Morning! Breakfast is n'oats oatmeal.

It's blended banana with coconut milk and chia seeds. Looks like overnight oats but it's not. Hehe

It's gonna be a long weekend.

Anyone free to have brunch n meet up? Eheh.

Saturday, Sunday or Monday also can.

Aiyah so boring CCTV today. Now it's eating time.


Dad is back to work. Busy month in ICU. My family weekends are gone cos dad needs to work everyday in October.


Having the same thing again as yesterday for lunch. But I don't mind because it's yummy.


In fact I'm grateful I get to have home cook food. If not my tummy problem would be worse.

So boring. Eating again. Nothing to see here


Today's dinner is cocoa rub grass fed beef ribs.

3.8kg chunk of meat roasted for 3 hours.

Medium rare. Still juicy.

Texture is ok. Taste not as nice as when I do it with pork ribs.

Breakfast of smoked salmon, avocado and butterhead lettuce.

Aiyah I miss the bus by 1 minute, now have to wait for another 15-20mins

Eh eh eh. Just came! Ahha. Unpredictable!


Am pumping right now and saw Isaac jumping up and down whilst saying "jump".

And they were singing the "how much is that doggy in the window".

Complete with puppy action and "woof woof" sound.

This is what I want my fridge to look like.

Ok it half looks like that. Hehe.

When we get our own place it's gonna be more like this!

But walking back with full trolley is a bit*h. Especially uphill!! Ergh!!

Picture taken from @kayla_itsines Instagram!


Roasted lemon sage chicken and plain salad.


This boy so naughty ah!!! Push the cushion of the sofa down so that he can climb it up. Higher than usual from the normal cushion height.

Lucky the maid caught him before can climb higher.

Struggling with the maid. She said "go lock u in the play pen ah!!"

Then guess what the dunggu boy did.

He ran to his own play pen and closed himself inside.

Guess he can discipline himself.


Laughing to myself whilst pumping.

Shrimp pad Thai!!!

No noodles were used in this dish. Just almond butter, fish sauce, coconut Aminos with zucchini as noodles.


Isaac reading/playing with his books. Whenever I see him alone doing his own thing I feel 😥💔.

Normal right??

We are both tired today.

Isaac is more cranky than usual. Last night he kept waking up almost every hour.

I think his tummy is upset, maybe from my dairy consumption. I had a cup of milo before I slept? Not too sure. Or he was over stimulated the whole day because he was out the entire day.

Hopefully back to routine today, he will feel better!

Grilled beef salad lunch.


Ooohhh, father and son bonding time!


Notice the Lego blocks Isaac is holding.

He said "build so high, condominium"

Things you build and say and observe when you stay in Singapore. High condominium. Haha.

Roast chicken with lemon and sage. Side of toasted French fries.

My #portioncontrol plate. Heh.

Isaac was very happy this evening playing with the neighbourhood jie jies!

Over excited jie jie going for a hug!

Good morning. We had leftover roasted lamb and veggies for breakfast.


I must jot this down.

Yesterday at the Japanese buffet place, I couldn't resist the dessert spread!!




I ATE a total OF 1 big SCOOP OF ICE-CREAM!!!



I'm so happy!!!

I think he passed the dairy test!!

Well, half passed la. Because so far he's ok with cheese and now ice cream. And the occasional milo

All of this is through my breast milk. I'll never give dairy products directly to him. I think he will just collapse if I do.

Will wait for the levels of his igE reaction to dairy and if it's on the "safe" level then I might introduce baked dairy goods first.

Next on the list for mummy to consume is


Cafe latte with real cows milk!

Big amounts of ice cream!!!

Omg, I'm going to be so fat real soon.

Die me.

This evening I tucked Isaac behind me to go for a walk in support of breast cancer!

A few of my boss and colleague brought along their kids too!! Got to meet up with kids his age!

I don't know what I was laughing about.

I think Isaac enjoyed himself. He got a lips tattoo on his arms. Eventhough he looks "gong-gong" but he was happy about.

He came back and showed the maid his tattoo and went "there my kiss tattoo". Haha so cute.

Wooo and kickoff!! Selfie at the start of the walk. We walked 4.1km from 5.30pm to nearly 7.00pm.

Very long walk but we had a good view of MBS, Singapore flyer and the marina barrage.

Isaac enjoyed looking at the kites on the barrage.

Wahhh kite!!! Taking a moment from the walk to kite watch.

Artsy shot of him having a cool drink on the barrage.

Oh my water is all gone!!!!

Come one lets not waddle and dawdle anymore. Let's go. Chop chop!!

Sunny and hot day with various booth. Headed for the free coffee after the walk.

Family photo to remember the walk by.

So everybody, remember to check your boobies regularly for any lump and bumps!!

It was very nice day albeit abit sunny. But it is Singapore. It's either very hot or rainy!!

Good morning! Breakfast of porkchop and avocado.

Couldn't resist peeping at him just now. Eating fruits. Trying to feed the maid peaches and strawberries.


Oh hi!!! Did u know I was peeping at you? Ehhe.

He was so cute today before I left for work. Just going mummy mummy, daddy daddy.


My lunch date today!!

Forced him to have lunch with me since he's on leave.

And a quick cup of coffee before I get back to work!

