Breakfast so raw baby spinach, fried egg and home made sauerkraut.

My tummy is getting wonky again. Bloat bloat go away!

Manage to divert and diffuse situation imposed by the Medical Director

I did what she ask but put the onus back to the speakers and regulators.

Heh. Sometimes I feel she doesn't get the direction some projects are going.

Only wants her way which may not be right. Does not care to learn about the situation before making some directives.

I spy with my eye, a little booty shaking his ass to music on his toy piano keyboard.

On "a stage" strewn with all his books!!! 😡😡😡


Left hand bottom corner wearing orange sleeveless shirt

Lunch today is sushi from Kuriya kapanese market.

No mayo no soy sauce.

Playing Choo Choo train on a rainy afternoon.

Super duper quick n early dinner.

Roast chicken wings in spicy herbs and lemon sautéed zucchini noodles.

He has been looking out of the bus window since we got on the bus.

Vroom vroom he says. When the bus stops at the traffic light he gets annoyed at the bus for stopping and keeps asking it to move by going "vroom vroom"

I ask him what is he looking at. He says "see cars".

Wohoo manage to put him down in his own seat and snooze.

Mummy hands are free to dayre.

We are on the bus to go back to kl for my brothers wedding.

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