This was today morning breakfast that I ate in a rush.

Ham, egg and lettuce.

Went for a macaron baking class!!!

Learnt 2 flavours. I have made macarons before, but they were always not successful.

Learnt some tips and tricks on it.

Don't know when I'll practice again.

This is blueberry cream cheese flavour.

The other one was earl grey shells and salted caramel macarons

So good!!! So fresh. Straight from oven.

Later in the afternoon we went to @serhonp colleagues fullmoon.

Loads of kids there. Apparently Isaac was the attraction cos of his sunglasses. Haha

Of course he made a lot of girl friends.

Isaac doing his thang!

I'm not surprised if he gets a cougar gf. Haha

Isaac having his picture taken with another Isaac.

Yea it's a pretty common name

Hubby caught Isaac in the car posing away. Can't help laughing in the background.

Some macarons I brought back.

Picture of us as a family.

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