Having 3 spicy chorizo meatballs for breakfast.

Wah super spicy. 💥💥

Reminder to self today:

1. Portion control food
2. Buy fruits after lunch to snack on (better than eating chocos and nuts)
3. Exercise (hehe 🙊🙊🙊 hopefully)

Seriously 1/3 of me is made out of fats. Free floating fat. End of year need to do blood test see my cholesterol level how.

Wohoo. Riding bike time.

Now a days I do see him riding furiously. Previously he was so scared. Only scoot scoot very slowly and in calculated steps.

Ok la got some improvements.



Chorizo and lamb chili (portion controlled) and zucchini olive noodles.

Yup, still hungry.

Snacking on honeydew. Went downstairs n bought it.


Cray cray Isaac. Listening to music n lip syncing whilst lieing down on the floor. Next to the maid who is cleaning.

Public pet peeves!

Seeing ppl filing their nails in public. Or cutting them.

Or biting their nails where the smell of their saliva wafts through the whole bus/mrt!!

So gross la.

Filing ur nails should be done in public la. All the dust from the nails dam smell u know.

I am incensed!! Beyond livid!

Just now I was trying to exercise.

But when I want to do something for myself, I have Isaac trying to disturb me and copy me and general interrupting me.

Just for 1/2 an hour, I can't have help at all to keep an eye on Isaac.

The maid is off doing don't know what. If u see your employer busy, y don't u step up and help?

N the husband!! @serhonp supposedly watching him but NEVER stop Isaac from coming near me, tearing my books, playing with my phone timer.

The straw that broke the camels

Back is when husband took my book n inside is my phone got thrown out n fell to the floor.

Now my iPhone screen is cracked. Very good. Typing this on cracked screen

Nobody every facilitates me when I need to do my things.

So annoying!!!!

No mood for dinner!!

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