This morning breakfast is savory drop herb muffin and half a beef pattie.

Muffin made with coconut flour, egg, some rosemary herbs, baking soda and coconut oil. #glutenfree

Went to the room to get ready and saw the little tiger sleeping like this. So funny.


Gerh!!! Mad!!! 😡😡😡.

Open the CCTV see Isaac crying because mil whacked his leg.

I don't practice hitting/flicking/smacking my kid!! I hate her for doing this.

Then she tries to pacify him by watching YouTube and video on her phone.

Gonna tell her off later.

I usually discipline him by holding him close to me and looking him in the eye and say "no" sternly and tell him why it's bad. And ask him to say sorry.

Usually silent tears will follow.

So he knows he's in the wrong.


Double pork tenderloin and roasted beetroot


Afternoon time sees them playing with the train set.

Little artist is painting


Hi ladies 👋👋

Going to the park now with my mummy!!

Dinner tonight was more leftover double pork tenderloin and stir fried zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes.

I haven't done groceries since we came back from Phuket. Has been cooking what's left in our fridge.

This boy! I was taking picture of dinner and he heard the phone camera snapping.

Immediately he said "acting cute"!!!

Stayed that way bcos he wanted me to take a pic of him.

Omgerd!! Then he said "see Isaac, see Isaac"

Wanted to see his own picture. Narcissistic much???

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