Good morning. Today breakfast made a new batch of baked eggs. Yummers.


Isaac rediscovered his fisher price table activity toy.

It's his own personal DJ-ing console.

It places loads of musics and sounds. I just heard him singing to the abc song that's programmed into it.


Today's salad is leftover satay repurposed as salad toppings! With almond satay sauce as dressing.


Afternoon choo Choo train play time!!

Must be asking the maid to sit down with him and play.

Yesterday when I got home, I was putting his expressed milk into the fridge.

He saw the chilled milk (about 2oz) and straight away requested to drink it!

My whole day of pumping milk in office gone in 5 seconds.

Funnily the old stock of milk the maid heats up n give to him he doesn't want.

This morning happen again. Yesterday expressed milk he saw in the fridge ask for it n drank it.

I think he likes cold milk!!!

Total daily pump amount of breast milk is currently 3oz on a good day

Dinner tonight.

Spicy chorizo and lamb chili with stir fry cauliflower with garlic and avocado.

Reminder to self: please portion control your food intake

I need to limit my portions. Not for losing weight purposes but recently I noticed I get acid reflux

@serhonp theory is I eat too much, and causing my gastric spinchter to be overloaded and cannot close properly. All the acid has been going back up my throat.

I keep bleching and having brackish sour throat.

And I should eat more fruits. To counter hunger pangs and fruits are generally healthier la.

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