Oooh one of the few places who can do coffee art with soy milk!! Good barista skill

Not sure what he's eating. Raisins I hope. But I saw him picking it up from he floor.

This boy ah!!


Then went on to read a book by himself. #boredmuch

Discovered a buffet place near where we live. Got Alaska crab leg n loads of oysters.
And free flow Sappora beer from 6.30-7.30pm.

We paid bout 92 for 2 person but I thought that the spread is really good wit loads of variety of food.

Whilst walking home from work I saw Isaac playing with some neighbourhood jie jie. They were quite nice n kept holding his hands n bringing him around.

He was so happy that his face was sprouting rainbows and stars. Haha

They are so cute!!! Saw me taking picture of them, then they gamely posed for a proper shot n force Isaac to smile n look at my direction!!!

So cute!!!

Watch them scramble to take the shot!!!

So so cute!!!

Good morning everyone!

Breakfast today is butterhead lettuce, bacon and an egg!

I love yolk that are still runny. How bout you?


The dad making play-doh figurine for his son.

Dad has told me he is going to mix the colours of the play-doh. Omg, so I said ok, but in my mind I'm thinking if I can't stand it being mix I will buy a whole new set. Haha. Yes I'm anal like that.

The father knew I was stalking him so he held out the play doh he made for me to see towards the CCTV direction. Ahhaha.

Apparently Isaacs demands are getting more n more complicated.

First it was dog, then cat. Yesterday was panda. Today is train. Haha

The said train.

"A" for effort. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

@serhonp purposely takes out all the colours of the play-doh and texted to taunt me that he can't separate the colours out.

Display on the carpet for me to see on CCTV.

Hermph!! With husbands like this, who needs enemies? Ahahha

Gasp!!! 2 colours!!!

But Isaac was really enjoying it.

Then the dad made a car.

Ok la. I can see he didn't squash the diff colours together so can peel it off and put it back respectively to it's original colour.


Lunch today was at jacks place.

Ermm naturally I had the T-bone steak curtesy of my department. Hehe.

Pumped late today.


Now only manage to stalk. Eating his dinner.

Saw this in the newspaper to highlight the breast cancer check up.

Another one of the twitter app icon.

What a clever way of advertising and highlighting awareness to self breast examine.

Reminder to ladies reading this, please examine your boobies to detect unwanted lumps.

Because cancer treatment is expensive and we want to prolong our lives.

Dinner tonight.

A whole leg of lamb!!! Roasted with rosemary with a side of roasted celery, onions and carrot

My #portioncontrol win today!

Isaac is 26 months and 3 weeks today!


Today it's stuffings from the mushroom and steamed broccoli.

The stuffings is made from minced beef with spinach

Grocery delivery just came and here is Isaac camwhoring with the empty box.

Love it love it.

Double act cute.

Picture courtesy of @serhonp who is chillax ing with his son.


Father and son bonding over iPhone. Legos everywhere! 😡😡

Oh no! An allergic reaction!

5 odd hives came out.

Only explanation how he got it is contact with the fathers shirt.

The father ate carbonara which is made from raw egg. Must have splattered on his shirt when he ate and when he carried Isaac obviously he flared!!

Gave 5mls Zyrtec and applied steroid directly on all the rash.

Simple dinner tonight of steam red snapper with lemon n ginger. Eaten with fried caulirice.

Took Isaac to have his hepatitis A injection with Dr Chiang.

I must say, of all the drs that we've been for consult, she is dam good with her injection skills la!!!

Minimal fuss!!! And it was over before the dad realize it even happen.

Isaac just peep a little n she manage to pacify him very fast. He stop crying in less than a minute!

I'm glad I found her! She really caters to our allergy needs.

We also briefly discuss about his impending allergic rhinitis. Wanted to confirm whether

The flu he was having for the pass 2-3 weeks was actually flu or the start of his allergic rhinitis.

Glad it's just flu. And she went through with us on how to properly alleviate his runny nose symptom and stuff.

Learn something new in regards to his allergy rhinitis treatment.

Oh the above pic of soy latte. I hope I don't get tummy upset later hehe.

PS crispy onion burger with side of fries.

Alright. Back to work!!

Oh nooo. Grandma @maryannsee going back today!!!

Sobs 😞😞😞😞 *sad face*

So cute! @serhonp sent me this pic of them to remind me to come home faster from work! Ahaha

Dinner tonight #portioncontrolwin

Cinnamon pork chop, sautéed asparagus with garlic and leftover stuffed mushroom.

Isaac suddenly had an explosion of words!!

He just feel asleep at 10.30pm which is quite late. He's usual bedtime is 8-8.30pm

So for the past 2 hours he's been telling me:
"There is a hole. Light outside." Referring to the gap under the door where the light from living room is shining in.

"Ask daddy to on light". Daddy is outside so he was trying to open the door so the dad can on the lights for him. He didn't ask me cos I already said no, it's sleeping time.

Randomly pointing to objects in the darken room very proudly, example:

Points to door and said "door" then quickly point to the aircon and said "aircon!" Then points outside the window and said "CONDOMINIUM!!!!"

So proud of his own vocab. So funny, that I burst out laughing.

Today is the first time I heard him use the word "is".

"Daddy IS outside"
"This IS bicycle"

So random but he's picking up his verbs I guess.

After talking for 2 hrs, ask to go outside to listen to "Treasure" by Bruno Mars.

