No time for breakfast at home. Packed it to work.

Leftover pizza frittatas. N cup of coffee. + added milo. Cos not enough sleep crave something sweet.

Busy morning. A lot of engagement to settle.

Backlog from last 2 days not being in the office.

Crucial set up of meetings with Singapore regulators!!

Hhehe so kan cheong. Suddenly feel like an event company.

But i love it. Busy is good. Busy keeps mind and body working.

Idle mind is the devils playground and I've been a victim to the devil one too many time.


Rolling on the train tracks.

Everyday play train set.

Then proceeds to ride his bike n furiously bang into the washing machine.

On purpose.

Psycho kid. Must be really bored

Good news is that a nearby kindy has place for morning session next year.

So next year Isaac will go to kindy for 4 hrs in the morning. Wohoo!!

Lunch today was jumbo ribs and salad from cold storage.

Shared with a colleague. The ribs was really jump siZe!!! But we both finished it.

So full now can't think.


Wooo. At 3.30pm I see Isaac dj-ing on his fisher price console.


Very simple dinner tonight.

Baked chicken thighs with lemon, sesame seed and spring onions.

Eaten with sautéed mushrooms


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