Morning!! Breakfast today is chicken strips and avocado.

Had terrible sleep last night.

First had difficulty falling Asleep. Then what felt like I just fell asleep, Isaac came and started his feasting.


So tired. My joints are all aching due to lack of sleep.

Running around carefree.

I think he just peed his pants and the maid changed him.

Been asking her to help potty train him. @serhonp has been telling her to offer him the potty, if not she will be washing his cloth diaper her whole working life.

Haha. Don't know whether it registers in her mind or not.


Not sure what he is doing here. Reading the world map maybe.

Be an explorer!!! Travel places and discover new faces!! 😘


Portion control fail.

Lambchops and butterhead lettuce with avocado.

Let's see if I can finish the lamb. If not keep for tea time lols

Snacking on Longan now. Still hungry.

Because half of lamb was pure fat. Had to throw away.

Nvm snacking on fruits is healthier.


Isaac gone crazy. Just zoning out from sheer boredom.

He was screaming in frustration before that.

Aiyah please la childcare/preschool. Have space soon so Isaac can go school!!

Today's dinner.

Tumeric and olive chicken with olive zucchini noodles.

One of my ex colleagues just gave birth to a baby girl!!

Had a quick dinner, showered and off I went to KKH n see her.

I bought a small cute flower and a small cute balloon to wish her a hearty congratulations!

Let's face it, it's always nice to receive flowers right???

Didn't manage to see the baby as she's in special care. Born at 37weeks at 2.67kg. Slightly "undercook" so being put for observation!!

Had a quick catch up with her and left after 1/2 hour.

I shy la, all her family members are there. Hehe.

Going home to my boy now!!

Wah a recent fat analysis.

My percentage body fat is 32.1% la.

Normal range is 18-28% hehe

Opps!! Got to do something about it.

You can officially call me a fatty.

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