Naturally was signing along loudly with dance movement.

I'm so tired already ahhh trying to get him to sleep. Now that he's asleep….

Gonna sleep now! Night night!!! 😴😴😴😴😴

Breakfast today is bacon, egg and pork muffins.

How it looks like on the inside.

It's bacon "cup" then I put in the mince/chopped meat. Then crack an egg on top and sprinkle with whatever condiments you like.

😘😘😘 juicy breakfast.

Before I left I gave this cheeky boy a kiss.

Saw his face after that??? So hiau. Ahha. His dad took this pic n sent it to me whilst I was walking to the bus station.


Lunch time. I can hear him chatting away with the maid. Don't know what these two are taking about.

The daddy is home as he took leave to "study" and finish off his annual leave.

He made a play dough dog for Isaac. He was so proud of his 3D dog he had to take a picture and show me 😓😓

Proof that Isaac was enthralled by his play dough dog. Ahaha.

"A" for effort daddy @serhonp 👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟

Lunch today!! #leftoverlunch

Lemon sesame chicken and avocado salad. Smells so good after microwaving it


Artist at work. Heard Isaac exclaiming so loudly "wahhh!!" When the dad drew the alphabet "A"

So easily amused. Haha.

Dinner of stuffed portobello mushroom and err yes, steak again. Hehe. 👀👀👀

Good morning!! Brunch at GRUB in bishan park.

Meet up with a friend who is having some anxiety issues.

Good to meet n talk to friends.

Our kids hanging out in the park.

Like in some movie set. Lols.

Naked baby!!! Got home at 12pm because it was Isaac lunch time.

It was so hot his neck nearly flared out in rashes. So quickly took off his shirt.

I think he totally enjoys being naked. Running around so gleefully with his top off!!

Last night Robbie Williams was on concert for the #F1 qualifier!!

Whilst waiting for the concert to start we camwhore first.

5 minutes before the concert started it rained so heavily!!!

There goes our romantic concert date!!

We quickly ran back to the nearest mrt. Got drenched anyway with poncho and umbrella.

There ended our romantic date underneath the stars. Ahha

At least we tried "dating"

Hot day today!! Having peanut shaved ice And coconut pudding.

Ooohhh hubby's banana choc snow ice. He's looks impressive but the banana is fake flavour. Yucky

My mom took a pic of me giving Isaac a piggy back.

Just saw them and he looks so funny. Can balance and do funny faces for the camera.

Another shot!!

This boy really cracks me up. Haha.

Whilst I was crossing the busy road of united sq towards velocity he suddenly covered my eyes with his hands!!!

Don't know on purpose or what. I was shouting n laughing that I couldn't see!! I think ppl were looking at me strange. But I don't care la.

I thought he was so funny!! Naughty but funny!!

I'm too skool for kool!

Otw to the park just now.

Good morning!! We are waiting for our brunch before going grocery shopping.

Beef & kimchi naanwich. All sets comes with small nachos

Chicken tikka naanwich. This is the best tasting in my opinion. It's lined with achar at the bottom. Gets soggy after a while but still yummy

The husbands chicken ham naanwich. The most boring one. Haha.

We were all so paranoid eating the naanwich because it has the runny egg on top.

Didn't dare to touch Isaac the whole time in case he flares.

Best desert! Donuts with salted egg yolk dip. The donuts were still warm and soft and fluffy. Dip with the salted egg yolk, it's really really good

You guys have to come n try it.

FIX is located right at the end of the nsteam-Jom balestier building. Thanks to @cowgal who wrote up about it!

If not we wouldn't know about it although we live nearby. It's a long walk there but took a bus back.

Super duper early dinner tonight!!!

Hello!! We are on a date!

Wooo!! @serhonp must be really excited to be here! Hehe. Not that I'm complaining. 😘😘

This year the car has a smaller engine of v6 so it's not that loud ah!!

If anyone is here too come fine me!! I'm here!!

Breakfast of roast duck breast, egg and butterhead lettuce with cherry tomatoes

Watching the live updates of the Scottish referendum.

I so hope they don't split. Scotland needs Britain la.

Being all attentive whilst singing "abcd"


At nearly 12pm (5am UK time) it's 55% no. Wohooo.


Same thing as yesterday. Salad and double pork tenderloin

Sesame lemon chicken thighs eaten with caulirice and zucchini noodles.

Saw today's editor pick where she is curently studying in Grenoble, France. And thought of you @delight

Seems like that place is known for tertiary/post graduate studies!!!

Ahh forgot to take pic of my breakfast, but it's boring blueberry waffles again. Heh.

Wooo. Rolling in his hand some playdoh!!


I don't think he's really creative because I made some ball he just took it and throw like a real ball. Then I squashed the play doh to tell him it's mailable he just stare at me like in weird. Hahha

Eh? Within a few minutes, he's now on the dining table having early lunch.




Double pork loin and butterhead lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Wahh so enthusiastic in eating rice. That seldom happen.


Apparently the maid cooked bakuteh! We r gonna have it for dinner tonight.

We had Bakuteh for dinner. The spices was bought from the shop in klang that we always frequent to when we r back in Malaysia.

Mom @maryannsee went to ntuc this morning to buy pig trotters, twee bak and stomach for the Bakuteh!!

Perks of having mom over. Yummy!!

