Good morning!! Spinach omelette and ham

Robin Williams just died ah?


Playing with all his farm animals.

Rainy day and all the clothes r drying inside

Moving on to reading his pop up book and scratching his ankles.


I heard him complaining that it's "itchy, itchy" and pain pain. And kept scratching.

Next thing I know he peed his pants already.

Potty training fail!!!!


Turmeric and olive chickens.

Later need to go buy some fruits. No veg today

Story book time!!

#stalkermomseries afternoon

Dinner tonight is baked spicy chicken wings and zucchini noodles with olives.

I love headlines on news like this.

Then at least we have a fighting chance of owning our own property in Singapore.

Let's work hard for it @serhonp 😘😘😘

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