my lessons.

Good morning!

Breakfast today which looks like dinner last night. Haha.

Beef burger, 1 egg and what's left of yesterday's steam broccoli


Don't know where he's dragging his Mickey Mouse to.

Earlier on my mom @maryannsee was stalking him. This is the pic she sent me.

Drinking breast milk with sunglasses on yo!! U need to be cool to drink milk.

I love to see him sitting on his scooter. It's just too cute la.

So random. Then I see him reading a book and then doing some hand movements.

All within the span of 18 minutes of me pumping.

Helping the maid to keep his toys.

#stalkermomseries afternoon sessions

Dinner today is pizza frittata with spiced sweet potato fries.

Good morning. My #portioncontrolwin paleo waffles today.

It's a pouring wet morning!

I tot the rain subsided so I left the house. Just as I open the door the poured heavily again.

I'm soaked through. Well, at least my skirt is.

As I was eating breakfast, Isaac decided to entertain me.

Wore his sunglasses and started posing.

He likes the black frame sunglasses. I got him another which has a silver frame but he went looking for the "black black one"

Oh no!!!! All my CCTV at home is down.

Cannot stalk Isaac.

This usually happens after heavy rain. The wifi / internet connection at home goes down and needs to be reset

Lunch today was teriyaki cod fish bento set after the meeting.

My presentation went ok. Hopefully don't have to present to a bigger audience next round.

I already made it as boring as possible. Hahah.

Dinner tonight

Roasted oxtail smeared with roasted garlic on top. Steam broccoli and burger patty.

Woke up and felt like I got hit by a truck

My whole body is aching. Isaac was feasting whole night as usual.

He was kinda sick and down with the flu. Picked it up from the kids at the park.

I'm feeling flu-ey too.

Aching aching everywhere.

And late by an hour.

@serhonp I'll be back an hour late today too!!

Tarpau my breakfast to work today

Blueberry waffles made with cashew nut, coconut flour, blueberry and maple syrup n etc. Lols.

Black coffee to wake me up.

Ahhaha Isaac cracks me up

Open CCTV for morning pump time I heard him say "exercise!! "

And proceeds to do a lay down push up.


Ok exercise lasted for a while only.

Back to playing with trains.

Wah boss, asking the maid to built a complicated train system ah??



Deconstructed jalapeΓ±o bacon burger. Lettuce leaves as burger buns

Took a bite out of my burger. Nice ah??

Too green? Haha


Wahhh. Afternoon still playing Lego toy set.

Wooo not bad. New tracks design. Haha.

Leaving work at 5 and at 6pm makes a world of a difference

The wait for my bus is longer and it's more pack!!!

Waited a good 25 minutes for my bus to arrive. And it's very much slow because of the volume of people getting on and off it.

Can't bring Isaac out to the park today.

Maybe just a short walk.

Dinner tonight.

Steam red snapper with lime juice, red chili, onions and a little palm sugar.

On top of a bed of cabbage stir fried with garlic.


Been craving for more seafood nowadays.

Kinda tired of eating too much red meat.

I never thought I'll say that coming from a true blue carnivore.

I thought I could take a poignant picture of Isaac watching the world go by. He was sitting down on the ledge watching all the cars pass by.

And just when I take out my camera to take a pic of him…there he goes posing.

Aiyah. Spoil mood. Haha.

Today he is 25 months and 2 weeks.

Coffee & cocoa rubbed ribs.

For the rub:
2 tbsp finely ground coffee beans
1.5 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp granulated garlic
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

2 huge rack of pork ribs about 2-3kg total.
1 cup home made BBQ sauce.


Combine all dry ingredients in bowl. Coat both side of ribs with the rub, wrap tightly in foil and leave in fridge for min. 3 hrs. I always do it the night before.

Heat oven to 130-140 degrees.

Take ribs out from fridge n place them on baking tray still in the foil. Cook for 3 hrs. Remove from oven n unwrap foil.

Then, place the oven rack in the highest position n turn the oven up to the highest heat. Mine goes up to 250 degrees.

Coat each rack of ribs with the BBQ sauce.

Place the ribs back on the baking tray, n cook for 5 minutes or until the outsides of the ribs are crispy.

Then, eatttttttt. Serve plain or with the BBQ sauce.

@shalinho πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† finally had the time to sit n type it out for u.