Weee I'm running wild and free



Grill pork chops and steam broccoli

OMG carnage!!! Toys, toys everywhere!!

Double pork tenderloin and cauli fried rice for dinner.

You know it will be a good day when you have waffles for breakfast!

Blueberry waffles with maple syrup.


Heard the little adult telling grandma @maryannsee that "I don't want don't want play puzzle"

Must be wanting to watch YouTube on her iPad instead of doing engaging, motors kill developing games.

Luxurious packed lunch today! Wohoo.

My mom @maryannsee bought smoked duck from cold storage which was on offer yesterday so I'm having it for lunch today!!!

Eaten with raw spinach, cherry tomatoes and grapes to sweeten it up naturally.


It's kind off difficult to come up with facts. I'll start something up first!

#1 I have hyperhidrosis. My soles, palms and armpit have excessive sweat. I can't hold hands for long, if not my partners hand will be wet! Just ask @serhonp

And I think Isaac has sweaty hands and feet too!!! I can melt thick cards just by holding them for long periods. Ya gross I know.

It got bad during pregnancy because all the extra dilation of the blood vessels. Even my nose sweat a lot!! Constantly wet!

#2 I have about 13 moles on my face. I don't know why got so many.

I'm a "marked" woman maybe? Haha. My whole body also not spared. Boobs, arms, shoulders etc. But they are all small small dots.

Don't have big one and neither are they hairy. None bigger than 5mm across.

#3 I'm a Malaysian, moved to Singapore in mid 2011 due to my husband relocating here for training purposes in his medical field.

So I had to quit my job, leave my friends and our comfy house and car behind!

I had to look for a job from scratch in Singapore and was jobless for 2-3months (ok la not so bad) and nearly went mad not working.

Had to rent a place here which cost a fortune (and we r still currently renting) and take public transport which was a big culture shock. In Malaysia we dri

We drove everywhere in the comfort of our own cars.

So it really was limiting and tiring initially to get anywhere with public transport. Thus, we still haven't fully explored Singapore as thoroughly as we would like it. Only can go places with mrt stop ah. Ehehe.

All tsh small lobang place we don't know one!

#4 got married on a "nice" date of 10.10.10. Hehe. So the husband @serhonp should never forget our wedding anniversary.

Our dating anniversary is 3 days before valentine days to save money. So we celebrate vday earlier before all the vday set menu comes up.

We were still dating in Tawau, Sabah when I told him in 2009 "eh if u don't marry me soon, I'm transferring back to KL" cause staying around in a small village got kind of boring n if no rship progress I don't see a point in staying around

#5 I'm too blunt and too honest for my own good.

I will say what I think and tell u off if I don't agree with what I see/feel. Apparently it's a bad thing if u r on receiving end of it.

But it also a good thing once ur anger dies down and u appreciate my honesty we will be best friends forever.

I told my hubby I don't understand y got so many hypocrites in this world. He looked at me n say everyone is a hypocrite. Only u r the minority cos u r too honest on the point of being very blunt!

I'll take that compliment that I'm "special" this way.

Of course over the years I have mellowed down slightly and not be as confrontational as I used to be.

I will still call a spade a spade but in a more tactful manner. I still have to compose my "opinions" better in my head now before letting it out on the receiving party.

#6 I use to show dogs at dog shows. As in show the dogs off like beauty pageant according to the breed standard of the dog.

So back home in Malaysia we have about 3 Siberian Huskys, 6(?) long haired chihuahuas and about errrrr 20 (+/-) Cavalier King Charles spaniel. My dad is a part time breeder and he is also a dog show judge. Can google my dad website. I think it's Don't know la have to check.

I've been out from the show ring for a long time already. When I get my own

Place here in Singapore, I think you will see my dayre being spammed with a lot of dog pictures. Ahhaha. I will definitely bring in the top picks of my dads kennel litter and show them over here. Maybe hopefully this will be a 5 year plan.

#7 I used to be very obese. And also vain. So this help.

I was a very very fat kid from the ages of 9-14? My clothes are adult size and I remember buying pinafore the waist size of 35inch at 13.
So because I was vain, I crashed diet and lost loads of weight. Then join LEO club and met a lot of boys so got even more body conscious. Swam a lot to work out, rollerblade and after school "worked out" in my room to slim down.

Friends who see my pic when I was younger can't believe that the fat

Kid is me. Once my pre-u teacher saw my IC for exam verification purposes can't believe it was me and asked whether I did plastic surgery or not. Cos I look totally different.

But now my weight is always a battle la.

Fat kid syndrome ma. It's a constant battle of loving my food and loving how I look. These two will always battle each other out n depending which period of my life u catch me I will either be fat or "looking good"

#8 hence with all the weight loss and weight gain, I have PLENTY OF STRECH MARKS.

So freaking ugly. Over my hips, butt, boobs, thighs, shoulders and after pregnancy all over my stomach!!!

The pregnancy was the worse one, I had deep scars which are 2cm across, red and angry. My whole pregnant tummy look like dragon ball!! Furious and red! Now it's purplish silver scar.

But I have no shame so I still wear bikini *idontcare*. Tried preventing it at week 0 of pregnancy by applying biooil,

Almond oil bottles after bottle of cocoa Palmer oil etcetc

Does not work!

