Breakfast today is also leftovers. Meatza and roasted veg again!!!

Ok thank god that's the last of it!

Having his lunch now.


His lunch is usually either:
Rice with pan fried chicken breast/pork or black sauce chicken with carrots or broccoli or mix veg
Gluten free/egg free/dairy free pasta with pan fried herb chicken/pork.

Very simple.

Sometimes it's spiced up with carrot or pumpkin soup made with our home made bone broth.

Father and son. Got look the same ah???

I had leftover salmon for lunch. Didn't take a picture because it looks so sad and small.

Tonight will be cooking for mil, auntie in law and cousins in law.

Will see how that turns out.

For starters, we had salad with balsamic vinegerate and smoked salmon, stuffed Italian bell peppers and jicama fries.

Followed by mains of cocoa coffee ribs.

Glasses of red wine n muscoto all around.

We had a good catch up amongst us and ironically we meet up more in Singapore than back home in Malaysia.

Well family is family I guess. Glad everyone had a good time including Isaac.

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