Good morning!! Back to Singapore last night about 9.30pm

Today back to work. Couldn't take picture of breakfast because my iPhone memory is full!!

This is me today because Isaac couldn't handle traveling and staying up late in too many days.

So he went crazy n shouted last night for boobies. And he was latching the whole night. I woke up cos my boobies were sore and unlatch him. He threw a massive loud fit!! So gave in.

Now, oh my sore boobies.

Choo choo train time.

Hopefully back to your routine you won't be crazy!!!


No idea what he is doing. Fixing his scooter that got involved in an accident with the washing machine?

For dinner I told my husband to portion control for me

This was what's awaiting me when I got to the dinner table. A groovy Afro smiley face. 😓😓😓

2 turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles hair. Sheesh.

Just now I was in ttsh with Isaac waiting for daddy to knock of work.

Isaac was staring at this man in a wheel chair for the longest of time. I didn't notice he was staring until I thought he was very quiet for a long time. *mummy basically was distracted with Instagram and dayre la*

So I looked at him. He looked at me and said "uncle leg spoil" in the softest voice ever.

Ermaigad!!' 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

How does he know that uncle leg is "spoiled"??? How does he notice and know and understand

I'm so shocked that he is so observant and he understands.

Wtf man!!! Truly shocked!! Yet glad that he was "sad" about it.

So I went back over the weekend for my brothers wedding.

Guess what, I didn't even get to see his wedding. 😓😔😔😔

All thanks to the page boy Isaac who got spooked by the church bells.

He was doing so well waiting to walk in the the flower girl which was my sil niece.

Then when it was time for the bride to walk in, the church bell rang 8 times to signify the start of the ceremony.

I saw his eyes go 😳😳😳. Shit. I knew he was spooked already.

He wouldn't step into the church and

Screamed to get out of the church.

Needless to say, he didn't walk down the aisle holding the place card announcing the arrival of the bride.

So disappointed. I thought he would calm down after the bridal procession so I went with the screaming boy to the first pew.

He was still screaming his head off. Everyone was seated n for the ceremony to start.

The priest was giving me the evil eye to shut Isaac up.

Embarrassed, I ran out the church as fast as I could with the screaming n howling

Boy. @serhonp offered to calm him down outside the church so I could watch my brother get married.

Bad choice as Isaac kept crying and crying till he vomitted and continued crying.

Ended up, both of us were outside throughout the whole ceremony.

He only calmed down once everyone headed outside for the reception

So that's how I ended up missing my own brothers wedding. 😔😔😔😔😑😑😑😑

Face palm die me!

Some pictures before he went all crazy.

This is with my eldest cousin who is 8 years older than me I think.

Everyone in the family says we look alike. It didn't help when I was a growing girl I was really really reallyyyyyyy hugeeeeeeee!!!!

Only started to "slim down" when I was 14yo when I discovered "boys"

My pinafore waist was a size 35 inch waist. 😬😬😬

Sleep deprived mama with her spooked out son.

Some pictures my younger brother sent me of the ceremony inside the church.

My brother waiting for his bride with his grooms men.

Bride walking in with her dad.

Her dad got teary eyed when "giving" away his daughter.

Exchanging of rings and vows.

I think my sil looks abit like Priscilla Presley. Hehe

After it was over. The groomsmen, groom, bride and bridesmaid.

Missing the page boy. He was still hysterical when I brought him in to take a picture.


I really like this church. It's so beautiful with the glass stain murals and cheerful Ambiance.

And this boy!!! I wan to smack him!!!

After everything was over, I took of his coat, vest and bow tie and loosen his pants he was all dancy and smiley!!


I think he was also tired, hungry, hot and thirsty.

Ahhh. Note to future brides.

Do not get page boy or flower girl less than 4 years of age!!

They are unpredictable cave people/cavemen.

Hahha. Oh well. Felt sorry for my bro and sil. What's done is done. Can't change it.

Looking forward to the actually professional photos

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