This mornings breakfast is black coffee and left over chicken wings. Slathered with my home made BBQ sauce.

Isaac cried like crazy this morning.

Was about 8am plus and I just wanted another few minutes of lie in. Since yesterday had a late night.

He groggily half asleep kept looking for my boobies. I was abit irritated already from the whole night feasting.

So I covered myself in the comforter. He got frustrated couldn't find my boobies. N started crying n kept calling for boobs.

Turned around to lie on my tummy n he got even angrier. Kept crying like someone stole his most fav toy. Which is technically still my boob haha.

Cried and wouldn't stop and ask to go outside.

Went outside n cried sumore. Hahha.

Looks like it's gonna be a hugeeeeeeeeee challenge to night wean him end of the year.

I'm so gonna take annual leave and child care leave just for this.

Guess where I am. Waiting for the husband to go lunch with me.

And then grocery shopping.

We so romantic like that.

But I've been waiting for half an hour already man!

#throwback to last Saturday.

Because today mummy eyes black black.

My core is so weak!!! Gonna do a 30 day plank challenge.

I'm that person who wears gym gear, but never goes to the gym.

I'm kinda disgusted with myself because I'm so weak. And soft. And pudgy all around.

Ok so 20 seconds of plank. Didn't die. But didn't feel great

Dinner tonight was garlic pepper rump steak on bed of onions and pepper.

Simple and tasty

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