So if u r like me with propensity for STRECH marks, nothing u do will stop them. Ever. They are here to stay permanently forever and ever


#9 I was swimming club president for 2 years during form 4 & 5. But I'm not particularly active person. Don't think I've ever repented my school in any sports meet at all.

#10 I have a masters in pharmacy. Graduated in 2005. Studied the last year in Glasgow Scotland for 13 months.

Ironic my degree is not recognized here in Singapore.

#11 I have been working for 9 years now. So fast ah!!! Started work in October 2005 at tender age of 22. Hehe.

#12 I'm born in the year of water pig, astrology sign of Sagittarius.

I guess you can figure out my age and how my temperament is from my stars and sign.

#13 I'm the eldest of 4 siblings. Eventhough I don't act like the eldest because I look like a bitchy, party loving, spoiled child. Comes with the bitchy resting face.
My siblings after me are boy, boy, girl.

My younger sister is also a pig. We r 12 years apart n I feel there is a generation gap. Eg: i love linken park, Alanis

No doubt etc, she likes Korean pop stars. I don't even bother remembering their names because they all look alike.

#14 can be abit OCD. My clothes must be hung in particular order, must use all wooden hangers, folded clothes must be of certain type. Panties and bra must be folded a certain way.

OCD also extends to my husbands wardrobe.

I also like to count tiles or ceiling which r made of pieces that look like asbestos. Then it must end in particular order, if not I will recount them again. Yes all this is done in my head. Not many ppl know this.

Kitchen utensil also must arrange certain way etc.

#15 I like fengshui. And every year I will arrange my room furniture back when I was stayin with my parents.

Now it extends to my whole house. Great that we r renting now , I get to constantly arrange them. And when I feel the place not very conducive anymore, I will rearrange the furniture again.

All by myself. Heavy cupboards, double bed, metal chest, etc.

I have a certain way of moving furniture that it can be done without anyone's help. Then I will arrange the books in order of their

Heights, Isaacs toys also arrange according to type.

Music toys, soft toy, blocks etcetc have their own "place".

Weird la I know.

I can't stand missing pieces of toys I get very upset n bugs me for few days, don't mention missing colour pencils or stickers or Lego pieces. I go crazy.

#16 I'm a great procrastinator.

Give me a deadline and I will only do my project the earliest 1 week before dateline.

Usually when there is an exam I will study the night before during SPM.

For preU also same style.

I think I improve for Uni where I studied slightly earlier. Maybe 1 week for each subject.

Ya I also dunno how I pass.

Photographic memory maybe?

Wah running out of inspiration already. Continue after dinner!

#17 most invasive procedure done on myself are:
-braces. Now redoing my teeth again with Invisalign.

I think I quite low maintenance la. Cut hair once a year, facial also maybe around there. Mani/pedi also seldom.

#18 I have a tribal butterfly above my ass.

To cover up my stretch marks on the hips. But now I think it's pointless already because if it is to cover strechmarks, my whole tummy should be covered in tattoos now.

#19 my pain threshold quite high.

2 hrs tattoo was ok.

My labour also no epidural, 45 mins n baby's out. Got contractions also I can tahan until almost too late. I reach hospital I was already 9cm dilated but I still can tahan the pain.


This little boy so naughty. Imitating me exercising. Hahha.

#20 I'm quite thick skin. I joined a beauty pageant competition before. My best friend who is a real beauty queen said I so brave a go join such a big ass competition (it was Miss World/Malaysia) and she's a miss Astro year 2004?

Of course didn't make it to the top 12 la. So don't make the cut at all.

But at least I can tell you I tried! Hahahahaha.

@cleochong done liow!! Ahhaah I'm such a boring person la.

Dinner of rib steak with it's bones attached. Asparagus and jicama fries.

Never portion control cos I can't resist steak ah!!

Must buy lottery again!!

I got nominated for an "applause" award by my medical director.

It's for the job well done initiating meeting with the regulators.

Woweee. First got confirmation earlyish, now a commendation? Wahhh.


Good morning! Breakfast bowl of grapes, blueberries, strawberries and dragonfruit.

Hope I go to the toilet swee swee later haha

Wooo I feel like I'm in Cuba or one of this Latin America country.

I'm in the bus otw to work and I hear ppl chattering in Spanish. Wahh like Betty la soya or something. U know, the ugly Betty version in Spanish.

Cousin in law wedding.

The table setting was very personalized with our names written on place cards. Even Isaac had a sitting position for himself!! It was simple and not over the top grand but we liked it.

The wedding dinner was held at Halia Restaurant in Raffles Hotel.

Oh nothing. Just chilling with my son whilst waiting for dinner to be served.

Yes I wore back the same gown as my bros wedding a week ago

*recycle, reduce, reuse*


Us listening to speeches. Ahaha. Actually no idea.

The dinner started off with groom giving his funny and long winded speech. It didn't feel boring and reflected his character. Bride also gave an emotional speech in mandarin thanking her parents n family. Waterworks started on the second sentence of her speech.

Apparently the best man speech was very funny too. They told funny story of how he proposed as well.

Manage to meet up with a few of @serhonp cousins who are living in Singapore too. And their kids!

Isaac just loves playing with other kids and so it was his night of fun too.

Highlight of the night was when the band starting playing "treasure" by Bruno Mars.

The aunties put Isaac on the dance floor and he was dancing n shaking his booty to the song.