BBQ sauce

240mls of tomato paste/purΓ©e
1 tbsp onion powder
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tsp chili powder
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup honey

To make the BBQ sauce.

Combine all dry ingredient in a sauce pot n whisk to break lump.

Turn on small flame on the stove.

Combine wet ingredients n slowly add into the dry ingredients while whisking it constantly to avoid lumps.

Once the sauce starts simmering it's done!!!

Oh u can add more honey if u like it sweeter. Or more apple cider vinegar if u like it more tart. Or anything spices u like.

Personally I put a lot of smoke paprika. More authentic BBQ taste. I also like it on the sweet side so more honey

@ffellie πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†nah BBQ sauce Joanne's version. Feel free to make ur own version. Hehe

Ok now I better start practicing for my presentation Tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

This mornings breakfast is black coffee and left over chicken wings. Slathered with my home made BBQ sauce.

Isaac cried like crazy this morning.

Was about 8am plus and I just wanted another few minutes of lie in. Since yesterday had a late night.

He groggily half asleep kept looking for my boobies. I was abit irritated already from the whole night feasting.

So I covered myself in the comforter. He got frustrated couldn't find my boobies. N started crying n kept calling for boobs.

Turned around to lie on my tummy n he got even angrier. Kept crying like someone stole his most fav toy. Which is technically still my boob haha.

Cried and wouldn't stop and ask to go outside.

Went outside n cried sumore. Hahha.

Looks like it's gonna be a hugeeeeeeeeee challenge to night wean him end of the year.

I'm so gonna take annual leave and child care leave just for this.

Guess where I am. Waiting for the husband to go lunch with me.

And then grocery shopping.

We so romantic like that.

But I've been waiting for half an hour already man!

#throwback to last Saturday.

Because today mummy eyes black black.

My core is so weak!!! Gonna do a 30 day plank challenge.

I'm that person who wears gym gear, but never goes to the gym.

I'm kinda disgusted with myself because I'm so weak. And soft. And pudgy all around.

Ok so 20 seconds of plank. Didn't die. But didn't feel great

Dinner tonight was garlic pepper rump steak on bed of onions and pepper.

Simple and tasty

Breakfast today is also leftovers. Meatza and roasted veg again!!!

Ok thank god that's the last of it!

Having his lunch now.


His lunch is usually either:
Rice with pan fried chicken breast/pork or black sauce chicken with carrots or broccoli or mix veg
Gluten free/egg free/dairy free pasta with pan fried herb chicken/pork.

Very simple.

Sometimes it's spiced up with carrot or pumpkin soup made with our home made bone broth.

Father and son. Got look the same ah???

I had leftover salmon for lunch. Didn't take a picture because it looks so sad and small.

Tonight will be cooking for mil, auntie in law and cousins in law.

Will see how that turns out.

For starters, we had salad with balsamic vinegerate and smoked salmon, stuffed Italian bell peppers and jicama fries.

Followed by mains of cocoa coffee ribs.

Glasses of red wine n muscoto all around.

We had a good catch up amongst us and ironically we meet up more in Singapore than back home in Malaysia.

Well family is family I guess. Glad everyone had a good time including Isaac.

Breakfast today is parsnip hash with Sunny side up and bacon.

Ahh no signs of isaac during my morning pump.

Cannot stalk. I think grandma brought him put grocery shopping. 😞😞😞


More meatza and roast vegetable for lunch. Roasted capsicum, brinjal and zucchini. There are some olives in there somewhere.

There he is!!! But grandma is spoiling him again. Sigh.


Spot the little boy choosing books to read.

Dinner tonight is stuffed Italian bell peppers and steamed broccoli. #portion control win!!!!

Had a bowl of butternut squash soup as well. Yummy

As I was putting Isaac to sleep just now, he suddenly unlatch and pointed to my eyes and said.

Mummy eyes black black!

Indeed Isaac, indeed!!

Then I ask him whether he can don't disturb me at night so my eyes are not black anymore he actually laugh and continue latching.

Ooohhh received a fancy wedding invitation!!

Hahaha wedding invitation from my brother.

Soooo vintage and classic.

Can't wait for their wedding end of this month!

3 different cards for 3 different celebration. Wohoo!!!

I've bought a tuxedo for Isaac already.

Can't wait to wear it on him!!

Watching videos on the phone with grandma.


