Good morning. My #portioncontrolwin paleo waffles today.

It's a pouring wet morning!

I tot the rain subsided so I left the house. Just as I open the door the poured heavily again.

I'm soaked through. Well, at least my skirt is.

As I was eating breakfast, Isaac decided to entertain me.

Wore his sunglasses and started posing.

He likes the black frame sunglasses. I got him another which has a silver frame but he went looking for the "black black one"

Oh no!!!! All my CCTV at home is down.

Cannot stalk Isaac.

This usually happens after heavy rain. The wifi / internet connection at home goes down and needs to be reset

Lunch today was teriyaki cod fish bento set after the meeting.

My presentation went ok. Hopefully don't have to present to a bigger audience next round.

I already made it as boring as possible. Hahah.

Dinner tonight

Roasted oxtail smeared with roasted garlic on top. Steam broccoli and burger patty.

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