He was also singing along and the band and singer took notice of him singing along!!

After the song, the singer asked us how old her is and said to us "do you know he was singing along to the whole song just now?"

Of course we know. It's his favourite song!

She lamented kids nowadays don't listen to nursery rhymes

Anymore and in fact knows the lyrics of the latest pop songs! Hehe.

A very blur picture of me and Isaac dancing on the dance floor!!

The night ended at 10pm but it was way past Isaacs bedtime.

Needles to say the aunties were impressed with Isaacs moves. He can be the next lady killer la. Hahha.

Anyway not much picture as most of the time we were trying to pacify Isaac because we was so grumpy from being out the whole day to river safari n staying up late for the dinner.

It was still a fun night!

Take away sushi for lunch from Kuriya Japanese market.

Aiyaya. My mum @maryannsee just sent me a picture of isaacs neck.

He is flaring!!!!

Ice cream experiment fail!!!

He is also scratching very badly on his elbows and ankles.

So the maid and my mom has steroid cream him and wore long trousers and socks on him at home to prevent him from scratching sumore.

But he is still very active. Bullying her and crawling under and behind her when my mom is resting on the sofa, running around etcetc.

Just having scratching bouts.

Later when I go home will Zyrtec him. Helps with his leaky nose also.

Must be really really itchy!! Caught him on CCTV scratching his neck with both hands.

Poor thing.


Dinner tonight of grilled pork chops, raw spinach and home made guacamole with birds eye chili.

The chili is from my moms garden and it's so freaking hot.

I'm kinda elated today!!! Ate pizza and a few spoonful of ice cream.

And I didn't get sharp stabbing pain from the pizza!!! I didn't get nausea or diarrhea.

What I did do is take 2 11 billion IU probiotic capsule after that pizza lunch.

And I ate dairy!!

So far, Isaacs face has NOT exploded out in a bad reaction rash. ✌️✌️✌️


Will see in 2-3 days how his skin is. 🙏🙏🙏 pray it's ok.

Hello, this is Isaac and his outfit when we went to river safari yesterday for my company's family day!!

Before we went to river safari, I was raising funds for Kidney Dialysis Foundation around Bishan in the morning.

So, to those of you who dropped money into my pouch, I thank you for your generosity. Hopefully the nephro patients will have enough funds to continue dialysis.

Whilst collecting funds, these 2 posers sent me a picture of themselves.

@serhonp and son have no shame.

Hello, we are at river safari. Take picture ah for proof.

Isaac, look at the camera. We need to take picture with the river cruise boat!!

Family picture thanks to my colleague.

Piggy back on mummy to see the pandas better!

This is my third time seeing them and I still find them very cute!!!

Dad taking artsy fartsy shot of us watching the panda

We rushed home after that to attend my cousins in law wedding at raffles hotel.

It was a very fun wedding with an intimate setting. We had a good time there.

I felt welcome and part of the celebration. Total opposite of my own brothers wedding where I was made to feel like a guest invited just to fill up the tables.

Will post some shot tomorrow when the dayre uploads photo properly and not just giving blanks.

Finally! Get to try this place out. The queue isn't that long.

Oh no work today due to replacement for family day tomorrow!

Squid with XO sauce and prawn dumpling.

Rice with beef & fried egg

Wasabi salad prawn dumpling and siew Mai!

Having soy hazelnut latte with mummy @maryannsee whilst Isaac sleep.

Dinner today.

Roasted wings with spicy rub, steam broccoli and home made BBQ sauce.

Breakfast of egg, bacons and butterhead lettuce.

Just before I left, manage to suck out more mucous from isaacs nose.

Everyone in the house is sick now.

Maid has his flu

And I have a bloody sore throat. 😖😖

Chocolate Tim Tams my colleague brought back from her Aussie holiday! Having it for morning tea with my Kopi o kosong

Lunch today. #leftoverlunch

Chicken fingers with butterhead lettuce.

Ooh this can be a healthy version of a taco!!

The chicken fingers is coated with
-almond flour
-coconut milk
-paprika and other smoky spices.

No bread was used.

Grandma @maryannsee and Isaac reading storybook in the afternoon


Husband @serhonp sent me his so handsome picture.

In preparation for the Ebola virus he said. 😓😓😓

Dinner today is T-bone steak and zucchini tomato salad.

This is my #portioncontrol and a side of pumpkin soup.

Of course fail. Because I had another 2 helping of the steak.

Isaac is 26months and 1 week today

He can speak 4 word sentences now.

Just now in the room he went "I want go outside. I want walk walk".

So demanding.

Then was outside reading some book on manners. After finish with a book, he will chose another book by saying "how about this one?"

Aiyo mini adult with fake adult conversation. Haha.

Quite cute though.

Went lunch with my line manager. Had Malay rice. It's been a while since I ate sayur lodeh, ayam masak merah and tempeh.

Burp. Unhealthy.

This week fruits from the office pantry is red grapes.

Stole some to munch after lunch

Whilst having a TC, stalk son.

Here he's looking like old man with hands behind his back. Haha.

My medical director praised me today!

OMG need to buy lottery.

She emailed asking me for a meeting outcome with the regulators last Friday.

So I gave her a 5 point comments.

She came up to me n said thank you for such detailed comments. She only expected 2-3 line from me but I gave her a complete picture.