After grandma leaves I need to do damage control again. As usual.


Meatza with roast veggie toppings.

Aiyo!!! Afternoon also still watching YouTube.

Damage control big time la after this!!!

Dinner tonight is jalapeΓ±o bacon burger with carrot pancake as bun. Topped with sliced onion, avocado and bacon bits with a side of butterhead lettuce.

#glutenfree #nutfree #grainfree

Good morning!! Spinach omelette and ham

Robin Williams just died ah?


Playing with all his farm animals.

Rainy day and all the clothes r drying inside

Moving on to reading his pop up book and scratching his ankles.


I heard him complaining that it's "itchy, itchy" and pain pain. And kept scratching.

Next thing I know he peed his pants already.

Potty training fail!!!!


Turmeric and olive chickens.

Later need to go buy some fruits. No veg today

Story book time!!

#stalkermomseries afternoon

Dinner tonight is baked spicy chicken wings and zucchini noodles with olives.

I love headlines on news like this.

Then at least we have a fighting chance of owning our own property in Singapore.

Let's work hard for it @serhonp 😘😘😘

Good morning. Mexican type of breakfast.

Hehe. I've a highlander son. Yodeling away like those sheep herders in the alps.



Turmeric olive chicken, pesto sharkfin melon pasta and avocado.


Asking the maid to open the train set for him to play



Isaac playing with the jie jies in the park. 😍😍😍

So cute!!

Dinner tonight is broiled salmon with cherry tomatoes and stir fried asparagus.

Portion control #win. Only ate as much as what I took pic with. Ok la, maybe I added a few more stalks of asparagus. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I love these series of photos I took of him piggy back ride on me.

Myriad of facial expressions.

#isaacpuah is 25 months and 1 week today. Hooray!

That also means I've been breast feeding exclusively for that long too.

Soy bean drink introduction was a failure. He took 2 sips and refuse the rest of the drink.

Only wants chilled freshly pump breast milk.

At this age he loves to "help" around the house.

When we are going out. He will switch off all the fans and close the sliding door and lock them.

He will put back all his blocks. And get his own socks.

Of course this metro boy will chose his own shoes. If I pick the wrong shoes he will throw a tantrum.

First meal of the day.

Piggy back on my shoulders. His weird face because his hands were holding my head for dear life!! So he couldn't do his "acting cute" pose. Haha

Sien face cannot do his pose.

Daddy @serhonp took a pic of us going up the escalator at Wheelock place.

This was today morning breakfast that I ate in a rush.

Ham, egg and lettuce.

Went for a macaron baking class!!!

Learnt 2 flavours. I have made macarons before, but they were always not successful.

Learnt some tips and tricks on it.

Don't know when I'll practice again.

This is blueberry cream cheese flavour.

The other one was earl grey shells and salted caramel macarons

So good!!! So fresh. Straight from oven.

Later in the afternoon we went to @serhonp colleagues fullmoon.

Loads of kids there. Apparently Isaac was the attraction cos of his sunglasses. Haha

Of course he made a lot of girl friends.

Isaac doing his thang!

I'm not surprised if he gets a cougar gf. Haha

Isaac having his picture taken with another Isaac.

Yea it's a pretty common name

Hubby caught Isaac in the car posing away. Can't help laughing in the background.

Some macarons I brought back.

Picture of us as a family.

Woke up still as angry as ever

Punch all them inconsiderate ppl in the face.

When ppl blow their top only start to make remedial actions.

Always a reactive action, never proactive to avoid situations.

I do feel much better.

He called and we talked some issues out.

Yes I suppose I'll have to accept the new phone. Haha.

Thanks guys for your support Lols.


Heard her asking him to "come here"

He replied "coming"


Meatza for dinner today.

Having 3 spicy chorizo meatballs for breakfast.

Wah super spicy. πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Reminder to self today:

1. Portion control food
2. Buy fruits after lunch to snack on (better than eating chocos and nuts)
3. Exercise (hehe πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š hopefully)

Seriously 1/3 of me is made out of fats. Free floating fat. End of year need to do blood test see my cholesterol level how.

Wohoo. Riding bike time.

Now a days I do see him riding furiously. Previously he was so scared. Only scoot scoot very slowly and in calculated steps.

Ok la got some improvements.



Chorizo and lamb chili (portion controlled) and zucchini olive noodles.

