Good morning. Mexican type of breakfast.

Hehe. I've a highlander son. Yodeling away like those sheep herders in the alps.



Turmeric olive chicken, pesto sharkfin melon pasta and avocado.


Asking the maid to open the train set for him to play



Isaac playing with the jie jies in the park. 😍😍😍

So cute!!

Dinner tonight is broiled salmon with cherry tomatoes and stir fried asparagus.

Portion control #win. Only ate as much as what I took pic with. Ok la, maybe I added a few more stalks of asparagus. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I love these series of photos I took of him piggy back ride on me.

Myriad of facial expressions.

#isaacpuah is 25 months and 1 week today. Hooray!

That also means I've been breast feeding exclusively for that long too.

Soy bean drink introduction was a failure. He took 2 sips and refuse the rest of the drink.

Only wants chilled freshly pump breast milk.

At this age he loves to "help" around the house.

When we are going out. He will switch off all the fans and close the sliding door and lock them.

He will put back all his blocks. And get his own socks.

Of course this metro boy will chose his own shoes. If I pick the wrong shoes he will throw a tantrum.

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