Today's breakfast is blueberries (that were getting soft😝) and black coffee!

Wah so early eat lunch.


Rainy day. Must have gotten hungry due to the weather. Haha

Diva – ice queen look

Just got off a 1:1 with my new line manager.

So she told me I have the diva and ice queen look.

I have been struggling with this comments my WHOLE LIFE!!

I know I look bitchy but I've always consciously try to be more friendly and smile more.

Yet I still get this comments!!

@cikumuffin uve known me since high school. Yes I look bitchy. But I'm not a diva or ice queen right???

She even asked me if I'm an only child. Wtf.

I can't help it if I have a bitchy resting face.


Sesame lemon chicken with butterhead lettuce.


Any tips on how to look less diva and less icy queen? Besides smiling more?

Reading book time!!!



Best buy from toys r us!! Magnetic colour writer thingy.

No more pencil marks on walls, tables etcetc.

Keeps toddler entertained for er…10 minutes!

Dinner today is leftover T-bone steak, home made butternut squash soup and sautéed zucchini noodles.

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