Yup, still hungry.

Snacking on honeydew. Went downstairs n bought it.


Cray cray Isaac. Listening to music n lip syncing whilst lieing down on the floor. Next to the maid who is cleaning.

Public pet peeves!

Seeing ppl filing their nails in public. Or cutting them.

Or biting their nails where the smell of their saliva wafts through the whole bus/mrt!!

So gross la.

Filing ur nails should be done in public la. All the dust from the nails dam smell u know.

I am incensed!! Beyond livid!

Just now I was trying to exercise.

But when I want to do something for myself, I have Isaac trying to disturb me and copy me and general interrupting me.

Just for 1/2 an hour, I can't have help at all to keep an eye on Isaac.

The maid is off doing don't know what. If u see your employer busy, y don't u step up and help?

N the husband!! @serhonp supposedly watching him but NEVER stop Isaac from coming near me, tearing my books, playing with my phone timer.

The straw that broke the camels

Back is when husband took my book n inside is my phone got thrown out n fell to the floor.

Now my iPhone screen is cracked. Very good. Typing this on cracked screen

Nobody every facilitates me when I need to do my things.

So annoying!!!!

No mood for dinner!!

Morning!! Breakfast today is chicken strips and avocado.

Had terrible sleep last night.

First had difficulty falling Asleep. Then what felt like I just fell asleep, Isaac came and started his feasting.


So tired. My joints are all aching due to lack of sleep.

Running around carefree.

I think he just peed his pants and the maid changed him.

Been asking her to help potty train him. @serhonp has been telling her to offer him the potty, if not she will be washing his cloth diaper her whole working life.

Haha. Don't know whether it registers in her mind or not.


Not sure what he is doing here. Reading the world map maybe.

Be an explorer!!! Travel places and discover new faces!! 😘


Portion control fail.

Lambchops and butterhead lettuce with avocado.

Let's see if I can finish the lamb. If not keep for tea time lols

Snacking on Longan now. Still hungry.

Because half of lamb was pure fat. Had to throw away.

Nvm snacking on fruits is healthier.


Isaac gone crazy. Just zoning out from sheer boredom.

He was screaming in frustration before that.

Aiyah please la childcare/preschool. Have space soon so Isaac can go school!!

Today's dinner.

Tumeric and olive chicken with olive zucchini noodles.

One of my ex colleagues just gave birth to a baby girl!!

Had a quick dinner, showered and off I went to KKH n see her.

I bought a small cute flower and a small cute balloon to wish her a hearty congratulations!

Let's face it, it's always nice to receive flowers right???

Didn't manage to see the baby as she's in special care. Born at 37weeks at 2.67kg. Slightly "undercook" so being put for observation!!

Had a quick catch up with her and left after 1/2 hour.

I shy la, all her family members are there. Hehe.

Going home to my boy now!!

Wah a recent fat analysis.

My percentage body fat is 32.1% la.

Normal range is 18-28% hehe

Opps!! Got to do something about it.

You can officially call me a fatty.

Good morning. Today breakfast made a new batch of baked eggs. Yummers.


Isaac rediscovered his fisher price table activity toy.

It's his own personal DJ-ing console.

It places loads of musics and sounds. I just heard him singing to the abc song that's programmed into it.


Today's salad is leftover satay repurposed as salad toppings! With almond satay sauce as dressing.


Afternoon choo Choo train play time!!

Must be asking the maid to sit down with him and play.

Yesterday when I got home, I was putting his expressed milk into the fridge.

He saw the chilled milk (about 2oz) and straight away requested to drink it!

My whole day of pumping milk in office gone in 5 seconds.

Funnily the old stock of milk the maid heats up n give to him he doesn't want.

This morning happen again. Yesterday expressed milk he saw in the fridge ask for it n drank it.

I think he likes cold milk!!!

Total daily pump amount of breast milk is currently 3oz on a good day

Dinner tonight.

Spicy chorizo and lamb chili with stir fry cauliflower with garlic and avocado.

Reminder to self: please portion control your food intake

I need to limit my portions. Not for losing weight purposes but recently I noticed I get acid reflux

@serhonp theory is I eat too much, and causing my gastric spinchter to be overloaded and cannot close properly. All the acid has been going back up my throat.

I keep bleching and having brackish sour throat.

