Breakfast on a rainy morning. Bacon and avocado.

Isaac said something cute just now. He had the morning sniffles. So I said oh no…."Lau Pe"

He stared at me for a while to compute what I was saying.

Then he went "Isaac running nose, running nose! Run run run run run the nose" and proceeds to run on the spot.

I got a shock la 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲

How did he know how to convert rudimentary Hokkien to English and do running action sumore???!!!

I wonder when/where he picked it up. I'm impressed haha!

Fire drill just now. Walked down 15 flight of stairs.

Calf muscles aching now.

Exercise quota done for the day! Haha


Yesterday butternut squash soup and simple salad top with bacon and avocado.

The little bookworm is reading during his dinner time.


He is very attracted to pictures on story books. He loves it when we read to him.

Usually he will ask us to sing what we read to him. 😐😐😬😬

So we've all become experts lyricist and rhythmics(?) and come up with tunes whilst reading to him.

Haha. Yes he likes music. ALOT.

Even the maid has to sing to him. Haha.

I'm so happy. I feel so accomplished today.

Manage to set up a meeting with our key stakeholders on biosimilar regulatory updates. I got a meeting date with Singapore regulators.

Received thanks from the marketing lead

Then I submitted a new drug application!!! Hopefully not much deficiency. Received thanks from the marketing lead and the general manager.

Dinner tonight.

Dory fish stuffed with spinach and grilled. Eaten with plain steam broccoli

Felt so hungry. So decided to have some snack.

Almond butter and strawberries.

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