Breakfast today is parsnip hash with Sunny side up and bacon.

Ahh no signs of isaac during my morning pump.

Cannot stalk. I think grandma brought him put grocery shopping. 😞😞😞


More meatza and roast vegetable for lunch. Roasted capsicum, brinjal and zucchini. There are some olives in there somewhere.

There he is!!! But grandma is spoiling him again. Sigh.


Spot the little boy choosing books to read.

Dinner tonight is stuffed Italian bell peppers and steamed broccoli. #portion control win!!!!

Had a bowl of butternut squash soup as well. Yummy

As I was putting Isaac to sleep just now, he suddenly unlatch and pointed to my eyes and said.

Mummy eyes black black!

Indeed Isaac, indeed!!

Then I ask him whether he can don't disturb me at night so my eyes are not black anymore he actually laugh and continue latching.

Ooohhh received a fancy wedding invitation!!

Hahaha wedding invitation from my brother.

Soooo vintage and classic.

Can't wait for their wedding end of this month!

3 different cards for 3 different celebration. Wohoo!!!

I've bought a tuxedo for Isaac already.

Can't wait to wear it on him!!

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