And I should eat more fruits. To counter hunger pangs and fruits are generally healthier la.

Breakfast is bacon baked eggs.

Couldn't finish all. Pass 1 to hubs.

I know. I've been eating a lot.

Had a conversation with Isaac last night about weaning.

Me: Isaac when r u going to stop nen nen?? 3 years old ok? Can stop then?

Isaac: *boobies still in mouth-unlatch a little to answer me* Yes, 3 years old. *continue latching after that*

Me: you sure? Don't bluff mummy ah! You said 3 years old right?

Isaac: Yes, 3 years old. *still latching and saying all this*

Me: ok, pinky promise!!! You say wan ah *link our pinkys together* cannot bluff mummy ok.

Isaac: Yes…pomishhh!!

Isaac is 25 months old today!!

We will see about his 3 year old promise!!

Meanwhile the plan now until September is to express milk 2 times a day at work followed by hand expressing just before I sleep.

October onwards until December will be express 1 time at work and hand express at night.

Come January till March 2015 only express once at work. No more night time expression.

Might start night weaning in January 2015. Day time won't offer but if he ask I won't refuse either. Will still latch to sleep but from 11pm-6am

Only. The rest is free for all. Hahaha.

Seriously now this boy can tell me, "lie down" to latch him. Tsk tsk.

Hopefully when he is 3 years old he will self wean.

Then prepare for #2 hehehe.


Woo. Just as I was finishing my pump session, Isaac appears on the CCTV.

Little artist at work!


Poor boy. Don't know what he was crying about. Something about playing in the balcony and locking the sliding doors.

Lunch just now was at a jape se buffet at miramar hotel. The sashimi was a lot!!!

Our department had a celebratory lunch for turning one of our key indicators from red to green.

More yummy food coming up!



Buying him sunglasses didn't help the cause!

His standard pose.

Apparently this pic is making waves on My husbands @serhonp Facebook and Instagram account.

Agree Isaac is cute doing his duck face pout.

Omg I cannot tahan my son. Coming down the steps also wanna pose.

Like MC hammer can't touch this.

My face says it all.


Peace out u all!!

Good night.

Good morning!! Tried something different this morning.

Lined muffin pan with bacon slices, put mince meat at the bottom and cracked an egg on top!

Sprinkle with cilantro and baked about 10 minutes at 190 degrees.

2 baked eggs in bacon basket and 1 savory drop muffin. With my cuppa! Black no sugar no milk.

The inside of the baked egg. Mince or chopped meat. I use leftover meat from dinner hehe

Hehe visited my colleague for a GP symposium.

I'm totally different department and function but I thought I just drop by and kaypoh since it's just beside my house.

Also I'm waiting for my husband @serhonp la for our lunch "date"

Date with hubby.

Shaved isaacs hair today on the sides and back.

When his mood permits, I'll take a pic of his new hair style.

He was screaming like a banshee at the salon place.

Dinner tonight is Greek spiced lamb chops, avocado and cold zucchini noodles.

I love lamb chops the most.

This morning breakfast is savory drop herb muffin and half a beef pattie.

Muffin made with coconut flour, egg, some rosemary herbs, baking soda and coconut oil. #glutenfree

Went to the room to get ready and saw the little tiger sleeping like this. So funny.


Gerh!!! Mad!!! 😑😑😑.

Open the CCTV see Isaac crying because mil whacked his leg.

I don't practice hitting/flicking/smacking my kid!! I hate her for doing this.

Then she tries to pacify him by watching YouTube and video on her phone.

Gonna tell her off later.

I usually discipline him by holding him close to me and looking him in the eye and say "no" sternly and tell him why it's bad. And ask him to say sorry.

Usually silent tears will follow.

So he knows he's in the wrong.


Double pork tenderloin and roasted beetroot


Afternoon time sees them playing with the train set.

Little artist is painting


Hi ladies πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Going to the park now with my mummy!!

Dinner tonight was more leftover double pork tenderloin and stir fried zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes.

I haven't done groceries since we came back from Phuket. Has been cooking what's left in our fridge.

This boy! I was taking picture of dinner and he heard the phone camera snapping.

Immediately he said "acting cute"!!!

Stayed that way bcos he wanted me to take a pic of him.

Omgerd!! Then he said "see Isaac, see Isaac"

Wanted to see his own picture. Narcissistic much???