Breakfast is bacon baked eggs.

Couldn't finish all. Pass 1 to hubs.

I know. I've been eating a lot.

Had a conversation with Isaac last night about weaning.

Me: Isaac when r u going to stop nen nen?? 3 years old ok? Can stop then?

Isaac: *boobies still in mouth-unlatch a little to answer me* Yes, 3 years old. *continue latching after that*

Me: you sure? Don't bluff mummy ah! You said 3 years old right?

Isaac: Yes, 3 years old. *still latching and saying all this*

Me: ok, pinky promise!!! You say wan ah *link our pinkys together* cannot bluff mummy ok.

Isaac: Yes…pomishhh!!

Isaac is 25 months old today!!

We will see about his 3 year old promise!!

Meanwhile the plan now until September is to express milk 2 times a day at work followed by hand expressing just before I sleep.

October onwards until December will be express 1 time at work and hand express at night.

Come January till March 2015 only express once at work. No more night time expression.

Might start night weaning in January 2015. Day time won't offer but if he ask I won't refuse either. Will still latch to sleep but from 11pm-6am

Only. The rest is free for all. Hahaha.

Seriously now this boy can tell me, "lie down" to latch him. Tsk tsk.

Hopefully when he is 3 years old he will self wean.

Then prepare for #2 hehehe.


Woo. Just as I was finishing my pump session, Isaac appears on the CCTV.

Little artist at work!


Poor boy. Don't know what he was crying about. Something about playing in the balcony and locking the sliding doors.

Lunch just now was at a jape se buffet at miramar hotel. The sashimi was a lot!!!

Our department had a celebratory lunch for turning one of our key indicators from red to green.

More yummy food coming up!

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