I knew she was happy about it because she CCed the General Manager. GM also gave her thanks.

Ok so phewww. I guess I'm in her good books.

Received news that there will be a new country study manager onboard soon.

My pumping room will be her room!! Panicking!! Where to find a new pumping room now.

Sucks that my company do not have a dedicated nursing room for young mothers to pump. The other time I brought it up to HR, they ask me to pump in the toilet wtf!


MD came to me and talked about my son and her allergies. My pumping schedule. How I'm going to be continue breast feeding. Talk about our sons latching habits. She has a son too about 5 months older than Isaac and still bf.

Then we talked about manicure and pedicure. Aiyooo.

I scared.

Maybe she reads my dayre. And now starts to come and er… Be more friendly incase I make some noise

Or suddenly she sees my value in her department.

Or bcos her fav is on annual leave today nobody to

Talk to so came and talk to me.

But I'm shitting my pants. Bcos it's so out of norm

Instead of buying lottery, maybe I should fear for my life (working life)

Eh can check ah, is there a knife behind my back??

@shalinho whilst MD came and talk to me just now, she came and told me that I can use the another room located at another level where a whole department up n left (company restructuring) because she knew the regular pumping room I use is going to the new manager.

So that's settled. Yipee!

But on the other hand, suddenly so considerate and ermm thoughtful. I'm really scared now. Ahah.

On another note, all my gel nails with 3D art has been peeled/dropped off.

That lasted a total of 13 days. Lousy workmanship. My wedding nails lasted for almost 3 months! That was total value.

Dinner tonight. Curry chicken by @maryannsee best thing about mum being here don't need to cook dinner!

Eaten with cauliflower fried rice. Yummeh.

Aiyoh Isaac is having a reaction. And this time we rely don't know to what.

Strange it's only localized to his left upper thighs.

Mucous sucked out just now.

In the morning was double the amount and was yellowish. Evening is whitish.

Btw this pigeon nose sucker thing is dam useful device. Cheap sumore. Really sucks out mucous.

Mummy and Isaac is down and out. Both didn't get enough sleep because nose block!!

Simple dinner tonight of pork shabu shabu stir fried with coconut oil and asparagus.

Did I mention that Isaac loves asparagus.

Weird boy

Guess who did eye lash extension. The extension came from god.

Lunch time. #stalkermomseries

Having me some leftover steak for lunch.


I love how grass fed beef has no metallic iron taste to it. Still taste ok even though it's well done.

On the day I was treated like an outsider.

I am wary now of you. You are not as thoughtful as you portray yourself to be. Your intentions are not pure.

Nobody defends themselves by saying they are a good person.

Saw him singing to music in the background. Minutes later he was just standing there n cried.

I think he feels uncomfortable with his flu and stuffed nose.

He woke up multiple times last night. Both of us didn't have enough sleep.


Manage to bring Isaac to swim before we checked out from the resort today.

Here he is with my sil niece.

I'm trying to get him to float and kick his legs and paddle with his arms.

Doesn't seem to understand.

In fact submerged in the water twice. Opps!!

First take he was submerged for about 2 seconds. Swallowed some water and chocked. But still continued wanting to swim.

2nd fell in the water n got submerged again but he managed to stand up by himself. He got a bit scared but recovered after 5 seconds.

Nvm la. Let him slowly learn that going under water means u need to breath out and not in

Hi, is me on my brothers wedding dinner. ✌️

My little brother and his gf.

Ironically, his gf looks more like his family than us. Haha. *cruel joke*

Super busy day!!!!

In the morning rush off to biopolis to have our meeting with the regulators.

Our internal expert manage to convince them and we did gauge their knowledge and understanding on biosimilar.

Awesome la. still is the highest standard amongst the apac region.

Then went back to work, tidy up some lose ends and now I'm home!!

Got permission from boss to leave early bcos of our late night last night and meeting this morning.

Now going back to KL for my brother wedding

My lunch today. Shared the above salmon maki with my colleague. And the below tray is mine!!

Cold storage got promo of 2 trays for $9.99!!! Value ah!!

And today is teachers day and my husband got awarded best teacher award for his teaching! He send me a pic of him and his award.

So proud ah!!

@serhonp congratulations!!!!

Keep on teaching!!

Breakfast this am. Bacon wrapped scallops.

Foodgasm in the morning.

Ooohhh my heart just went 💥💥💥💢💢 kaboom.

I open the CCTV to stalk him and I heard him shouting "mummyyy, where are youuuuuuu!!!"


It's 5pm now. I want to go home

Good morning! Haha portion controlled by the husband.

Turkey meatballs and a sliver of fried eggs for lips.

Not sure you can see clearly, but he is reading out words on a book. The books is like a flash card.

Heard him saying kite, tiger, lion, car etc.

Ok la good point about this maid is she sings to him and talk to him and attempt to make him read albeit in slightly grammatically wrong English. Hehe.


And it continues with owl, parrot, pig, sandcastles.

My heart just 💖💖💓💓💗💗

Cannot handle. Haha

Busy busy busy!! #afternoonstalker #stalkermomseries

Moments later being force fed.

But still so skinny.

Celebratory lunch today!!!

I've just been confirmed at the company I worked at so I treated my teammates to big prawn noodles!!!

Manage to catch them in square 2 looking at fishes otw back from work.

After 3 days of Invisalign, I feel like dying!

My teeth and jaw are so sore!!!

And I've got multiple ulcers on my inner lips

Sob sob. So sore ah!!

My portion control dinner by husband today.

"Little tree in the prairie" ?

Field of golden wheat made from Moroccan caulirice.

Tree trunks from grilled ribeye steak fillet. The little bird on the right top corner is also from the same steak.

Tree leaves is sautéed green bell peppers and onions.

@serhonp very creative ah. Must be from his dad who is a painter/artist.

Obviously not enough for me. I whack loads of steak after that. #portioncontrolfail

Good morning!!

Breakfast of the Neanderthals!!

Roasted sweet potatoes topped with coconut butter. After finishing the small one I'm so full already!! Took the big sweet potato to work as snack. Heh

Oh my goodness!!! Someone is pretending to be my husband on Instagram and posted a photo of me and Isaac!!

Super scary shit


Turkey meatballs and butterhead lettuce.


Playing catching with the maid. He knows how to run and say "catch you" and go around the sofa to avoid being caught.

"Balanced" dinner tonight. We have fungi, we have vege, we have white meat and red meat!!! *who am I trying to kid*

Giants Hokkaido scallops wrapped in bacon and roasted. Sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli.

I'm loving the sweetness of the scallops and the saltiness from the bacon.

Perfect combo!!!

Good morning!! Back to Singapore last night about 9.30pm

Today back to work. Couldn't take picture of breakfast because my iPhone memory is full!!

This is me today because Isaac couldn't handle traveling and staying up late in too many days.

So he went crazy n shouted last night for boobies. And he was latching the whole night. I woke up cos my boobies were sore and unlatch him. He threw a massive loud fit!! So gave in.

Now, oh my sore boobies.

Choo choo train time.

Hopefully back to your routine you won't be crazy!!!


No idea what he is doing. Fixing his scooter that got involved in an accident with the washing machine?

For dinner I told my husband to portion control for me

This was what's awaiting me when I got to the dinner table. A groovy Afro smiley face. 😓😓😓

2 turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles hair. Sheesh.

Just now I was in ttsh with Isaac waiting for daddy to knock of work.

Isaac was staring at this man in a wheel chair for the longest of time. I didn't notice he was staring until I thought he was very quiet for a long time. *mummy basically was distracted with Instagram and dayre la*

So I looked at him. He looked at me and said "uncle leg spoil" in the softest voice ever.

Ermaigad!!' 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

How does he know that uncle leg is "spoiled"??? How does he notice and know and understand

I'm so shocked that he is so observant and he understands.

Wtf man!!! Truly shocked!! Yet glad that he was "sad" about it.

So I went back over the weekend for my brothers wedding.

Guess what, I didn't even get to see his wedding. 😓😔😔😔

All thanks to the page boy Isaac who got spooked by the church bells.

He was doing so well waiting to walk in the the flower girl which was my sil niece.

Then when it was time for the bride to walk in, the church bell rang 8 times to signify the start of the ceremony.

I saw his eyes go 😳😳😳. Shit. I knew he was spooked already.

He wouldn't step into the church and

Screamed to get out of the church.

Needless to say, he didn't walk down the aisle holding the place card announcing the arrival of the bride.

So disappointed. I thought he would calm down after the bridal procession so I went with the screaming boy to the first pew.

He was still screaming his head off. Everyone was seated n for the ceremony to start.

The priest was giving me the evil eye to shut Isaac up.

Embarrassed, I ran out the church as fast as I could with the screaming n howling

Boy. @serhonp offered to calm him down outside the church so I could watch my brother get married.

Bad choice as Isaac kept crying and crying till he vomitted and continued crying.

Ended up, both of us were outside throughout the whole ceremony.

He only calmed down once everyone headed outside for the reception

So that's how I ended up missing my own brothers wedding. 😔😔😔😔😑😑😑😑

Face palm die me!

Some pictures before he went all crazy.

This is with my eldest cousin who is 8 years older than me I think.

Everyone in the family says we look alike. It didn't help when I was a growing girl I was really really reallyyyyyyy hugeeeeeeee!!!!

Only started to "slim down" when I was 14yo when I discovered "boys"

My pinafore waist was a size 35 inch waist. 😬😬😬

Sleep deprived mama with her spooked out son.

Some pictures my younger brother sent me of the ceremony inside the church.

My brother waiting for his bride with his grooms men.

Bride walking in with her dad.

Her dad got teary eyed when "giving" away his daughter.

Exchanging of rings and vows.

I think my sil looks abit like Priscilla Presley. Hehe

After it was over. The groomsmen, groom, bride and bridesmaid.

Missing the page boy. He was still hysterical when I brought him in to take a picture.


I really like this church. It's so beautiful with the glass stain murals and cheerful Ambiance.

And this boy!!! I wan to smack him!!!

After everything was over, I took of his coat, vest and bow tie and loosen his pants he was all dancy and smiley!!


I think he was also tired, hungry, hot and thirsty.

Ahhh. Note to future brides.

Do not get page boy or flower girl less than 4 years of age!!

They are unpredictable cave people/cavemen.

Hahha. Oh well. Felt sorry for my bro and sil. What's done is done. Can't change it.

Looking forward to the actually professional photos